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Twilio Flex - Cloud Communication Platforms

Twilio Flex

A communication centre that fits your business
(387 Ratings)

Twilio Flex pricing: Starts at $1.0.

What is Twilio Flex and how does it work?

Twilio Flex is a programable communication platform designed for effective businesses, helping brands connect with their customers over text messages, voice/video call and email. To set up a communication network, the software either uses the Internet of Things, Elastic SIP Trunking, Phone Numbers or Short Codes. It accelerates the communication process by providing the widest breadth of communication mechanism. This way, Twilio Flex also saves 34% of the users’ operational expenses. The platform deploys a 100% cloud contact centre within days at which companies can adapt, inspect and adjust any part of the contact centre. Organisations can also provide relevant and contextual information to their agents for highly personalised interactions. With Twilio Flex, developers can respond to rapidly changing market conditions by making alterations in their applications. It also allows them to get feedback from individual customers and deliver the right outcome. The software helps to generate new business insights that further enhance operational strategies. show more

Twilio Flex Alternatives
TelebuBlocks - Cloud Communication Platforms


Integrated communications API platform
(0 Ratings)

What is TelebuBlocks and how does it work?

TelebuBlocks is an integrated communications API platform, where developers or enterprises can buy custom-built API “blocks” & SDKs and build their solutions. Blocks let you easily integrate the power of SMS, Voice, Video, and Chat directly into your applications. Enable real-time SMS communication from your applications to build brand awareness. Integrate Voice into your applications to conference calls or broadcast voice messages. Integrate rich-media & video in your applications to improve customer experience. Use the Chat API to engage users, share information, and improve client retention. show more

TelebuBlocks Alternatives
PubNub - Cloud Communication Platforms


Create a powerful communication system for your virtual spaces
(4 Ratings)

PubNub pricing: Starts at $49.0. Offers Custom plan.

What is PubNub and how does it work?

PubNub is an advanced in-app chat and communication platform that enables companies to create a communication system of their own, bringing people together for remote work, eLearning, health services and more. With its standard messaging features, the software enables organisations to create direct, group and large scale chats, connecting with employees and customers alike. Also, geolocation APIs available within can be used to track car fleets, provision orders, check on drivers’ deliveries and perform matchmaking in dating apps. Engaging features loaded within PubNub can be used by companies to build scalable virtual and hybrid events, where they can invite an unlimited number of users. It also helps organisations to deliver the right information at the right time through real-time alerts and push notifications. The particular platform can also be used to connect and control IoT devices such as entertainment systems, thermostats, door locks and more. PubNub is fully compliant with the GDPR regulations and offers complete protection for users’ data. show more

PubNub Alternatives
MessageBird - Cloud Communication Platforms


Communication with customers situated all over the world made easy
(131 Ratings)

MessageBird pricing: Starts at $50.0. Offers Custom plan.

What is MessageBird and how does it work?

MessageBird is an omnichannel cloud communication software that helps enterprises to get connected with their global customers via multiple channels such as Voice, WhatsApp, Live Chat, and more. The platform enables business owners to provide seamless customer support across different messaging channels. Further, users can also depend on the particular to create advanced communication processes that ensure higher customer engagement rates along with faster interactions, without writing any kind of codes. MessageBird lets organizations provide programmatic communications on a large scale. They can buy and use phone numbers, verify users, and manage contacts via REST APIs. Moreover, service providers can leverage the platform to access various communication channel that their customers love to use or are comfortable with. Detailed reports let users track their business growth and make real-time decisions as well. They get to identify the most active channel, monitor ticket wise handling times besides measuring SLA related performances. show more

MessageBird Alternatives
MSG91 - Cloud Communication Platforms


A seamless cloud communication platform for your ever-changing business needs
(57 Ratings)

MSG91 pricing: MSG91 Offers Custom plan.

What is MSG91 and how does it work?

MSG91 is a top-notch communication platform trusted by more than 30,000 businesses. It comes equipped with a fully-featured communication API for individual businesses and developers alike, enabling them to engage with customers in a global format. Moreover, businesses can also depend on the omnichannel platform to deliver consistent experience over transactional emails, automate website specific SMS deliveries and utilise voice communication as per need. They can even proceed to offer interactive communication through IVR, call assigning, call redirecting and call recording. For teams working together, MSG91’s inbuilt cloud customer support solution helps with quick request resolution across multiple channels, preferred by individual clients. Available 2FA integration mechanism helps with added protection and reliable authentication alike. Covered use cases include number lookup, pin generation, voice failover and global coverage. The platform also offers a real-time integration facility with external platforms like Cs-Cart, Zoho Campaign and ERP Next. show more

MSG91 Alternatives

Products Similar to VoIP Innovations

Infobip - Cloud Communication Platforms


An Omnichannel Communications Platform For Businesses
(45 Ratings)

Infobip pricing: Infobip Offers Custom plan.

