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GRIN Enhance the overall value of your brand by hiring the right influencer

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Upfluence - Influencer Marketing Software


Boost your sales by collaborating with influencers
(120 Ratings)

Upfluence pricing: Upfluence Offers Custom plan.

What is Upfluence and how does it work?

Upfluence is an influencer marketing platform specially made for helping eCommerce business owners to grow their sales. The software enables users to access more than 4 million influencer profiles across different social media platforms. They can also filter out search results to find out the ideal influencer for their scheduled campaigns. Further, organizations can use the platform to discover organic influencers within their website audience and customer base. eCommerce businesses can collect the social data of their visitors, analyze them and add them within their own affiliate campaigns. Upfluence also offers insights into influencers’ performance by analyzing their engagement rates, audience size, posting habits, and more. With the customizable Influencer Relationship Management dashboard, users get access to necessary AI-powered tools for sending in-app emails, briefs-editing, managing negotiations, payments, etc., within a unified portal. Moreover, users can execute smarter investments and maximize their ROI with this software. show more

GRIN vs Upfluence | Upfluence Alternatives
Nutanix Beam - Cloud Management Platform
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Nutanix Beam

Manage multi-cloud environments from a single platform
(26 Ratings)

Nutanix Beam pricing: Nutanix Beam Offers Custom plan.

What is Nutanix Beam and how does it work?

Nutanix Beam is a multi-cloud management platform that helps companies to optimise their resource allocation process and reduce cloud costs. The platform provides unified visibility into private and public cloud spending to simplify multi-cloud management and cost governance. These simplified cloud operations empower a single team to manage data, applications and security policies across all the cloud environments. With Nutanix Beam, companies get access to automated task schedules, intelligent RI purchases and right-sizing cloud resources that altogether facilitate deep cloud savings. Moreover, users can easily assign resource costs based upon the business consumption levels and drive governance with a multi-cloud chargeback. Nutanix Beam lowers the cost associated with the delivery of IT services offering greater efficiency by streamlining cloud operations and data centres. In addition, the platform also comes with built-in disaster recovery, integrated security and automated recovery capabilities that help employees to deliver non-stop business continuity. Ultimately, the platform helps to modernise the IT infrastructure, automate various operations and consolidate data storage to make it cost-efficient for the IT teams. show more

GRIN vs Nutanix Beam | Nutanix Beam Alternatives
OG IMPACT - New SaaS Software


An Open-source API Generating tool for Images
(0 Ratings)

OG IMPACT pricing: Starts at $19.99. Offers Free-forever plan.

What is OG IMPACT and how does it work?

OG IMPACT software is an open source API for generating social images. Generate unlimited social images for free with our open source API. The entire codebase is available on GitHub. We welcome bug reports, feature requests and PRs. The software offers Template editor to create a custom template. Developers, Small and Medium companies make use of the software. show more

GRIN vs OG IMPACT | OG IMPACT Alternatives
Post For Rent - Influencer Marketing Software

Post For Rent

All-in-One Influencer Marketing Solution
(4 Ratings)

Post For Rent pricing: Starts at $1.0. Offers Custom plan.

What is Post For Rent and how does it work?

Post For Rent is an innovative influencer marketing platform that connects users and brands for easy and efficient collaboration. The platform acts as a simple and effective model for influencers to work with brands and get paid for. Post for Rent has an all-in-one solution for brands, agencies, and talent managers alike to manage the overall campaign from identifying influencers to payments and analytics of the campaign. It allows users to get accurate and insightful data on follower base, target audience, demographics, and many more with its analytics tool's help. Post For Rent enables users to manage contract negotiations, product shipping, relationship management, payment, and in-depth reporting of the campaign. Users can keep track of the overall campaign details with insights on top performers, bottom performers, and highly impactful posts. Post For Rent is also a Youtube Certified Partner that helps businesses manage and implement the most beneficial Youtube strategy, assisting firms to build and monetize their brand on Youtube. show more

Post For Rent Alternatives
HYPR - Influencer Marketing Software


Connect with influencers at your own convenience
(88 Ratings)

HYPR pricing: HYPR Offers Custom plan.

What is HYPR and how does it work?

