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Updated on: November 27, 2021
BuzzGuru Influencers search and selection

BuzzGuru Alternatives and Competitors

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A comprehensive list of competitors and best alternatives to BuzzGuru.

Top 5 BuzzGuru Alternatives


Enhance the overall value of your brand by hiring the right influencer
(79 Ratings)

GRIN is an advanced influencer marketing solution for brands. The platform can be used to discover influencers, manage relationships with them and monitor the engagement metrics from time to time. Brands can use the tools offered by GRIN to conduct detailed searches, within a network of 32M... read more

GRIN Alternatives


Making influencer marketing more klear for you
(65 Ratings)

Klear is a leading influencer marketing platform that is designed to elevate your social media growth using influencer marketing instead of ad marketing. It helps in finding the most suitable influencer for your business, researching and analyzing their reach and engagement, managing your... read more

Klear Alternatives


Its time you influence the world
(14 Ratings)

Public Fast is an influencer marketing software that helps you in driving more and more sales by influencing thousands of people all while using the power vested in the domain of influencer marketing. It helps customers and brands in organizing and creating active marketing campaigns and... read more

Publicfast Alternatives


The data-driven influencer marketing suite
(73 Ratings)

Traackr is a record system for the data-driven influencer marketing platform that marketers utilize to optimize investment scale programs and streamline campaigns. This tool offers accurate insights for more than 6M reviewed profiles include brand affinity demographics, historical performance... read more

Traackr Alternatives


Branded Entertainment Platform

Buy/Sell product placement in music videos, influencer posts, TV shows, movies, podcasts, blogs, and video games. Dedicated media and marketing professionals will manage media, marketing, advertising, coordinate deliverables, and create adverts for your brand. Amalgamate tech with hands-on... read more

HOLLYFY Alternatives

Products Similar to BuzzGuru


The Ultimate Influencer Marketplace for Brands

QuikPlace is an online platform that connects brands with influencers according to their needs, requirements, and targets. The platform enables you to instantly launch a campaign with Instagram, Twitter, Tiktok, and Youtube influencers to promote your brand and make it an online success. It ensures... read more

QuikPlace Alternatives


A comprehensive marketing campaign management software with AI capabilities
(44 Ratings)

Influencity is an automated influencer marketing solution that helps brands control all their Influencer Relationship Management on a single platform. It enables one to search and identify the best influencers for a marketing campaign. The software’s database hosts over 70 million influencers in... read more

Influencity Alternatives


Analytical Platform for Transparent Influencer Marketing
(37 Ratings)

HypeAuditor is a platform that delivers industry-standard insights and data to become successful in influencer marketing. The platform provides brands and agencies with innovative methods to get the optimum results from influencer handles. It let users find the best influencers with Influencer... read more

HypeAuditor Alternatives


Connect With Right Influencer For Your Brand
(12 Ratings)

Collabstr is a platform where brands can post a collab and connect with the right influencers. The platform helps save time for brands searching for the right influencers. Payment is made securely only when the influencer’s job is reviewed and the content is satisfactory. Users can view and... read more

Collabstr Alternatives

Post For Rent

All-in-One Influencer Marketing Solution
(4 Ratings)

Post For Rent is an innovative influencer marketing platform that connects users and brands for easy and efficient collaboration. The platform acts as a simple and effective model for influencers to work with brands and get paid for. Post for Rent has an all-in-one solution for brands, agencies,... read more

Post For Rent Alternatives
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