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Delibr A Simple tool used to Refine Features

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Jama Connect - Requirements Management Software

Jama Connect

Optimise your product development process with an innovative approach
(292 Ratings)

Jama Connect pricing: Jama Connect Offers Custom plan.

What is Jama Connect and how does it work?

Jama Connect is a requirement management software that helps companies improve product quality, prove compliance, reduce work and grow their market in real-time. The particular comes equipped with a variety of optimised systems and product development features, that are capable of driving competitive market sales from time to time. Moreover, a live traceability feature present within the platform helps users with their product quality maintenance and change management process. In addition, a variety of real-time collaboration capabilities offered by Jama Connect facilitates a secure and cross-functional connection between teams, customers and other stakeholders, for smooth functioning. The review centre of the software follows an iterative and collaborative approach for reviewing tests and requirements. Moreover, it also enables quality assurance teams to create and organise dedicated test cases, test plans, reports and dashboards across multiple departments. At last, by offering real-time risk and hazard analysis, Jama Connect ensures complete safety and quality of individual products even in a complex environment. show more

Jama Connect Alternatives
Dimensions RM - Requirements Management Software

Dimensions RM

Manage all the requirements of the customers with ease
(11 Ratings)

Dimensions RM pricing: Dimensions RM Offers Custom plan.

What is Dimensions RM and how does it work?

Dimensions RM is a customer relationship management software that has a role-based dashboard, which provides insights to the users about their status and progress reports. The software highlights the best KPIs and metrics such as approval status, requirements iterations and orphaned requirements. With Dimensions RM, users can get immediate insights into their own requirement relationship requirements, dependencies, and versions. It also allows users to integrate with ALM/QC, ALMOctane, Tasktop and JIRA along with other solutions so that users can check their own requirements from development to release of any product. The wizard-driven reporting system of the software allows users to generate detailed reports on tabular traceability view and identify the relationship, changes, requirements, and dependencies. It has a graphical workflow editor that helps users to quickly define their requirement states, transitions and even trace rules. Users can easily assign access rights along with visibility and ownership with the help of the software. Dimensions RM also allows users to alternatively manage all the Agile capabilities such as storyboards, backlogs, and burndown charts. It also provides advanced test management support to its users. The software features its own workflow approval and lifecycle management process. show more

Delibr vs Dimensions RM | Dimensions RM Alternatives
DevSpec - Requirements Management Software


Powerful Requirement Management Software
(0 Ratings)

DevSpec pricing: Starts at $10.0.

What is DevSpec and how does it work?

DevSpec’s is a powerful requirements management capabilities to create and manage requirements. It provides key features like Custom Filters, Requirements Links, Reporting, Collaboration, Notifications and much more.

DevSpec Alternatives
objectiF RM - Requirements Management Software

objectiF RM

Requirements Engineering Software
(0 Ratings)

What is objectiF RM and how does it work?

objectiF RM: Requirements Engineering and Management Software objectiF RM offers analysis with UML/SysML diagrams, traceability and documentation.

objectiF RM Alternatives
CaseComplete - Requirements Management Software


The perfect go-to for business analysts
(0 Ratings)

CaseComplete pricing: Starts at $699.0.

What is CaseComplete and how does it work?

CaseComplete is use cases and requirements management tool that has been topping the lists for business analysts. With this tool at work, clients can capture software requirements and use cases effortlessly. Also, with CaseComplete, users can pull together all sorts of use cases to generate compiled diagrams and stand out among the immediate employees. The platform has been essentially designed to conduct these tasks rapidly and with a hundred per cent accuracy. Further, at every step, CaseComplete provides its users with absolute guides and tutorial videos to navigate across the platform confidently. This platform is, thus, a complete solution for gathering, organising and communicating requirements in less time and using fewer efforts. Further, the documents created on CaseComplete using high-quality insights are all complete with detailed information. For new users, the video tutorials and the roadmap make it easier for them to find their way across the website and use what suits them. show more

Delibr vs CaseComplete | CaseComplete Alternatives

Products Similar to Delibr

QVscribe - Requirements Management Software


Analyze Requirements Documents in Seconds
(0 Ratings)

QVscribe pricing: QVscribe Offers Custom plan.

What is QVscribe and how does it work?

QVscribe, works with MS Office and popular management tools like DOORS Next, Polariton, and Jama to improve the clarity and consistency of requirements statements. It provides authors, reviewers, and readers with the most helpful insights to improve their requirements exactly when they need it.

QVscribe Alternatives
Accompa - Requirements Management Software


Manage your brand with the best manager
(0 Ratings)

Accompa pricing: Starts at $199.0.

What is Accompa and how does it work?

Accompa is a requirements management software. That has been essentially designed to help not just the executives with a background in technology but every working individual in the client’s administration. The Accompa platform is hundred per cent remote and keeping in mind the raging pandemic, workers can collaborate with their teams, online that is, without having to leave their houses. The website is filled with productive white papers and business guides meant for clients to look up and utilise whatever is best for their brand. Accompa has also been regarded as the most easy-to-use software for requirements management. The platform has been designed to meet the demands and needs of its clients. It assists all sorts of enterprise needs like integration, scalability, security, account management and professional services among others. Hundreds of companies including the daughter companies of the country-wide Fortune-500 brand use Accompa every day to meet the requirements of their enterprises. Further, Accompa as a platform is entirely customisable. show more

Delibr vs Accompa | Accompa Alternatives
ScopeMaster - Requirements Management Software


The intelligent requirements analyser
(0 Ratings)

ScopeMaster pricing: ScopeMaster Offers Custom plan.

