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Disclaimer: The pricing details were last updated on 16/06/2020 from the vendor website and may be different from actual. Please confirm with the vendor website before purchasing.

Pricing Insights for Database Management Software

  • The Average Cost of a basic Database Management Software plan is $22 per month.

  • 38% of Database Management Software offer a Free Trial Allows users to try out the software for a limited period before making a purchase decision. , while 49% offer a Freemium Model Allows users to access basic features at no cost..

dbForge Studio for MySQL FAQs

How much does dbForge Studio for MySQL cost?

The pricing for dbForge Studio for MySQL starts at $149.95 per year. dbForge Studio for MySQL has 3 different plans:

Does dbForge Studio for MySQL offer a free plan?

No, dbForge Studio for MySQL does not offer a free plan.

Learn more about dbForge Studio for MySQL pricing.

Compare dbForge Studio for MySQL Pricing Against Competitors

Product Name Starting Price ($) Billed Unit Free Trial Learn More
dbForge Studio for MySQL dbForge Studio for MySQL 149.95 per year - dbForge Studio for MySQL Pricing
MySQL MySQL 2140 per year - + MySQL Pricing
SQL Buddy SQL Buddy - - - - SQL Buddy Pricing
DBeaver DBeaver 10 per month - + DBeaver Pricing
Worksheet Systems Worksheet Systems - - - - Worksheet Systems Pricing
DataGrip DataGrip - - - - DataGrip Pricing
DbGate DbGate - - - - DbGate Pricing
QuintaDB QuintaDB 4.16 per month - - QuintaDB Pricing
IDERA DB Optimizer IDERA DB Optimizer 572 - per user - IDERA DB Optimizer Pricing
Navicat Premium Navicat Premium - - - - Navicat Premium Pricing

Free Software Alternatives to dbForge Studio for MySQL

dbForge Studio for MySQL Alternatives

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dbForge Studio for MySQL Features

Database Management Features

  • Features: The Feature Score % is calculated using the weighted average method, where core features hold more weight in the final calculation. Read more

Relational Interface

Helps to share or to exchange information between a computer or relational database software


Helps to make an inquiry to extract specific data from the database in a format readable for the user

Performance Analysis

Helps to analyze the performance of business and database management using some metrics


Helps to monitor the database content and data accessibility in an automated and orderly manner

Database Conversion

Helps to craft new relational database structure for offering similar traversal and functionalities as preceding

Data Replication

Helps to make the data more accessible by storing it in multiple sites

Data Migration

Facilitates transferring or shifting data between computer storage types and or file formats


Helps to copy and archive the data so that in case it is lost, it can be restored without any hassle


Helps to create an online database or virtual version of your database

Data Search

Assists in searching the required piece of information or data easily, systematically, and timely

Creation (Development)

Helps to create and adding to the database and developing it automatically and orderly

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