HYPR as an efficient influencer marketing software simplifies and automates every part of business workflow. The platform is designed by marketers for marketers, helping out the latter with influencer evaluation, payments, easy search and discovery, besides detailed reports and measurement. Users can execute comprehensive searches across 30,000+ topic categories and @handles spread across 100 countries. They can also utilise the extensive feature list of HYPR to get access to 8000 profiles added regularly. The software also comes loaded with an anti-fraud suite backed by audience based health scores. Thus helping professionals narrow down bad audiences who are fraudulent or inactive. Moreover, HYPR’s influencer specific data fields come inclusive of metrics like files, number, text, selection and more. Business owners can communicate directly with the chosen influencers or their managers over the software and receive updates from the other end via email. An activation dashboard helps to toggle between correspondence and progress tabs, track responses, monitor influencer metrics (follow rates, CPC, engagement rates and more). Other essential features include seamless payment gateway compatibility across 100+ countries, auto reminders, ROI analysers and creator level note generator. show more

HYPR Alternatives

Products Similar to GRIN

TapInfluence - Influencer Marketing Software


A one-stop solution for effective marketing campaigns
(3 Ratings)

TapInfluence pricing: TapInfluence Offers Custom plan.

What is TapInfluence and how does it work?

TapInfluence is a premium influencer marketing platform where brands can create swift influencer campaigns with ease by choosing across a variety of categories like food, fashion, beauty, and lifestyle. The platform helps users with creating content that will attract new customers, maximize customer lifetime revenue, increase repeat purchases and drive customer loyalty as well. It also assists companies to find the right influencer that could be the best possible match to promote their brand. With TapInfluence, users also get access to a detailed overview of relevant metrics that aligns with their pre-structured goals. By making convenient changes they can attract new clients, maximize revenue and drive loyalty as well. The platform can also be used to measure campaign wise impact, like content reach, media value, views, conversion, and ROI. At last, it even enables users to programmatically target their content, reach out to an ideal audience and get the engagement and conversion rates enhanced in real-time. show more

TapInfluence Alternatives
Node App - Influencer Marketing Software

Node App

Build Workflows with Content
(0 Ratings)

Node App pricing: Starts at $135.0. Offers Custom plan.

What is Node App and how does it work?

Node App software is a platform used to create better content for optimizing the engagement of users. Brands post products for sharing original content on social channels like Instagram and create content as per the user requirements in minutes. Measure the performance of campaigns and gain insights with business workflows. Brand Managers, Small and Medium companies make use of the software. show more

Node App Alternatives
HypeAuditor - Influencer Marketing Software


Analytical Platform for Transparent Influencer Marketing
(67 Ratings)

HypeAuditor pricing: HypeAuditor Offers Free-forever and Custom plan.

What is HypeAuditor and how does it work?

HypeAuditor is a platform that delivers industry-standard insights and data to become successful in influencer marketing. The platform provides brands and agencies with innovative methods to get the optimum results from influencer handles. It let users find the best influencers with Influencer Discovery. The platform sets a standard on YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok account analytics to make influencer marketing transparent, fair, and useful. HypeAuditor consists of over 12 million profiles from which users can find best matched Instagram, TikTok, or YouTube profile using a set of filters that will help refine the list. Users will also get detailed industry-standard analytical reports for advanced Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok based on over 35 metrics like audience location, authenticity and reach, age-gender split, and overall audience quality. The platform lets the user analyze Instagram growth, compare creators, and track influencer marketing campaign performance. HypeAuditor has AI-powered tools for data-driven influencer marketing, ensuring that the users are connected with those influencers who engage authentically with their followers. show more

HypeAuditor Alternatives
Linqia - Influencer Marketing Software


Find the right influencer that reaches your target audience
(11 Ratings)

Linqia pricing: Linqia Offers Custom plan.

What is Linqia and how does it work?

Linqia is an influencer marketing platform that enables companies to deliver guaranteed influencer ROI. The main feature of the platform is that it understands users’ unique needs and goals and helps them to build a custom program that delivers as per their expectations. Linqia provides its users with teams of creative and influencer marketing experts to determine how the created campaigns fit into their marketing strategies. It also comes with a proprietary AI that dynamically analyses content across 500,000+ influencers to find the right one. Linqia performs all the hard work and saves a lot of time for users. It helps to create influencer’s strategy with unique concept development and enables companies to run their campaign effectively. The platform allows users to measure the true business impact of the campaigns beyond likes and customers’ engagement. In the end, it offers closed-loop measurements with sales and brand lift studies that help companies to measure the benefit of individual campaigns. show more

Linqia Alternatives
Klear - Influencer Marketing Software


Making influencer marketing more klear for you
(54 Ratings)

Klear pricing: Klear Offers Custom plan.

What is Klear and how does it work?

Klear is a leading influencer marketing platform that is designed to elevate your social media growth using influencer marketing instead of ad marketing. It helps in finding the most suitable influencer for your business, researching and analyzing their reach and engagement, managing your influencer programs, connecting with the audience, and measuring the growth of your influencer programs. Klear matches the brand to the most suitable influencer as per their target audience and brand values. It promotes segmented creator discovery based on its sophisticated capabilities and ensures that you partner with the most impacting influencer as per your requirements. Users get the option to sift between numerous profiles in order to find the most relevant one for their brand. It has the FakeSpot Technology feature which saves the user from fraudulent clients that have fake followers or engagement rates created via bots. It additionally centralizes the entire influencer communication. Klear doesn’t just provide a free demo; it provides insights that make it a perfect platform for all types of internet businesses. show more

GRIN vs Klear | Klear Alternatives
Influenster - Influencer Marketing Software


Product Discovery and Review Platform
(40 Ratings)

What is Influenster and how does it work?

