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Updated on: October 6, 2022
AeroScout Asset Tracking Solutions | RFID | Locate Assets & Personnel

AeroScout Alternatives and Competitors

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Top 5 AeroScout Alternatives

BlackBerry Radar

Asset Tracking - BlackBerry Radar
(1 Ratings)

BlackBerry Radar is a secure asset tracking system for tracking trailers, chassis and flatbeds, intermodal containers, and equipment.

Sage Fixed Assets

Track and manage your fixed assets through every step of the asset lifecycle | Sage US
(26 Ratings)

Sage Fixed Assets is designed to help you account for everything & manage many projects. Enjoy simplified fixed-asset tracking with over 300,000 U.S. & Canadian regulations

Zebra MotionWorks Material

RFID Inventory Tracking & Material Replenishment System | Zebra MotionWorks
(1 Ratings)

Zebra's barcode, RFID and RTLS technologies and visibility software give you the power to orchestrate the delivery of materials to line side.

GE Encompass

GE Healthcare Systems | GE Healthcare (United States)
(2 Ratings)

GE Healthcare Systems is a provider of technologies, digital infrastructure, data analytics and decision support tools used in the diagnosis, treatment and monitoring of patients.

Wasp AssetCloud

Easy-to-Use Asset Tracking Software
(4 Ratings)

Wasp is the only asset tracking solution provider that offers all the necessary software, hardware, and asset tags you need to implement an asset management system. This makes AssetCloud not only the most feature-rich asset tracking software in the industry, but also makes it the most complete solution available from one provider. Automate your organization's fixed asset tracking for improved check-in/check-out processes, faster auditing, and error-free reporting.

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Products Similar to AeroScout

Skyhook Precision Location

Location Solutions for Any Device
(0 Ratings)

Increase the functionality of any device with Skyhook Precision Location software. Find the right solution for your specific needs with our in-depth offerings including Wi-Fi positioning, cellular positioning, and hybrid positioning that works anywhere in the world, including indoors. Locate your connected devices and mobile phones across numerous IoT use cases. Skyhook software integrates easily with any device, platform, operating system, or application either on-premise or through the cloud, to provide pinpoint accuracy while optimizing battery life and reducing hardware installation costs. show more

What is Skyhook Precision Location ? Skyhook Precision Location Pricing

ManagerPlus by iOFFICE

Take Control of Your Maintenance Operations
(4 Ratings)

ManagerPlus is mobile-friendly so your team has access to all your asset information from any Internet-connected device. Quickly access work orders and inspections on a tablet or mobile device without worrying about a data connetion. No matter your company size or industry, keep everyone on the same page with our mobile-friendly, cloud-based solution. Designed to scale with your company, use ManagerPlus to improve productivity and efficiency by organizing your records, work requests, scheduled maintenance, parts and inventory, and more. Improve your bottom line by managing your time and business more effectively. show more

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Topnotch cloud-based inventory control software
(0 Ratings)

EZOfficeInventory inventory tracking software helps you maintain inventory levels electronically and automate all inventory management processes.The software provides you with real-time data & analytics to help you efficiently monitor your supplies round the clock.You can beneficially employ sophisticated tools like Barcodes, RFID or QR Codes to track your inventory. The software notifies you when low stock alerts. EZOfficeInventory helps in doing audits, effortlessly procurement process, get detailed actionable stock insights etc.You can also track your inventory across different warehouses and conduct asset tracking for ensuring their time maintenance. show more

What is EZOfficeInventory ? EZOfficeInventory Pricing

Geoforce Track and Trace

Track and Trace for powered equipment
(0 Ratings)

From the beginning, this company has designed and built both our web-based and mobile device software with field operations in mind. Thus, we deliver multiple industry-best Track and Trace solutions for all of your field equipment tracking needs. Only Geoforce allows user to manage all assets – owned, rented or third party, equipment or vehicles – in a single system. For oilfield operators, our oilfield specific GIS data, with over 30,000 lease blocks and 4,000,000 well sites, gives you the context to optimize field operations. show more

What is Geoforce Track and Trace ? Geoforce Track and Trace Pricing


Asset Management Software to Manage Tools and Equipment
(0 Ratings)

