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Updated on: August 11, 2022
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Most affordable calendar booking solution in the world
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Tidycal pricing: Lifetime deal starts at $29

What is Tidycal and how does it work?

Tidycal is the best, most affordable calendar-booking solution in the world. helps to make calendar scheduling for bookings.

Tidycal Alternatives


Affordable Loyalty Programs
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Meetgeek pricing: Lifetime deal starts at $59

What is Meetgeek and how does it work?

Givex is a global IT platform focused on providing operators with useful clients understanding. It offers some features like Success Without Limits, Global Presence, Global Presence, Analytics, Reporting and much more. It provides 24/7/365 Client Services Support team is available across all time zones. And also accessible by phone, email and live internet chat. show more

Meetgeek Alternatives
Fantastical Scheduling - Meeting Management Tools

Fantastical Scheduling

Calls and meetings organizer
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What is Fantastical Scheduling and how does it work?

Fantastical Scheduling is a tool for managing meetings. They understand what a good user experience should be because they are also users. Please inform the user if they are dissatisfied or frustrated with anything. With years of experience working on a variety of well-known apps, they hope that their knowledge and enthusiasm shine through in everything they produce. Fantastical makes it simple for others to set up meetings with you. Set up your availability and send out a link. They choose a date and time, and you're ready to go. Based on your existing calendar events, Openings will automatically block off slots. Fantastical lets you view your invitees' availability and helps you choose a time that works for everyone when scheduling an event with them. Even better, you can send your invitee multiple event proposals at different times and dates. Fantastical is built with a privacy-first philosophy in mind, which means it maintains as much personal information on your device as possible. The password for your account is stored securely on your device using Keychain and never leaves it. For further information, please see our privacy statement. show more

Fantastical Scheduling Alternatives
Tidycal - Meeting Management Tools


Most affordable calendar booking solution in the world
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Tidycal pricing: Lifetime deal starts at $29

What is Tidycal and how does it work?

Tidycal is the best, most affordable calendar-booking solution in the world. helps to make calendar scheduling for bookings.

Tidycal Alternatives
Hypercontext - Meeting Management Tools


A Collaborative Meeting Software
(28 Ratings)

What is Hypercontext and how does it work?

Hypercontext (previously Soapbox) is a platform used to streamline objectives, meetings, and morale into one workflow. The software offers customizable meeting agendas for your one-on-ones, team meetings and other recurring meetings. Take meeting minutes right within your agenda and gain insights with real-time employee feedback to measure meeting effectiveness in minutes. HR Managers, Small and Medium companies make use of the software. show more

Hypercontext Alternatives

Products Similar to Meetric

EasyRetro - Meeting Management Tools


Improve with Fun Sprint Retrospectives
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EasyRetro pricing: EasyRetro Offers Free-forever plan.

What is EasyRetro and how does it work?

EasyRetro is an online platform and an open-source project to help the team to do better retrospectives that help to improve by using Fun Sprint Retrospectives and other activities. EasyRetro was designed to remove any obstacles and distractions for teams to have better meetings and to get better results. The mission is to empower teams to reflect on their way of working. And to continuously become better in what they do. show more

EasyRetro Alternatives
Warmly - Meeting Management Tools


Look professional on Zoom with Warmly
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Warmly pricing: Warmly Offers Custom plan.

What is Warmly and how does it work?

Warmly is a user experience enhancement platform that enables you to create a lasting first impression and eliminates the need of small chats on our video meetings with a virtual backdrop business card. It assists you make a business card for yourself that can make your team stand out. With Warmly, you can begin every Zoom meeting with a discussion starter: your digital business card. You can get detailed background on everyone after, during, and before your meetings. With business card backdrops and fast information on everyone you're meeting with, you can have better meetings. With a customized Virtual Business Card that functions as an instant ice breaker on calls, you can have 2x better meetings. You can add the corporate logos of your prospects and customers over your shoulder with a simple click using Warmly. You can make your team look more professional with a virtual uniform. You can mix and match backgrounds, logos, and more. You can always stay prepared and pre-planned for meetings with quick insights synced right on your calendar using the Warmly platform. show more

Warmly Alternatives
Taggg - Meeting Management Tools


Group Meeting Scheduling Solved
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What is Taggg and how does it work?

