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Flow Kiosk - New SaaS Software

Flow Kiosk

A unique solution for customers
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Flow Kiosk pricing: Starts at $18.0.

What is Flow Kiosk and how does it work?

Flow Kiosk is a kiosk app for iPads that allows you to display media and make customer presentations on your kiosk, including content such as videos, PDFs, animated GiFs, and images. You can update and edit the content and settings on your kiosk from anywhere using Flow Kiosk’s remote management dashboard. Flow Kiosk can be used by anyone, as no coding is required. Flow Kiosk also comes with a form builder, which allows you to easily capture customer contact details, feedback, and email newsletters. This is especially useful at trade shows where you need to collect and store leads easily and quickly. You don't need an internet connection to play and access your content, as it all available offline. Flow Kiosk allows you to securely manage any data stored on the app so your customers or employees cannot access your presentations without permission. show more

Waydev vs Flow Kiosk | Flow Kiosk Alternatives
LinearB - Software Development Analytics Tools


Appropriate Software Delivery Intelligence for Dev teams
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LinearB pricing: Starts at $10.0. Offers Free-forever plan.

What is LinearB and how does it work?

LinearB is a compact software delivery intelligence tool for dev teams that correlates signals from code, Git, projects and releases to automate daily improvements from developers to CTO. The tool helps users to align their work to business priorities, communicate performance and fix bottlenecks with team-based metrics. It provides all the details that dev teams require on a single screen without any interruption. Further, the tool correlates dev team progress to their project issues to offer a detailed status in features and bugs. Dev teams get real-time updates so they can work closely to make the best decision for their business. Also, Git tools provided by LinearB are code-first and designed for developers whereas Project tools are plan-first and designed for PMs. It also provides a Pulse team dashboard where users can get alerts about delays and blockers and make meetings more efficient. show more

Waydev vs LinearB | LinearB Alternatives
Pluralsight Flow - Software Development Analytics Tools

Pluralsight Flow

The Software Delivery Intelligence Platform
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Pluralsight Flow pricing: Starts at $null.

What is Pluralsight Flow and how does it work?

Pluralsight Flow provides detailed data and reporting across multiple code repositories to create an unprecedented view of engineering activity. With Pluralsight Flow, engineering leaders can define meaningful KPIs for their organization and leverage hard data to visualize their team's workflow.

Pluralsight Flow Alternatives
Haystack - Software Development Analytics Tools


Get access to real-time analytics in an organised manner
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Haystack pricing: Starts at $25.0.

What is Haystack and how does it work?

Haystack is a comprehensive analytics tool for engineers providing valuable development insights based on GitHub data, besides facilitating faster experimentation, reliable shipment and effective burnout prevention protocols. Customers using the particular get to leverage exclusive tools like Microsoft, The Economist, ForgeRock and more to collaborate with 500+ teams in real-time. Further, timely alerts and daily reports offered by the software also turns out to be of great help, enabling teams to enhance their decision-making skills in a convenient way. For admins who like to monitor implemented changes and proceed with further business deals, a simple dashboard offered by Haystack comprising real-time updates turns out to be of great help eliminating the guesswork out of the entire game. Haystack is completely secure as none of the source codes belonging to individual users gets stored, read or accessed by the software. Finally, active integration facilities with Gitlab and BitBucket also turns out to be of great help. show more

Haystack Alternatives
Teamplify - Software Development Analytics Tools


Keep the team in sync, minimize distractions
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Teamplify pricing: Teamplify Offers Free-forever plan.

What is Teamplify and how does it work?

Teamplify - Keep the team in sync, minimize distractions. It helps to Get better visibility from your existing tools - Jira, Slack, GitHub, Bitbucket, GitLab, Trello, and Zoom

Teamplify Alternatives

Products Similar to Waydev

Duecode - Software Development Analytics Tools


Directing Advisor for Software Development
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Duecode pricing: Starts at $12.0. Offers Custom plan.

What is Duecode and how does it work?

Duecode is a software tool that provides real-time analysis of the software quality, visualize vulnerabilities, and monitors code's health.

Duecode Alternatives
Okay - Software Development Analytics Tools


Get instant visibility into your engineering team
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Okay pricing: Okay Offers Custom plan.

What is Okay and how does it work?

Okay build dashboards for engineering leaders so they can run high-performing teams. They combine ingestion, modeling, and exploration in a single platform. Okay comes packed with pre-made dashboards showing blockers like: High meeting/interview load interrupting engineers. You can set your own alerts, with adjustable thresholds, to get ahead of these conditions before it's too late. Get to actionable outcomes faster by deep-diving into the true causes of slowdowns. Combine events coming from version control or calendars with your own custom events to paint a full picture of your activities. show more

Okay Alternatives
Allstacks - Software Development Analytics Tools


The best business software
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Allstacks pricing: Allstacks Offers Custom plan.

What is Allstacks and how does it work?

Allstacks is a perfect platform for building business-oriented software interfaces. It provides the client organisation transparency about the project status and team performance so that the authorities can decide on the relevant deliverables. The all-powered intelligence platform provides ample tools and guided insights for developers to shape their software in a way that would yield better outcomes. The stakeholders get shared insights into the possible progress along with the risks that might impact the business initiatives. The intelligent forecasting built within Allstacks analyses the key components of the initiative to reveal risks and thus, affirms analysers with informed materials to back it. Furthermore, the platform provides over 120 engineering metrics on builds, codes, processes and collective productivity, all of which can be viewed on a single and interactive dashboard. The different aspects that clients can materialise into building good software are all included in the Allstacks platform and with real-time insights. These metrics come in handy for tracking and ranking the team’s performance allowing it to gear up and enhance productivity as necessary. show more

Allstacks Alternatives
GrowthBook - Software Development Analytics Tools


Impactful deployment in a stress-free way
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GrowthBook pricing: Starts at $20.0. Offers Free-forever and Custom plan.