Influenster is an online platform wherein consumers can discover and check millions of product reviews to help them make a buying decision. The platform consists of more than 11 million reviews across 1.7 million product pages for users to review, ask questions/answers, and upload photos and videos related to the products. Influenster also invites users across campaigns based on each customer's review score and impact. It allows users to benefit from discounts and offers across merchants with the product discovery page's help. It rewards users with badges like “Expert,” “Lifestyle,” etc. based on their behavior, review pattern, and answering questions. Influenster assigns users to score based on followers and friends across various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, etc. Brands can collaborate with users via VoxBox campaigns where users are offered complimentary products or digital rewards based on set criteria. The reviews on the platform help provide genuine opinions to the buyers and help them make a decision. show more

Influenster Alternatives
Traackr - Influencer Marketing Software


The data-driven influencer marketing suite
(126 Ratings)

Traackr pricing: Traackr Offers Custom plan.

What is Traackr and how does it work?

Traackr is a record system for the data-driven influencer marketing platform that marketers utilize to optimize investment scale programs and streamline campaigns. This tool offers accurate insights for more than 6M reviewed profiles include brand affinity demographics, historical performance indicators, and fraud detection. Traackr helps the marketers run poignant campaigns with influencer insights and customizable workflows for all types of activations, including product gifting, events, paid partnerships, and organic propagations. It has been discovered that more than 20 of the top worldwide emerging brands, agencies, and promoters rely on Traackr everyday to conclude a smarter influencer marketing decision. It is a great tool that illustrates the impact and optimizes influencer investment with activity performance reporting. The tracker has the features that enable the previous influencer's contact to get uploaded for unified and centralized management. Proprietorship can be designated among marketing groups to abet collaboration while demonstrating tools include a scoring algorithm to discover new influencers based upon legitimate influence using this platform. show more

Traackr Alternatives
Socialfaim - Influencer Marketing Software


Influencer Marketing Platform for reaching the target audience
(0 Ratings)

Socialfaim pricing: Socialfaim Offers Custom plan.

What is Socialfaim and how does it work?

Socialfaim is a Data-Driven marketing platform that helps the influencers in reaching their target audience. This software allows brands to inspect the influencer’s reach on various social media platforms. Moreover, it can also optimise ROI for your marketing campaign for better reach in real time. The tool comes with a robust influencer marketing tool that operates on machine learning algorithms and helps in suggesting the best influencers that will be suitable for a particular brand. With the help of Socialfaim, you can receive a complete data report regarding the audience of the selected influencer and calculate the percentage of target age group and gender. In addition to that, you can also fragment your audience report to get more precise results. The app offers real-time insights and KPIs which aid in regulating influencer review over the social media such as earned media value (EMV) and demographic data of the real-time campaign. show more

Socialfaim Alternatives
Intellifluence - Influencer Marketing Software


Team up with trusted influencers
(2 Ratings)

Intellifluence pricing: Starts at $79.16. Offers Free-forever plan.

What is Intellifluence and how does it work?

These days, it’s harder than ever to reach your target audience. Ad blockers, streaming services and viewability issues are wreaking havoc on traditional advertising methods. Influencers promote your product or service with their loyal followers, which are your soon-to-be customers. Effortlessly compensate influencers using Intellifluence Payments – the service that ensures all work is completed before influencers are paid. Design public offers that qualified candidates can apply to while you simultaneously find and pitch additional creators using our Discover tool. Build campaigns, stay on top of messages and complete transactions with ease using our powerful but intuitive influencer marketing platform. show more

Intellifluence Alternatives
Mysocial - Influencer Marketing Software


Meet smart influencer manager
(0 Ratings)

Mysocial pricing: Starts at $29.0. Offers Free-forever plan.

What is Mysocial and how does it work?

One-stop-shop for influencers to grow, manage and monetize their social media career. Get sponsored on YouTube, Instagram and TikTok. Access a database of brands and hotels can pitch to in seconds.

Mysocial Alternatives
AspireIQ - Influencer Marketing Software


A Community Influencer Marketing Platform
(103 Ratings)

AspireIQ pricing: AspireIQ Offers Custom plan.

What is AspireIQ and how does it work?

