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Backblaze Backup service with military grade encryption

Backblaze Alternatives and Competitors

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Top 5 Backblaze Alternatives

NinjaOne (NinjaRMM)

A Powerful and Easy RMM Software
(568 Ratings)

NinjaOne (NinjaRMM) pricing: NinjaOne (NinjaRMM) Offers Custom plan.

What is NinjaOne (NinjaRMM) and how does it work?

NinjaOne (formerly NinjaRMM) is the renowned unified IT management solution that simplifies how IT teams work. NinjaOne helps IT teams manage all their endpoints and support end-users within one fast, modern, intuitive platform, improving technician efficiency and user satisfaction. NinjaOne supports over 10,000 customers worldwide and is consistently ranked #1 for our world-class customer support. The NinjaOne platform offers a single-pane-of-glass experience by combining IT teams that can proactively do endpoint monitoring, remote control, patch management, remote monitoring, software management, IT asset management, backup, IT service desk capabilities, and IT documentation. NinjaOne is an all-in-one unified solution with a fast, modern, intuitive interface. show more

NinjaOne (NinjaRMM) Alternatives
Google Drive - Cloud Content Collaboration Software

Google Drive

Store all your files in a drive with expandable storage
(14,501 Ratings)

Google Drive pricing: Starts at $8.00.

What is Google Drive and how does it work?

Google Drive is an online file storage portal that enables users to store, access and share files on the go. It provides a centralised administration and data loss prevention facility, protecting files from every possible data breach. Google Drive utilises its powerful AI to detect that which is important and has been frequently visited. It identifies important content and collaborators using Quick Access and ML-based servers to automatically connect users with files that are important to them. Drives can further be shared to allow real-time collaborations in a conveniently managed space. Files added to shared drives become automatically accessible to people whose email IDs have been registered in the shared list. Google Drive further ensures that none of the actual computer disk space is affected and real-time synchronisation simply makes it convenient for users to access these files from any platform as comfortable. Additionally, it comes with a set of integrated applications each designated for a specific purpose. Some of these are DocuSign for electronic signatures, CloudLock for enhanced security layers and Lucid Charts for mockups to accomplish tasks directly from the drive itself. show more

Backblaze vs Google Drive | Google Drive Alternatives
IDrive Online - Backup Software
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IDrive Online

The best cloud storage and backup software
(44 Ratings)

IDrive Online pricing: Starts at $52.12. Offers Free-forever plan.

What is IDrive Online and how does it work?

IDrive is a storage and backup software, exclusively designed to protect the user's data through periodic online backups. This software is pro in storing user’s data in a way that is accessible for the user when they need it and store it safely off-site as well. IDrive is a versatile solution that provides backup for multiple devices that make mobile devices work through one feasible account. Moreover, IDrive solution cloud storage is ideal for storing all types of files, including important documents, finance sheets, media files, and much more, just like your PC. By opting for Idrive mobile application for Android or iOS, users can work on their files anytime, anywhere. It specializes in offering universal online backup products that help small businesses, consumers, and enterprises that are extremely privacy-focused and are looking for software that offers optimal plans for multiple devices that goes great for the growing digital age. Comparatively, with the other cloud services storage, they charge for each device where Idrive secures multiple devices at a single affordable price at a premium and subscription-based pricing strategy. show more

Backblaze vs IDrive Online | IDrive Online Alternatives
Wasabi - Backup Software
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A fulfilling object storage service for your everchanging business needs
(20 Ratings)

Wasabi pricing: Starts at $5.99. Offers Custom plan.

What is Wasabi and how does it work?

Wasabi is a reliable object storage service that provides adequate protection from time to time. The service comes with a reserved capacity storage facility, where companies can buy reserve blocks of object storage for a particular period. Moreover, to connect unstructured data and file storage environment to Wasabi's object storage, users can seek help from the Cloud NAS facility loaded within. The service makes it easy for companies to automate the entire management criteria related to multiple accounts with the help of an easy-to-use interface. Also, businesses can keep their datasets completely secured by transferring up to 100TB of data to Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage. They can even connect the data centre or cloud computing to Wasabi storage via high-speed private connectivity. The software comes loaded with a plethora of data security features. It includes object-level immutability, prevention from ransomware, data centre redundancy, private network options and more. show more

Backblaze vs Wasabi | Wasabi Alternatives
Dropbox Business - Cloud Content Collaboration Software

Dropbox Business

Multi-dimensional working software.
(7,734 Ratings)

Dropbox Business pricing: Starts at $12.5. Offers Custom plan.