What is Infobip and how does it work?

Infobip is a cloud-based platform that helps businesses communicate with their customers across various channels. It’s a platform built for speed, scale, and deliverability helping businesses create the perfect customer experience. It works to drive a better outcome for both – customers and businesses. Through the excellent communication channels, businesses can reach more customers with faster and reliable messaging including crystal-clear voice communications. Users can manage and create emails with a single integrated platform and deliver a better customer experience with WhatsApp Business API. Businesses can connect with customers globally using their favorite chat apps and stay engaged with Facebook Messenger. It works to reduce messaging costs and improve delivery rates in real-time. With personalized messages, users can create automated journeys with the platform. It allows users to always be available to support customers with smart chatbots. The live chat tool instantly helps to connect with customers over an app or website. The platform works to create rich customer profiles for targeted communication and craft customer journeys with automated workflows. show more

Infobip Alternatives
Sinch - Cloud Communication Platforms


Connect with your global audience over omnichannel communication services
(53 Ratings)

Sinch pricing: Sinch Offers Custom plan.

What is Sinch and how does it work?

Sinch is a comprehensive communication platform, helping out businesses to connect with their audience base over SMS, Voice, Video and Verification APIs. Having a 98% open rate, Sinch provides access to a wide range of conversational channels on the go. It also involves 600+ operator connections, allowing users to get their communication levels scaled on a global level. Further, by extending multiple facilities, Sinch allows users to dive into digital transformation and ensure a positive customer experience on the go. Businesses can also depend on the same to schedule personalised campaigns to drive higher engagement rates on different mobile messaging channels. This all-in-one messaging service provider also abides by stringent security measures enabling safe business. Its inbuilt 2-factor authentication mechanism accompanied by number masking and an on-time account notification system eliminates all potential chances of data thefts and hacking. Further, inbuilt functionalities like personalised campaign generation, chat layer, contact and contact pro are also of great help. show more

Sinch Alternatives
Zipwhip - Cloud Communication Platforms


Reach Customers Faster With A Unique Text Messaging Software
(145 Ratings)

Zipwhip pricing: Starts at $35.0. Offers Custom plan.

What is Zipwhip and how does it work?

Zipwhip helps businesses communicate with their customers using simple texts. The software allows users to message their existing business phone numbers, integrate with applications they use daily, and send and receive texts on their mobile or computer devices. It provides several features such as in-built personalization, Emojis, customized signatures, group messaging, and MMS to accomplish more work in less time. Users can also create reusable templates to quickly send standard messages repeatedly with simple text templates. It also has a scheduling feature to avoid last-minute scrambles by scheduling texts like billing reminders and appointments. Users can also create auto-replies to ensure their customers always get a response, even when they text them outside of business hours. It also helps in recruiting by connecting users with candidates discreetly. Users can send interview reminders and request for availability of documents. Zipwhip can also be used for marketing by creating events, sales, campaigns, improving engagement, and generating revenue through text marketing. Businesses can track, analyze, and optimize their performance using easy-to-read reports. show more

Zipwhip Alternatives
IMIconnect - Cloud Communication Platforms


Enterprise Cloud Communications Platform
(3 Ratings)

IMIconnect pricing: IMIconnect Offers Custom plan.

What is IMIconnect and how does it work?

IMIconnect is an Enterprise CPaaS platform that enables businesses to automate multi-channel customer journeys. Leverage drag-and-drop editor with powerful building blocks (nodes) to automate customer journeys within minutes. Flexibly extend functionality at each node using your own JavaScript code. Reach customers globally with reliable and fast international SMS and voice routes while they handle underlying routing complexities. Leverage pre-built integrations with CRM, marketing, and contact center systems to consume events, process data, or trigger actions. show more

IMIconnect Alternatives
Plivo - Cloud Communication Platforms


The best communication platform is here
(636 Ratings)

Plivo pricing: Plivo Offers Custom plan.

What is Plivo and how does it work?