AspireIQ is an influencer marketing platform that puts people at the heart of a brand by changing relationships. It allows users to identify significant influencers, produce creative content at scale, manage creative communities, and make informed decisions accordingly. All of this is possible due to the in-built tools like content library, search and discovery, campaign tracking, analytics, and so on. Users can even create an influencer database and personalize as well as automate workflow. Influencers can be searched using relevant hashtags, keywords or mentions. Additionally, it has an AI-powered recommendation engine that uses machine learning algorithms to search and suggest influencers for campaigns. By using automated invite emails, users can save time from having to write multiple cold emails. Its greatest strength is streamlining task workflows and influencer communications. Also, allowing users to find everything in one place, from contracts and payments to content reviews and much more. A centralized dashboard makes it easy for users to keep tabs on impressions, traffic, engagement, sales conversion, and content value. show more

GRIN vs AspireIQ | AspireIQ Alternatives
Influencity - Influencer Marketing Software


A comprehensive marketing campaign management software with AI capabilities
(94 Ratings)

Influencity pricing: Influencity Offers Custom plan.

What is Influencity and how does it work?

Influencity is an automated influencer marketing solution that helps brands control all their Influencer Relationship Management on a single platform. It enables one to search and identify the best influencers for a marketing campaign. The software’s database hosts over 70 million influencers in total and provides more than 20 filters for users to browse and choose as per specific industries. Campaign creators can target influencers based on geographical location, gender, age, interests, language, favorite brands, etc with just a few clicks. They can even sort the results according to the follower count. This will help them in choosing between micro-influencers, macro-influencers, and celebrities accordingly and make the campaign cost-efficient. The application also allows setting a frequency for the number of interactions the influencers can have with the audience. There is also a tool to search for influencer profiles by scanning their biographies and using targeted keywords. Thereafter, with the Forecast Campaign ROI (Return on Investment) tool, enterprises can define marketing strategies based on expected returns. Apart from offering such a comprehensive set of features, Influencity also provides valuable analytics which the brands can leverage to assess their ongoing marketing campaigns and improve performance. show more

Influencity Alternatives
CreatorIQ - Influencer Marketing Software


Creator Intelligence Tool for Influencer marketing
(201 Ratings)

CreatorIQ pricing: Starts at $5.0.

What is CreatorIQ and how does it work?

CreatorIQ is a cloud-based Influencer marketing solution for Global enterprises to scale their marketing growth. The tool assists businesses with Influencer Data Access, Influencer Data Management, and Data Science Capabilities. CreatorIQ can scan more than 1 billion social media accounts in real-time across top social media platforms for growth history, audience profile, and brand affinity. Its UI is easy to use and offers excellent visual displays that are powered by Google AI imaging. Creator IQ allows users to launch innovative campaigns with automated workflows. It has the capability to track the entire campaign life cycle including content creation, approval, creator activation, posting status, and much more irrespective of the campaign size. The dashboards created out of CreatorIQ are dynamic and provide real-time reports that can be easily shared across teams and exported to various systems. Its robust API can be integrated across custom applications with best in class security. The tool is a creator intelligence cloud suited for global level enterprises. show more

GRIN vs CreatorIQ | CreatorIQ Alternatives
Collabstr - Influencer Marketing Software


Connect With Right Influencer For Your Brand
(0 Ratings)

Collabstr pricing: Collabstr Offers Custom plan.

What is Collabstr and how does it work?

Collabstr is a platform where brands can post a collab and connect with the right influencers. The platform helps save time for brands searching for the right influencers. Payment is made securely only when the influencer’s job is reviewed and the content is satisfactory. Users can view and analyze the influencer’s analytics before selecting them. They can track how the performance of the collaboration is or what the reach and the engagement is. Influencers can apply to the collab with their expected pricing; thus, brands don’t have to spend much time over negotiating. Collabstr enables brands to communicate with influencers easily through the chatting tool. Each influencer is opted-in and vetted before they join the platform. Thus, the brands would be working only with established, high-quality, and engaged creators. Brands have options to pay one-time unlimited collabs and managed collabs wherein the brands will get a dedicated account manager; they can choose the plan as per their needs. show more

Collabstr Alternatives
Ainfluencer - Influencer Marketing Software


DIY platform of choice for brands and influencers
(0 Ratings)

Ainfluencer pricing: Ainfluencer Offers Free-forever plan.

What is Ainfluencer and how does it work?

Ainfluencer is DIY platform of choice for brands and influencers to meet and make deals. Ainfluencer is the fastest, easiest and safest way to promote business with Instagram influencers. Upload sample images or video, a caption and campaign details. Their Ad will then be posted to the marketplace where thousands of qualified influencers can make offer. Once a connection is made with an influencer, use the chat system and approval workflow to lock the deal down. show more

Ainfluencer Alternatives
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