What is Dropbox Business and how does it work?

Dropbox Business is a business management software developed for businesses that deal with data storing and sharing operations. Dropbox Business offers powerful collaboration, sharing, and storage tools. It helps you share, sync and collaborate on files securely with Dropbox Business, a file sharing and cloud storage solution that employees prefer the most. With Dropbox Business, users get powerful features such as smart sync, which gives users access to every file and folder in your Dropbox right from your desktop. It has various extra-ordinary features which enable the users to have more files in the cloud fit on your hard drive – and team folder. Dropbox Business gets users team ideas flowing in a safe and secure location. As a team member, users can store, share, and collaborate on files in a work account that is managed by the user's company. Dropbox Business have features like customizable data storage plans, link permissions, team folder manager, file and version recovery, smart synchronization, Dropbox paper, admin console, Dropbox transfer, remote wipe, branded sharing, live support, and 3rd party app integration. Dropbox business is medium priced range software which gives users many different advantages. show more

Backblaze vs Dropbox Business | Dropbox Business Alternatives

Products Similar to Backblaze

Carbonite - Backup Software
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A flexible and user-friendly backup application
(189 Ratings)

Carbonite pricing: Starts at $4.91.

What is Carbonite and how does it work?

Carbonite is a backup application software that provides flexible data protection. It creates backups without affecting the performance of the system. This software gives a feature of unlimited cloud storage along with remote sharing facility that gives access to files from anywhere. Moreover, this software delivers unlimited protection and has a user-friendly interface that allows easy installation. This software has easy recovery options, using which lost data can be restored in minimum time. The free version of this software is available that allows the user to test services before finalizing the purchase. show more

Backblaze vs Carbonite | Carbonite Alternatives
Apple iCloud - Cloud Content Collaboration Software

Apple iCloud

The best place for all your photos, files, and more
(1,052 Ratings)

Apple iCloud pricing: Starts at $0.99. Offers Free-forever plan.

What is Apple iCloud and how does it work?

iCloud is built into every Apple device. With iCloud Photos, you can browse, search, and share all the photos and videos from any of your devices, whether they were taken yesterday or years ago. To save space on your devices, the original, full‑resolution photos you take are automatically uploaded to iCloud. You’ll still always have a lightweight version of every photo on your device, and you can download the originals whenever you need them. Shared Albums lets you create albums for trips, events, or whatever you want. Simply choose the friends and family members who can see, comment, and add their own photos and videos. show more

Backblaze vs Apple iCloud | Apple iCloud Alternatives
Microsoft OneDrive for Business - Cloud Content Collaboration Software

Microsoft OneDrive for Business

Indulge in a simpler file-sharing process with Microsoft OneDrive for Business
(9,641 Ratings)

Microsoft OneDrive for Business pricing: Starts at $1.99. Offers Free-forever plan.

What is Microsoft OneDrive for Business and how does it work?

Microsoft OneDrive for Business is a cloud storage and file-sharing software, which makes it easy to access, share and collaborate on all the files from anywhere. With this users can easily add shared files from Teams or SharePoint, besides uploading files up to 100GB, syncing libraries and more. Microsoft OneDrive for Business also enhances collaboration in Teams. By using this software, members can work together effectively. Microsoft OneDrive for Business features new integrations that allow teams to create shareable links, grant expiring access and follow configured policies. Furthermore, this software enhances admin capabilities with sync reports. It also uses visibility to apply sensitivity labels and manage migration as per need. With this software, business organisations can easily store and discover individual and shared work files in Microsoft 365 including Microsoft Teams. The system also allows users to edit offline that will be automatically synced next time he/she connects. Moreover, with this software individuals can capture whiteboards and easily scan work receipts, business cards and other documents for safekeeping. show more

Backblaze vs Microsoft OneDrive for Business | Microsoft OneDrive for Business Alternatives
Rubrik - Backup Software
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Never lose your business data again
(206 Ratings)

Rubrik pricing: Rubrik Offers Custom plan.

What is Rubrik and how does it work?