Plivo is an industry-leading communication platform that aims at engaging customers from all across the world through its innovative cloud based technology. From APIs to solutions, Plivo's cloud communications platform helps companies streamline and customize their customer conversations according to their requirements. Plivo offers a platform for SMS APIs and allows the users to send and receive text messages using a programming language. You can converse in any language, including Arabic, Japanese, and Chinese, as well as emojis and symbols, thanks to built-in GSM and Unicode character set support by Plivo. You can get real-time delivery notifications for communications sent throughout the world and keep track of your accounts' delivery rates and performance. Users can additionally send and receive photos, movies, and audio snippets. It additionally works as a Voice API Platform and allows the users to speak dynamic text in 28 accents across several languages. With Amazon Polly, you can choose from a variety of SSML voices too. You can build comprehensive contact centre capabilities or integrate multi party calls and audio conferencing into your apps too with Plivo. show more

Plivo Alternatives
Stream Chat - Cloud Communication Platforms

Stream Chat

Build Real-Time Chats Quickly and Efficiently
(0 Ratings)

Stream Chat pricing: Starts at $499.0. Offers Custom plan.

What is Stream Chat and how does it work?

Stream Chat is a tool that provides chat API and SDKs for custom messaging applications, thus enabling the user to build real-time chat quickly. The user can swiftly ship in-app messaging with the tool’s highly reliable chat infrastructure. The users can increase engagement in their community or even replace email for their team with Stream Chat’s in-app messaging service. The chat SDK feature allows the users to build live-chat applications or even their Slack alternative. The tool provides dynamic slash commands, files attachments, direct and group chats, Giphy integration, multi-tenancy, threads to keep the discussion organized, and even previews to help users share information. Stream Chat allows the users to add a live chat solution to Livestream. The tool’s AI-based auto-moderation will monitor the conversation and keep it civil. There is no limit to the number of live chat participants. Reactions and threads will enable the user to keep the conversation organized. Using Stream Chat’s react components, SDKs, and UI kits, users can create a powerful web-chat experience or even a mobile application using just a few code lines. show more

Stream Chat Alternatives
SendBird - Cloud Communication Platforms


A Complete chat platform
(12 Ratings)

SendBird pricing: Starts at $399.0. Offers Custom plan.

What is SendBird and how does it work?

SendBird Calls APIs just works so your users get a great experience. Build modern messaging experiences with delivery receipts, offline messaging, presence, translation, moderation tools, and analytics. From healthcare to dating to customer service, building in-app voice and video have never been easier. Power live support right within your app’s messaging experience. Push notifications keep your customers informed and engaged. Connect buyers and sellers and drive more transactions. Integrate chat with your shopping cart, payment system, reviews platform, and more. show more

SendBird Alternatives
ClearoutPhone - Cloud Communication Platforms


Smartly validate Phone numbers
(15 Ratings)

ClearoutPhone pricing: Starts at $17.5.

What is ClearoutPhone and how does it work?

ClearoutPhone is a powerful tool that offers the service of phone number validation over 240+ countries. Divide and maintain the database based on geography, timezone, socioeconomic indicators, etc. This further ensures channelizing your time & energy towards the right users, in the right manner. A user provides a valid phone number when they genuinely wish to engage with your business. Multiple enriching data points to determine the validity at the initial stage avoids involvement with fake users. show more

ClearoutPhone Alternatives
Voximplant - Cloud Communication Platforms


An Intelligent Cloud Communication Platform With Easy Voice, Video, And Messaging Features
(26 Ratings)

Voximplant pricing: Starts at $100.0. Offers Free-forever and Custom plan.

What is Voximplant and how does it work?

Voximplant is a cloud-based platform designed for real-time communication that helps businesses and developers to work efficiently. Users can connect any numbers worldwide according to requirements and make calls between phones, mobile apps, and web apps. Peer-to-peer audio and video calls between web and mobile apps can also be done easily. Users can build smart automated outbound calling campaigns in no time including high definition programmable audio conferencing. Users can receive and manage any number of inbound calls using call queueing and intelligent routing. It enables users to build any type of IVR for business processes automation and make outbound calls from the web or mobile app. Users can transform voice calls into chat logs with timestamps easily. With the video chat feature, users can create high-quality video communication between web and mobile apps. The software allows programmable multi-party video conferencing in the cloud and to also record high-quality video into compatible video files without any difficulties. show more

Voximplant Alternatives
4PSA VoipNow - Cloud Communication Platforms

4PSA VoipNow

The Platform for Cloud Communications
(0 Ratings)

What is 4PSA VoipNow and how does it work?