Connecting with your contacts and their calendars no matter if they use Google or Microsoft calendar allows for sharing availability and faster meeting booking than ever before. Simply select contacts or teams to meet with and decide who is a required participant or is an optional attendee.Taggg then automatically crosschecks all calendars of your connected contacts and invites the others to share their availability with the group. No voting or polls needed. show more

Taggg Alternatives
Meetgeek - Meeting Management Tools


Affordable Loyalty Programs
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Meetgeek pricing: Lifetime deal starts at $59

What is Meetgeek and how does it work?

Givex is a global IT platform focused on providing operators with useful clients understanding. It offers some features like Success Without Limits, Global Presence, Global Presence, Analytics, Reporting and much more. It provides 24/7/365 Client Services Support team is available across all time zones. And also accessible by phone, email and live internet chat. show more

Meetgeek Alternatives
Focusmate - Meeting Management Tools


Get productivity levels boosted in real-time with Focusmate
(3 Ratings)

What is Focusmate and how does it work?

Focusmate is a productivity-boosting solution for the virtual work base. The platform is appropriate for freelancers, writers, side hustlers, designers, programmers and entrepreneurs, helping them to achieve their goals by unlocking the potentiality of the human spirit, technology and psychology. Users of Focusmate, can select their convenient working hours and the software will send an email to get the sessions confirmed. Users can launch their own video sessions, declare their goals to the support partners and start with their day’s work. Users can also check on their session partners by the end of the day and celebrate individual achievements. This way they can, eliminate daily distractions and focus on long-term goals. The software helps users get rid of social media addictions and other focus killing ideas. Focusmate follows strict behavioural guidelines and enables individual users to take stringent measures in case they encounter rude behaviour from their session partners. Users can either report the partners or block them as per their own convenience. show more

Focusmate Alternatives
Crewdle - Meeting Management Tools


Green, private and simple videoconferences
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Crewdle pricing: Starts at $4.0. Offers Free-forever plan.

What is Crewdle and how does it work?

Crewdle is an advanced video conferencing software that enables you to host video chats and video conferences with your employees, colleagues, friends, and clients. It offers you a user-friendly interface with a large variety of simple and useful functionality for hosting high quality video meetings. With Crewdle, you can create your own personal meeting space by creating your personal ID. You'll obtain a short URL with your personal ID, which you can share with others so they can reach you fast. You can meet your contacts in your customised room or join someone else’s room with a single touch. You can host new online meetings quickly and effortlessly from your dashboard. Crewdle lets you record your meetings and simply share it with attendees afterward so they can watch it at their leisure. You can invite additional attendees using active links that can open the virtual conferencing room in a browser or in iOS or Android mobile apps. Additionally, the video and audio are stored in the Crewdle cloud, and the files can be viewed in a browser. show more

Crewdle Alternatives
Minute - Meeting Management Tools


Makes Meetings Easy
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What is Minute and how does it work?

Minute helps you capture decisions taken and actions defined, and ensures that you follow-up on them at the next meeting. Minute allows all participants to collaboratively compose the agenda, and that just makes for a more efficient meeting. Minute shows only one version of a meeting document – the latest one. When you update the document, everyone has the latest version. Minute allows you to organize a meeting where everyone arrives well-prepared. That allows you to have less lengthy meetings, and be more efficient. show more

Minute Alternatives
StandupWizard - Meeting Management Tools


Create your first standup in seconds.
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StandupWizard pricing: Starts at $8.33.

What is StandupWizard and how does it work?

Asynchronous standups for remote teams Keep user distributed teams in sync by automatically collecting status updates directly in Slack. Users can create their first team standup in minutes. StandupWizard automates the status check-in process for your entire team. No matter how the user's distributed team is set up, StandupWizard has what users need to ensure team collaboration and communication never slows down. show more

StandupWizard Alternatives
Headroom - Meeting Management Tools


Work meetings made better
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Headroom pricing: Headroom Offers Custom plan.

What is Headroom and how does it work?

Headroom is a remote and hybrid meeting management software. It allows the user to search by attendees, exchange notes, subjects addressed or talks word for word, and it helps to ensure that meetings are balanced, interesting, and memorable. You can find meaning behind a decision and share it with others faster than ever using Headroom. You can keep stakeholders up to date with fast highlight reels, action items, shared notes, and next steps, and you can share meeting replays without sending long emails. With this technology, you receive a variety of in-meeting motions, real-time word share, and shareable automatic summaries. You'll soon receive energy feedback on the platform, as the real-time headroom analyses a variety of signs for energy and engagement, including facial expressions and body language, as well as voice and text contributions, to provide you with an overall measure of energy over time. Furthermore, the platform is safe and web-based. It is not necessary to download or update an app to utilise it. You have complete control over how meeting information is shared. show more

Headroom Alternatives
Remeet - Meeting Management Tools


Topic-first meetings for teams
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Remeet pricing: Starts at $10.0. Offers Free-forever and Custom plan.