Rubrik offers hybrid cloud businesses the availability of instant applications for recovery, search, and development. A cloud-based data management solution that enables users to manage and automate backup, replication, archiving, and data retrieval on a single platform. Rubrik can be used to manage the backup and recovery of the application in the cloud, with a set of REST APIs to organize backup, replication, archiving, disaster recovery, and so on. Protection policies can be created in the integrated policy engine and assigned to commercial SLAs for automatic execution. The platform allows users to obtain actionable information in their multi-cloud environment. You can create and share visual reports on specific virtual machines or physical hosts. In addition, they can monitor remote sites with up-to-date and regular reports that they can create and schedule, to ensure they have the necessary data during disaster recovery. This is the marks the end of the drought in innovation in support and recovery. In minutes, businesses can manage the data explosion in private and public clouds. show more

Backblaze vs Rubrik | Rubrik Alternatives
Ada - Backup Software
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Best to withstand virus attacks and security issues
(872 Ratings)

Ada pricing: Starts at $59.00.

What is Ada and how does it work?

Acronis Backup and Recovery is a flexible application that provides multiple methods for storing and recovering data. This software is used to make data backups from files, folders and drives. By using this software, individual files, as well as the whole drive, can be backed up at any location. It is capable of performing all three kinds of backups, namely incremental, differential and full backup. It provides a storage space called Acronis Cloud storage where backed up files can be stored. In addition to this, multiple features such as encrypted storage, bare-metal recovery are also available. It is very well designed to overcome virus attacks and network security breaches. show more

Backblaze vs Ada | Ada Alternatives
GoodSync - Backup Software
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Backup and synchronization of important files made easy
(52 Ratings)

GoodSync pricing: Starts at $39.95.

What is GoodSync and how does it work?

GoodSync is an efficient file backup and synchronization software ensuring enhanced access and restoration facility. It reduces the backup time, storage usage and network consumption levels by propagating the changes within data blocks. The software runs in the background performing tasks like scheduled, automated and real-time backups. All the versions of an individual data file gets saved within the software’s database, ensuring maximum protection and control to its users. GoodSync uses AES-256 bit encryption offering enhanced data security. It is capable of detecting, renamed files or folders and can execute them as move commands in an automated manner. Bandwidth Throttling feature within GoodSync, monitors the maximum allowed bandwidth speed eliminating unwanted disruptions. An automated conflict resolution module within the platform, gets issues related to data versions resolved in real-time. The software gets connections with remote folders re-established in an automated manner, incase of potential disruptions during data sync or analysis. show more

Backblaze vs GoodSync | GoodSync Alternatives
OpenDrive - Backup Software
91%The SW Score ranks the products within a particular category on a variety of parameters, to provide a definite ranking system. Read More


All-in-One Cloud Storage
(904 Ratings)

OpenDrive pricing: Starts at $5.00. Offers Free-forever plan.

What is OpenDrive and how does it work?

OpenDrive now helps you to not only store data, but also sync, share and collaborate all within one interface and from one login. With OpenDrive you can share or collaborate on files through links or shortcuts. Open documents or play audio and video files from OpenDrive. OpenDrive creates a virtual private network between computers and enables to sync or backup of files across computers connected to any account. Get a complete audit trail of files and user activity. With activity logs, you can sort usage reports by login, downloads, upload frequency, and more. show more

Backblaze vs OpenDrive | OpenDrive Alternatives
Veeam Backup & Replication - Backup Software
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Veeam Backup & Replication

A Single plаtfоrm for all your modern data prоteсtiоn
(510 Ratings)

Veeam Backup & Replication pricing: Veeam Backup & Replication Offers Custom plan.

What is Veeam Backup & Replication and how does it work?