What is ScopeMaster and how does it work?

ScopeMaster.com is the world's first automated software requirements analyser. A QA tool that finds defects in user stories before any code is written. Scopemaster simultaneously estimates the functional size in both COSMIC Function Points and IFPUG FP. We are a startup software company, focussing on helping organisations achieve more, rapid, success with software projects, especially larger projects. show more

ScopeMaster Alternatives
Reqtify - Requirements Management Software


Easy to use Requirement Software
(0 Ratings)

Reqtify pricing: Reqtify Offers Custom plan.

What is Reqtify and how does it work?

Reqtify is an interactive application for managing requirements. It enables traceability and impact analysis across the entire hardware and software. Reqtify automatically extracts data created by current suite of tools.

Reqtify Alternatives
Xebrio - Project Management Software
80%The SW Score ranks the products within a particular category on a variety of parameters, to provide a definite ranking system. Read More


Fulfill stories from requirements to deployment
(0 Ratings)

Xebrio pricing: Starts at $8.0. Offers Custom plan.

What is Xebrio and how does it work?

Xebrio is a project management software that provides its users with an ecosystem for tracking projects starting from requirements to releases. The software enables users to keep track of the requirements of the stakeholder in order to make the building blocks of the project as strong as possible. Users can keep track of convoluted integrations of hardware and software development requirements by breaking them down into small units of execution called Tasks. The milestone feature of the software enables users to plan the development sprints of their products while also tracking all the related tasks and requirements. Xebrio allows its users to ensure a quality product by planning, transforming, and managing test cases for every software requirement. Users can collaborate with their team members across the globe in order to ensure better decision making. The software also supports Continuous Integration Continuous Deployment (CICD) with a vivid representation of every single build. One can track their hardware assets from acquisition through disposal. show more

Xebrio Alternatives
ReqView - Requirements Management Software


Software and system requirements management tool
(3 Ratings)

ReqView pricing: Starts at $360.0. Offers Free-forever plan.

What is ReqView and how does it work?

ReqView is a requirements management system that can help you better management your software development project requirements from one place. ReqView enables you to capture your requirements and display them in a tabular view that looks similar to that used in Microsoft Excel and Word. This tabular view can show different attributes, such as a description of the requirements and its attributes, the document hierarchy, and traceability links. With ReqView, you can not only just manage your requirements, but also your project artifacts, risks, and tests, all in a centralized location. ReqView comes with traceability functionality that allows you to create links between requirements and other objects, as well as create multi-level traceability reports. ReqView doesn’t send any project data to the internet to ensure that all information is kept securely, and this also enables offline collaboration. Teams – even ones working remotely –– can access the project through a shared network drive. show more

Delibr vs ReqView | ReqView Alternatives
Doc Sheets - Requirements Management Software

Doc Sheets

Simplify project creation artefacts while maintaining traceability
(0 Ratings)

Doc Sheets pricing: Starts at $19.99.

What is Doc Sheets and how does it work?

Doc Sheets is a traceable requirements management solution. It's widely regarded as the most user-friendly and cost-effective business requirements and lifecycle management software currently available. It is simpler than using spreadsheets and can be adjusted to match any project size. Additionally, project activities can be completed by remote or hybrid groups from different time zones utilising any device. The software is time-saving and easily integrated into one's workflow. It manages the whole product life cycle by producing and delivering products as well as recording client requirements, test cases, and other information for active and post-release project management. The software helps teams efficiently manage entire life cycle traceability by allowing round trip data interchange with multiple files and tools. It also greatly simplifies the traceability process and incorporates tracing and gap intelligent algorithms. Furthermore, Doc Sheets is extremely adaptable and simple to personalise to meet one's own needs. show more

Doc Sheets Alternatives
ReqSuite RM - Requirements Management Software

ReqSuite RM

Best Requirements Management Tool
(0 Ratings)

What is ReqSuite RM and how does it work?

ReqSuite RM is a smart requirements management tool that helps the technology companies with managing requirements in a more transparent, simple, and structured way.This smart management tool not only improves the requirements management but also increases the overall development of the company by up to 30%.With ReqSuite RM you can manage and edit requirements easily, automatically saves any changes made to requirements and compares versions, maintains semantic relationships between requirements, reuse requirements as both copies and references, automatically checks requirements and assists as input templates and context-sensitive process instructions, allows to monitor and control the status progress of requirements, and much more.Benefits of ReqSuite RM include traceability, transparency, and overview of your requirements, helps you make your work more efficient, focused, and simpler; the risk is less and the quality of your requirements improves, you can centrally and uniformly manage your requirements by creating clear structures and processes.The normative, procedural, and thematic needs of the company can be completely adapted to by the ReqSuite RM. show more

ReqSuite RM Alternatives
NewSysRS - Requirements Management Software


Modern Online Platform for Requirements
(0 Ratings)

NewSysRS pricing: NewSysRS Offers Free-forever plan.

What is NewSysRS and how does it work?

NewSysRS provides project management for every type of business. It provides all required features like Change Management, Collaboration, Task management, Status Tracking and much more.

NewSysRS Alternatives
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