What is Remeet and how does it work?

Remeet - Rewire your distributed team’s communication channels for maximum productivity with a fundamentally new approach to meetings. Many meeting-related rituals are nothing more than bandaids that we use to patch meetings’ faulty, backward nature.

Remeet Alternatives
Vectorly Meetings - Meeting Management Tools

Vectorly Meetings

Turn discussions into tasks
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Vectorly Meetings pricing: Starts at $5.0. Offers Custom plan.

What is Vectorly Meetings and how does it work?

Vectorly drives company growth by providing employees with personalized career paths based on continuous skill feedback and working activity. With Vectorly, IT team leaders create career matrices, review skill levels, set action plans for every team member, and integrate it with 3rd party working tools like Jira, Trello. Team leaders currently spend 6 months to bootstrap this process with many no-integrated tools like Excel, online forms, Google docs, Notion, etc. [400 interviews with IT team leaders]. With Vectorly, they get results in 2 weeks instead of 6 months in the integrated all-in-one workspace with 40+ IT role skill matrix templates, learning recommendations for skills, team reviews, growth plans, and 3rd party working tools integration. show more

Vectorly Meetings Alternatives
Shepherd - Meeting Management Tools


Make every meeting productive
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Shepherd pricing: Shepherd Offers Custom plan.

What is Shepherd and how does it work?

Shepherd helps companies and teams bring structure and precision to meetings, in an easy and collaborative way. The Future of Work is bright. An all-in-one meetings tool, bringing structure and precision to every meeting.

Shepherd Alternatives
Sembly AI - Meeting Management Tools

Sembly AI

Focus on the discussion
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Sembly AI pricing: Sembly AI Offers Custom plan.

What is Sembly AI and how does it work?

Sembly is a SaaS platform that helps to make meetings more effective for you and your team. Sembly uses proprietary AI algorithms to transcribe and analyze meetings, transforming them into actionable insights. Sembly is a web and mobile app that accompanies you on your Teams, Zoom, and gMeet meetings, making meeting content available for review, search, and sharing. Use Sembly Team to unlock powerful AI analytics to help you and your team achieve more, while attending less. show more

Sembly AI Alternatives
Schedulr - Meeting Management Tools


Invite others to your next meeting
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Schedulr pricing: Starts at $8.0. Offers Free-forever plan.

What is Schedulr and how does it work?

Impress the person scheduling a meeting with you by saving them the hassle of switching tabs to check their own calendar. Schedulr allows anyone to overlay their own calendar to instantly find times that you're both available. All without signing up. Create event types that are the exact length you need them to be to the minute. show more

Schedulr Alternatives
Sprout - Meeting Management Tools


Your space, Your call
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Sprout pricing: Sprout Offers Free-forever plan.

What is Sprout and how does it work?

Create a virtual space to meet, chat, and play with your favorite people. Search for images with a Search Block, right inside the space. Arrange as many as you want on the canvas.

Sprout Alternatives
e-Meeting - Meeting Management Tools


Organizing the Need to Collabrate
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e-Meeting pricing: e-Meeting Offers Custom plan.

What is e-Meeting and how does it work?

E-meeting is an innovative web collaboration platform enabling team works to schedule their meetings, organize and share files, join teleconferences, collaborate and make decisions. Organize multiple levels of management and roles (administrator, super administrator, secretary etc.). Share their own meeting material and proposals with other team members. show more

e-Meeting Alternatives
Dory - Meeting Management Tools


Attract more engagement in your virtual meetings and make them productive
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What is Dory and how does it work?

Dory is an interactive platform, helping out enterprises make their meetings engaging and productive, using a comprehensive set of available tools and features. The software makes it easy for users to interact with their live audience based on the engaging Q&A sessions and live note taking facilities. Admins also get to prioritize the questions that their attendees want to hear the most. They can keep their audiences engaged with voting and live discussions. Dory lets users monitor the access rights of their private events and grant permission to attendees who belong to their custom email domain. The software even lets hosts allow their live audiences to generate queries in an anonymous way, eliminating the panic of asking questions. Further, users can jot down necessary notes during, before, and after a particular meeting. Dory empowers hosts to keep their meetings short and effective, ensuring adequate acknowledgement of shared thoughts. show more

Dory Alternatives
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