Veeаm is a leading online bасkuр solutions platform that delivers Modern Data Рrоteсtiоn to its users. It provides the most advanced data рrоteсtiоn асrоss in all environments– сlоud, virtual, SааS, Kubernetes and рhysiсаl. It adds to the needs of the соmраny and allows you to save on operating costs. It allows you to customize bасkuр and restore орerаtiоns, рreраre, test and automate your disaster reсоvery strategy, and to upload and dоwnlоаd bасkuрs from the сlоud. Veeam is a single platform for рrоteсting and managing resources in multi-сlоud environments, including АWS, Azure and Gооgle Сlоud. It delivers сlоud mobility to bасk uр, reсоver and migrates multiple environment wоrklоаds, ensuring up to fifty times lower costs when natively рrоteсting cloud workloads. Соmраny’s new suрроrt for Google Cloud Storage scale-out Bасkuр Repository Сарасity Tier, providing greater сhоiсe of hot cloud storage targets. Veeаm has 400,000+ сustоmers worldwide, including 82% of the Fortune 500 and 69% of the Global 2,000. Veeаm’s 100% сhаnnel eсоsystem includes global раrtners, as well as HРE, NetАрр, Сisсо, and Lenovo as exclusive resellers. show more

Backblaze vs Veeam Backup & Replication | Veeam Backup & Replication Alternatives
Asigra Cloud Backup - Backup Software
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Asigra Cloud Backup

Access complete data backup and recovery solution
(115 Ratings)

Asigra Cloud Backup pricing: Asigra Cloud Backup Offers Custom plan.

What is Asigra Cloud Backup and how does it work?

Asigra Cloud Backup is a fully secure and compliant cloud backup solution. It offers enterprise-grade data protection facilities, enabling organizations to protect the saved information within data centers of their own. Users also get access to Cloud Saas Protection facilities, to back up their businesses on the cloud and remain updated on the security metrics of in-house apps, services, platforms and data. When hit by disasters, enterprises can use the Business Continuity (BCDR) module featured by the software to create a comprehensive plan for cost-effective flexibility and quick RTOs. It also helps them eliminate the margin of error during the disaster period. Moreover, Asigra Cloud Backup assures accurate protection against ransomware, by eliminating chances of silently targeting the backed-up data, which is also the last line of defence. Further, organizations even get to meet regulatory compliances and commitments with Asigra Cloud Backup. Instant recovery, multitenancy, file-level restore, and content management are additional benefits provided by the software. show more

Backblaze vs Asigra Cloud Backup | Asigra Cloud Backup Alternatives
NetApp - Backup Software
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A backup application that supports customization
(49 Ratings)

NetApp pricing: NetApp Offers Custom plan.

What is NetApp and how does it work?

NetApp provides cloud-based data protection services and ensures file security all the time. It has a feature of email notification for notifying every time a backup cycle has been completed. In addition to this, data protection is the prime function provided by NetApp where all data are backed up in a cloud storage. Data backup speed is quite high, which reduces the time being taken to complete a cycle. During system malfunctioning, data backups are restored without data loss. Along with this, customization is also possible which allows the user to customize based on their requirements. This software is compatible with mobile devices and supports Windows, Linux and Mac platforms. show more

Backblaze vs NetApp | NetApp Alternatives
Dr.Fone - Backup Software
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A complete mobile solution in a single place
(2,306 Ratings)

Dr.Fone pricing: Starts at $9.95.

What is Dr.Fone and how does it work?

Dr.Fone is a complete mobile solution for iOS and Android users, providing them with a variety of useful tools and functionalities enabling 100% operations. The solution includes various tools that can be used for phone data recovery, screen unlock, data transfer, system repair and many other functions. Its MirrorGo feature lets users mirror Android screens to large screens, control their phone from a computer and transfer files facilitating better work and intelligent life. MirrorGo available for iOS even allows users to record their phone screen through their computer. Users can also transfer and manage their multiple cloud files in one place with Dr.Fone. It also includes offline transfer and sync, scheduled sync and file filter functionality to manage the cloud storage easily. Users can even change their mobile’s GPS location with a single click using this software in a seamless way. show more

Backblaze vs Dr.Fone | Dr.Fone Alternatives
Resilio Connect - Backup Software
90%The SW Score ranks the products within a particular category on a variety of parameters, to provide a definite ranking system. Read More

Resilio Connect

Automated Data Synchronization Solution For Enterprises
(2 Ratings)

Resilio Connect pricing: Resilio Connect Offers Custom plan.

What is Resilio Connect and how does it work?