VoipNow is designed to meet the demands of the most exigent and successful business - your customers. End users love the features and benefits VoipNow provides. Upgrade the way your business communicates with a unified communication system that is capable of voice, conferences, video calls, virtual assistant, and much more. VoipNow can act as a smart contact center. You can track the number of calls, call duration, how agents performed and much more. The result: more satisfied customers. With VoipNow's BYOD support and a simple app, you can turn any mobile device into business phones. Enjoy the freedom of open standards. show more

4PSA VoipNow Alternatives
SMS.to - Cloud Communication Platforms


Rich communications with SMS, Viber, Whatsapp
(12 Ratings)

SMS.to pricing: SMS.to Offers Custom plan.

What is SMS.to and how does it work?

SMS.to offers a powerful web platform and API, providing a smarter way for businesses to communicate with customers in multiple channels. They will help you stay compliant with different privacy laws and regulations like GDPR with built-in features. Shortlinks allow you to get detailed information for each campaign allowing you to perform A/B tests. 2 WAY SMS allows you to rent virtual mobile numbers that can be used as SENDER ID or to collect responses back from your customers. Rent virtual mobile numbers or toll-free numbers to use as your senderID's, receive SMS, run surveys, build conversational applications all through SMS.to. show more

SMS.to Alternatives
SendHub - Cloud Communication Platforms


A Simple SMS Marketing Tool
(7 Ratings)

SendHub pricing: Starts at $5.95. Offers Custom plan.

What is SendHub and how does it work?

SendHub software is an all-in-one tool to manage all your SMS in minutes. A Email style Inbox to manage and track all you SMS messages and calls. Group your contacts and target specific demographics with unique keyword for your customers. Track your company usage patterns visually, or export data through reports. Small, Medium and Large companies make use of the software. show more

SendHub Alternatives
Telnyx - Cloud Communication Platforms


Platform and API with Carrier-grade Voice, Data, and Messaging
(180 Ratings)

Telnyx pricing: Starts at $1.0. Offers Free-forever plan.

What is Telnyx and how does it work?

Telnyx provides a platform and API with carrier-grade voice, data and messaging capabilities. By using its developer-friendly APIs, it seeks to transform the client business communications. It offers three products, the first being Elastic SIP Trunking, which targets crystal clear calls with low latency, jitter, and packet loss. There's number search, automated porting, number tagging, and the platform built for efficient and fast communications. It offers security using end-to-end TLS and SRTP/ZRTP encryption and boasts very high availability. With Programmable SMS users can send and receive texts globally with the SMS API built for reliable, enterprise-grade messaging and gain actionable insights with detailed records in real-time. Call Control lets users build a custom calling experience. Telnyx Call Control lets you make, manage and route calls globally to any device — phone, app or browser. Its voice API provides the flexibility to build calling experiences into other applications. show more

Telnyx Alternatives
karix.io - Cloud Communication Platforms


Enhance customer-specific communication levels with personalised messages
(0 Ratings)

karix.io pricing: Starts at $0.01.

What is karix.io and how does it work?

Karix.io is a comprehensive and unified messaging API for WhatsApp Business, SMS, and Rich Communication Suite (RCS) enabling organisations to communicate with their customers situated across the globe. It delivers a vast range of powerful features that lets businesses send plain, rich or actionable messages to their customers in an efficient manner. Through WhatsApp, Karix.io helps businesses send accurate notifications, alerts, and reminders to their customers, besides helping them to provide information on-demand to increase overall engagement rates. Users can also streamline support over text by sending how-to guides and relevant answers to specific queries. Beyond this, the SMS facility offered by the platform lets users send messages in bulk to broadcast information, promote offers, conduct surveys and carry out awareness drives. Moreover, with sophisticated security features, businesses can share critical information regarding banking and financial transactions securely over SMS without the fear of data leaks. Karix.io uses RCS, enabling businesses to reach out to their customers through actionable messages, rich media, branded communication links and more. This helps businesses drive sales and improve footfall significantly. show more

karix.io Alternatives
LeapFILE - Cloud Communication Platforms


Simple and secure file delivery
(27 Ratings)

LeapFILE pricing: Starts at $10.0. Offers Custom plan.

What is LeapFILE and how does it work?

LeapFILE is the industry-leading provider of on-demand secure file transfer and collaboration solutions for businesses. The first layer of security protects data in custody from unauthorized access. This provides the foundation for controlling access to information by blocking all access points. Accelerate your team's workflow with file repositories. Easily manage and organize files into separate repositories. Easily add users, send, and save files directly to your repositories. show more

LeapFILE Alternatives
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