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Updated on: January 29, 2022
Amazon Neptune
Amazon Neptune Amazon Neptune - Fast, Reliable Graph Database built for the cloud

Amazon Neptune Alternatives and Competitors

(20 Alternatives found)

A comprehensive list of competitors and best alternatives to Amazon Neptune.

Google Cloud BigTable

Cloud Bigtable: NoSQL database service  |  Google Cloud
(26 Ratings)

Cloud Bigtable is a high performance NoSQL database service for large analytical and operational workloads.

IBM Compose for MongoDB

IBM Cloud Databases for MongoDB - Overview
(1 Ratings)

Learn more about IBM Cloud Databases for MongoDB, a powerful document data store designed for developer ease of use and flexibility.

StorageCraft Cloud Services

Cloud Backup and Disaster Recovery Solutions | Backup and Recovery Cloud Services | StorageCraft
(3 Ratings)

StorageCraft cloud-based disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS) offers everything from file and folder recovery and machine virtualization to instant failover of an entire site and network.

Managed Apache Cassandra

Apache Cassandra Database | Open Source Technology | Instaclustr
(1 Ratings)

Instaclustr's Managed Service for Apache Cassandra is the most reliable way to run Cassandra for your application. The service can be provided on most of the major cloud providers.

ObjectRocket for MongoDB

Managed MongoDB | ObjectRocket
(1 Ratings)

Our fully-managed MongoDB hosting with proactive database administration is built with intelligent automation. Quickly build and scale apps with sharding, performance, monitoring, and high availability backed by DBAs and database production experts. Available for apps hosted on AWS, Azure, and Rackspace.

Aiven Cloud Data Platform

Managed PostgreSQL as a Service | Aiven
(25 Ratings)

Aiven provides managed cloud service hosting for your software infrastructure services. All Aiven services are billed by the hour based on actual usage with no hidden fees.


Online Database Software for Business | Web Based Database | TeamDesk
(6 Ratings)

TeamDesk is a quick and efficient database creation tool. It allows you to build unique databases from scratch and customize each database to fit your specific business needs.


Kohezion - Online Database Software
(1 Ratings)

Online database software, simple and easy to use. Create your own app and use it online. No programming required.


A free multi-cloud managed database platform

Squids.io is a fully managed database hosting service for MySQL, SQL Server and Redis on public and private clouds. Data business is based on the integration of cloud resources, K8S architecture and database operators.With Squids.io you are free to choose your preferred cloud provider, switch service and share data seamlessly between multi cloud.

What is Squids ? Squids Pricing