Itemit helps you to keep track of the critical assets of your business right from your phone. You can access it from any time, anywhere and even when you are offline. It enables you to keep track of your assets between sites as well. There is no need to check in/out your assets. You can see where your asset was last and who had them – so that there is no way that you can lose an asset. It audits trails for your assets. Itemit maintains a unique record for each asset that includes all the data points like where it’s been, who had it and when, as well as maintenance and service details. There is also a provision for QR and RFID asset tag options. It can scan an asset’s tag to view its record. The asset’s location will then be automatically updated along with which member of your team actually scanned it and at what time as well. Itemit can be used for plant and machinery, equipment hire, office & IT equipment, health and safety, and other related fields. show more

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Rentman Asset Management

Asset Management Software | Rentman
(11 Ratings)

With Rentman you can manage asset data and workflows in a way that works for you. Rentman's cloud and mobile solution use labels (QR and Barcodes) to tag your assets.

GoCodes Asset Management

We make tool and equipment tracking easy
(23 Ratings)

We provide everything you need to quickly and easily track chain-of-custody for your tools and equipment. Our solution includes cloud-software, fast mobile scanner apps and rugged barcode labels. This rugged tracking solution allows you to use your smartphone to check tools in and out while on the go. Easy to use inventory tracking reports help you detect and manage theft and loss while increasing efficiency. GoCodes helps you run your business effectively for your success.

What is GoCodes Asset Management ? GoCodes Asset Management Pricing

Analytical Space

In The Business of Quickly Moving Data
(5,871 Ratings)

Analytical Space is building the in-orbit communication infrastructure that will enable real time knowledge of what is happening on the surface of our planet. The Analytical Space network enables satellite connectivity with the ground, all of the time. Increased connectivity means more data in the form of additional coverage or higher resolution imagery. A constant connection to the ground means imagery can flow in real time, enabling new time-sensitive applications.

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Bluetooth Tracking That's Different
(0 Ratings)

Other BLE based tracking systems rely on tags that blindly beacon. AirFinder tags use location beacons which are placed in your facility for just-right precision. Tags discretely communicate their location when needed. Less infrastructure means big savings in dollars and complexity. Unlike other solutions that can only present high or low precision, AirFinder Location Beacons can be placed with either high or low density or a mix of the two depending on the level of precision needed.

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Dock 365 Asset Management...

Asset management software - Asset Management System | Dock365
(6 Ratings)

Make asset tracking effortless in your organization with Dock 365 Asset management software. Along with a user-friendly dashboard, it is made feature-rich.


Intelligent Fixed Asset Management Solution
(0 Ratings)

Assure by Mynd is an asset tracking and reconciliation tool that comes with latest technological features which reduces the humungous human effort to track and reconcile the assets. ASSURE is a comprehensive, configurable and scalable solution which meets all your asset centric requirements. As a business evolves & requirement of business changes, it’s nearly impossible to avoid growing pains of asset and inventory tracking. Tracking of Fixed Asset and inventory remains a key concern for various businesses. Learning from experience & complexities of business across industries Mynd’s expert team has developed a comprehensive solution (ASSURE) to cater to the ever changing requirement across industries. show more

What is Assure ? Assure Pricing

Asset Tracker

Assets | Enterprise Asset Management Software
(2 Ratings)

Assets is a one-point solution designed to support enterprises in managing organizational assets and to optimize operational costs.

QuicSolv Asset Tracking...

Iot based solution for tracking
(0 Ratings)

An Asset Tracking software which can be used in multiple use cases especially in organizations where tracking their assets has a direct impact on the bottom line. Get rid of the legacy methods of asset tracking and embrace new ways of doing it. Provide Assets with an identity and track it through the asset lifecycle within the organization. What is most exciting about it is that do so remotely and from anywhere in the world.

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Asset Tracking Software from your smartphone | MapYourTag
(1 Ratings)

?? Start tracking your assets in no time with your smartphone and QR code, NFC or custom tags. Asset tracking.

AssetTrack for ServiceNow

AssetTrack | Hardware Asset Management | Barcode and RFID
(8 Ratings)

AssetTrack manages risk, compliance and cost savings through the entire IT lifecycle with our powerful,easy-to-use ITAM scanning solution for ServiceNow.