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Database as a Service (DBaaS) Provider

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Amazon Neptune

Run Applications with Graph Databases
(13 Ratings)

Amazon Neptune is a fully-managed graph database service to build and run applications. The software offers tools to run identity, knowledge, fraud graph, and execute more than 100,000 queries per second. Deploy high performance graph applications using popular open-source APIs such as Gremlin, openCypher and SPARQL, and easily migrate existing applications.

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Amazon DocumentDB

Managed Document Database Service
(39 Ratings)

Amazon DocumentDB (with MongoDB compatibility) is a scalable and fully managed document database service. The software offers Geospatial query capabilities, Amazon DocumentDB supports storing, querying and indexing Geospatial data. Encrypt databases using keys to create and control through AWS Key Management Service (KMS) with regulatory and compliance obligations.

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Amazon Athena

Serverless Interactive Query Service
(165 Ratings)

Amazon Athena is an interactive query service to query data and analyze big data in Amazon S3 using standard SQL. The software offers tools to integrate with AWS Glue Data Catalog and create a unified metadata repository across various services. Manage data in Amazon S3, define the schema, and start querying using standard SQL to generate results within seconds.

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Azure Cosmos DB

Serverless Database to Meet Application Needs
(73 Ratings)

Azure Cosmos DB is a fully managed, serverless NoSQL database for high-performance applications of any size or scale. Gain insight over real-time data with no-ETL analytics using Azure Synapse Link for Azure Cosmos. Integrate with compatible Azure Managed Instance for Apache Cassandra for transparent migration, replication, and synchronization.

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Amazon Relational Database...

A Relational Database Software
(579 Ratings)

Amazon Relational Database Service (Amazon RDS) is a managed service used to operate, and scale databases in the cloud. The software offers pre-configured parameters and settings appropriate for the engine. Connect application by analyzing configuration and usage metrics from database instances. The automated backup feature of Amazon RDS enables point-in-time recovery for database instance. Measure performance with metrics to automate workflows.

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AWS | Amazon SimpleDB – Simple Database Service
(30 Ratings)

Amazon SimpleDB is a simple database storage solution that allows developers to simply store & query data items via web services requests, saving time.

SimpleDB Alternatives

Oracle Database Cloud Service

Migration to the Cloud Made Simple
(27 Ratings)

Discover the next gen IaaS and PaaS cloud built and optimized specifically to help enterprises run their most demanding workloads securely.

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IBM Compose for Elasticsearch

Compose for Elasticsearch - IBM Cloud
(2 Ratings)

*Before deploying, consider using our new offering, Databases for Elasticsearch.* Elasticsearch combines the power of a full text search engine with the indexing strengths of a JSON document database to create a powerful tool for rich data analysis on large volumes of data. Pricing is based on underlying disk usage. CPU & I/O resources scale with the underlying disk usage. IBM Compose for Elasticsearch makes Elasticsearch even better by managing it for you. Features include auto-scaling deployments, high availability, and automated no-stop backups. show more

IBM Compose for Elasticsearch Alternatives

IBM Compose for ScyllaDB

IBM Cloud Databases for DataStax - Overview
(1 Ratings)

An enterprise-grade Apache Cassandra cloud solution with high performance, workload flexibility, and proven reliability.

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IBM Compose for MySQL

Databases for PostgreSQL - Overview
(13 Ratings)

Discover PostgreSQL as a service, built enterprise-ready with native integration into the IBM Cloud.

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IBM Compose for JanusGraph

Cloud Databases on IBM Cloud
(1 Ratings)

Explore the range of cloud databases offered by IBM to support a variety of use cases: from mission-critical workloads, to mobile and web apps, to analytics.

IBM Compose for JanusGraph Alternatives

Google Cloud BigTable

Cloud Bigtable: NoSQL database service  |  Google Cloud
(27 Ratings)

Cloud Bigtable is a high performance NoSQL database service for large analytical and operational workloads.

Google Cloud BigTable Alternatives

IBM Compose for MongoDB

IBM Cloud Databases for MongoDB - Overview
(13 Ratings)

Learn more about IBM Cloud Databases for MongoDB, a powerful document data store designed for developer ease of use and flexibility.

IBM Compose for MongoDB Alternatives

Couchbase Server

The Latest Database for Enterprise Applications
(102 Ratings)

Couchbase Server is latest cloud-native, distributed database that combines the power of relational databases such as SQL and ACID transactions with JSON flexibility and scale that defines NoSQL. It is best for Enterprises with interactive web and/or mobile applications.

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DataStax Astra

Manage database like a pro with DataStax Astra
(0 Ratings)

DataStax Astra is a multi-cloud database management platform that simplifies Cassandra application development. It lowers your cost by allowing you to go serverless and use Cassandra clusters only when required. It provides you global scale by enabling you to place your data wherever you desire without compromising accessibility, availability, and performance. DataStax Astra provides around 4.5 million writes, 30 million reads, and 40 GB of monthly space for free. It further enables you to maintain personal communication among the Astra DB and other cloud based apps and ensures complete enterprise security. With DataStax Astra, you don’t have to bear the overhead charges to install, manage, and scale Cassandra. You can deploy Azure, AWS, or GCP and maintain total compatibility with Cassandra open source apart from working natively with REST, GraphQL APIs, and JSON. Users can manage their complete database and OS upgrades and updates and eliminate the need for anti-entropy repair procedures using DataStax Astra. The software is free to start and offers 40 GB of free monthly space, after which it is chargeable with many pricing options. show more

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StorageCraft Cloud Services

Cloud Backup and Disaster Recovery Solutions | Backup and Recovery Cloud Services | StorageCraft
(4 Ratings)

StorageCraft cloud-based disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS) offers everything from file and folder recovery and machine virtualization to instant failover of an entire site and network.

StorageCraft Cloud Services Alternatives

Managed Apache Cassandra

Apache Cassandra Database | Open Source Technology | Instaclustr
(1 Ratings)

Instaclustr's Managed Service for Apache Cassandra is the most reliable way to run Cassandra for your application. The service can be provided on most of the major cloud providers.

Managed Apache Cassandra Alternatives

ObjectRocket for MongoDB

Managed MongoDB | ObjectRocket
(1 Ratings)

Our fully-managed MongoDB hosting with proactive database administration is built with intelligent automation. Quickly build and scale apps with sharding, performance, monitoring, and high availability backed by DBAs and database production experts. Available for apps hosted on AWS, Azure, and Rackspace.

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Aiven for PostgreSQL

Managed PostgreSQL as a Service
(25 Ratings)

Aiven provides managed cloud service hosting for your software infrastructure services. All Aiven services are billed by the hour based on actual usage with no hidden fees.

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List of Database as a Service (DBaaS) Provider

Amazon Neptune 4
Amazon DocumentDB 4.3
Amazon Athena 4.4
Azure Cosmos DB 4.3
Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS) 4.5
SimpleDB 4.3
Oracle Database Cloud Service 4.2
IBM Compose for Elasticsearch 4.5
IBM Compose for ScyllaDB 5
IBM Compose for MySQL 3.9

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