Resilio Connect is an automated data synchronization solution for enterprises. It allows companies to instantly connect multiple locations, servers, and remote workers with speed, scale, and reliability. The platform is built on Bit Torrent p2p file sharing protocol, and can be used by DevOps and ITOps teams to easily transfer files between multiple servers, files, and TBs of data. These teams can also collect and consolidate data from multiple vehicles or remote locations using the data consolidation system. Some other important features include workflow management, bandwidth scheduler, role-based permissions, etc. Retail enterprises can automate store updates; tech enterprises can accelerate CI/CD cycles; healthcare companies can sync medical imaging. The platform also has applications in other industries namely IT/Ops, tech/ops/media, and file synchronization logistics. The scripting and integration hooks can integrate with existing workflows such as Git, Jenkins, etc. The WAN file transfer protocol is optimized to control latency, loss, and dropped connections. Connect’s Central Management Console provides a comprehensive view of the file synchronization and transfer jobs. show more

Backblaze vs Resilio Connect | Resilio Connect Alternatives
Datto Backupify - Backup Software
90%The SW Score ranks the products within a particular category on a variety of parameters, to provide a definite ranking system. Read More

Datto Backupify

Experience safe and automated data backup facility on the go
(145 Ratings)

Datto Backupify pricing: Datto Backupify Offers Custom plan.

What is Datto Backupify and how does it work?

Datto Backupify is an automated Office 365 and G Suite backup service for businesses, helping them to reduce risk and save money on the go. At present, more than 40k companies use the same to get their tasks streamlined. Businesses can depend on the software to get essential files that are damaged due to ransomware attacks, end-user or admin errors recovered quickly just with a few clicks. Moreover, they can also get critical information restored back to their granular version (to the individual email or file level). Datto Backupify’s private cloud is purpose build, compliant with SOC 2 Type II guidelines, besides offering the ability to sign BAAs. The best part about the software is that it comes loaded with an automated user interface, where client-specific overage costs and storage are taken care of in a hassle-free manner. Also, 10+ years of consistent performance and backup innovation facilitates seamless data availability and monitoring on the go. show more

Backblaze vs Datto Backupify | Datto Backupify Alternatives
Microsoft System Center - Backup Software
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Microsoft System Center

An efficient client to cloud backup management tool
(628 Ratings)

Microsoft System Center pricing: Starts at $1323.0.

What is Microsoft System Center and how does it work?

Microsoft System Center is a cloud-based application that provides continuous data protection. This application is developed with Data Protection Manager, due to which data backups can be maintained and lost files can be restored. It is a client to cloud management tool where public and private servers can be integrated into the cloud platform. This software provides some additional features such as System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) and System Center Operation Manager (SCOM). In addition to this, it provides endpoint protection feature and is compatible with all platforms such as Windows and Linux. Microsoft System Center is also compatible with mobile devices. show more

Backblaze vs Microsoft System Center | Microsoft System Center Alternatives
AOMEI Backupper - Backup Software
89%The SW Score ranks the products within a particular category on a variety of parameters, to provide a definite ranking system. Read More

AOMEI Backupper

The Easiest Backup Service Provider
(139 Ratings)

AOMEI Backupper pricing: Starts at $49.95. Offers Free-forever plan.

What is AOMEI Backupper and how does it work?

AOMEI Backupper is a professional, novice-friendly, easy-to-use Windows backup software with a simple interface. Users can back up their systems, disks, files, and more by customizing the time, frequency, and automatic backup method according to their own backup needs. In addition, its powerful cloning feature can clone a smaller disk to a larger one without reinstalling the operating system or applications. Malware and network viruses attacks are hard to guard against, and it is essential to have a secure and easy-to-use data backup program. The AOMEI Backupper standard version can meet most users' backup needs, which is entirely free. show more

Backblaze vs AOMEI Backupper | AOMEI Backupper Alternatives
Druva inSync - Backup Software
89%The SW Score ranks the products within a particular category on a variety of parameters, to provide a definite ranking system. Read More

Druva inSync

Data Protection and Governance
(574 Ratings)

Druva inSync pricing: Druva inSync Offers Custom plan.

What is Druva inSync and how does it work?

inSync provides a comprehensive IT solution for protecting and governing enterprise data being managed by today’s mobile workforce, thereby enabling IT with visibility and control over mobile data without compromising end-user productivity. Reduce the time required to respond to legal hold and eDiscovery requests and leverage your centralized data for compliance and governance. Provision data protection within minutes, securely with on-demand scalability, without the overhead of hardware, software, or maintenance. show more

Backblaze vs Druva inSync | Druva inSync Alternatives
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