What is GrowthBook and how does it work?

GrowthBook is an experimentation and feature flagging software that helps professionals with deployment in an easy and hassle-free manner. The SDKs that this platform provides are made lightweight for server-side, client-side and mobile. The features of this platform include high security, flexibility and extreme speed. Without resources of engineering and data, a developer can measure the product launches and success of features. Its modular capabilities measure the needs of the clients and adapt accordingly. The platform also supports several important SQL data sources and tools like Google Analytics and Mixpanel. The SDKs of GrowthBook have an interface that is easy to use. They are made by developers for developers, with an assurance of automation and transparency. Further, it has a configurable metrics library that enables the platform to be customised as per need. It is a self-service platform where the developers can deploy target rollouts, new features and A/B tests at once. They can even get raw data SQL accession and employ Jupyter notebook export if required. show more

GrowthBook Alternatives
Hatica - Software Development Analytics Tools


Enhance your productivity skills with Hatica
(3 Ratings)

Hatica pricing: Starts at $15.0. Offers Free-forever and Custom plan.

What is Hatica and how does it work?

Hatica is an engineering analytics platform that boosts developer productivity accordingly. It equips engineering teams with actionable analytics and workflows to be their best. Hatica offers comprehensive work visibility so that engineering teams can base their decisions on the whole picture. With Hatica, users can combine git, project and collaboration data to get insights into development workflows and perform their best. This platform features metrics including Deployment frequency, change failure rate, MTTR and lead time to measure DevOps performance. Furthermore, Hatica helps users to view aggregated activity and metrics in a centralised dashboard from the project management, git and CI/CD tools that act as a proxy for performance and project insights. By using this engineering platform, teams can run automated stand-ups and be in the loop. With Hatica, users can further run data-driven 1:1s that helps them identify problem areas as well as ensure wellbeing and effectiveness. Hatica also allows users to identify the wins, the gaps in allocation and progress in goals. show more

Hatica Alternatives
GitClear - Software Development Analytics Tools


Harness the potential of engineering team
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GitClear pricing: Starts at $9.0. Offers Free-forever plan.

What is GitClear and how does it work?

GitClear is a developer tool for GitHub and GitLab that provides code analysis and git stats beyond lines of code. We help managers and developers digest code faster to increase productivity. Enhance your code review and software engineering management with GitClear.

GitClear Alternatives
Swarmia - Software Development Analytics Tools


Software for accelerating your engineering organization
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Swarmia pricing: Starts at $10.0. Offers Free-forever and Custom plan.

What is Swarmia and how does it work?

Swarmia is a Software Development Analytics Tool that helps your engineering group accelerate without sacrificing culture or quality. It allows software development teams to make continual improvements based on data. You can find and remove blocks with Swarmia. With insights into flow and velocity, CI/CD techniques, code quality, and more, you can gain visibility into your engineering process. It improves attention on corporate goals. It helps teams recover focus on essential projects by displaying the impact of unplanned work, problems, scope creep, and technical debt on their plans. It aids in the pursuit of continual improvement. Adopting and measuring the working agreements used by the industry's top-performing teams might help you develop new team habits. Because there is no one-size-fits-all approach to software development. They adjust to the tools, traditions, and difficulties that your team faces. Their automation guarantees that all tasks are assigned to the appropriate issues and persons. You can achieve 10x speed without sacrificing product quality or the health of your workforce. Furthermore, they value security and are SOC 2 certified, with security audits scheduled every six months. show more

Swarmia Alternatives
Logilica Insights - Software Development Analytics Tools

Logilica Insights

Value Stream Analytics Tool
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Logilica Insights pricing: Starts at $25.0. Offers Free-forever and Custom plan.

What is Logilica Insights and how does it work?

Logilica is the leading provider of engineering intelligence for accelerating development teams predictably in a remote-first world. With Logilica Insights it provide the developer-friendly engineering intelligence platform of the future. Logilica helps data-driven engineering organisations to run fast and healthy software teams. Insights across Git, Jira and CI/CD. show more

Logilica Insights Alternatives
Massdriver - Software Development Analytics Tools


Implement frictionless development operations
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Massdriver pricing: Massdriver Offers Custom plan.

What is Massdriver and how does it work?

Massdriver software enables engineers to deploy secure, production-ready infrastructure easily by using a straightforward modelling tool. Developers have plenty of design options with Massdriver to choose from pre-built architecture packages to quickly construct robust, reliable, greatest cloud services. With the aid of the visual platform, developers may connect packages to create complex systems that span different cloud providers and regions. They are moreover allowed to concentrate more on system aim and less on resource configuration. Additionally, the platform saves consumers’ time and effort while giving them useful metrics and insights. With the use of this software, developers may confidently install infrastructure more quickly. The software enables designers to create structures fast without having to wait for an operation to execute modifications. Engineers are also given the freedom to plan with their governance and safety barriers in place. Also, by enabling teams to swiftly communicate and modify on the cloud platform, businesses may speed their transition to the cloud. show more

Massdriver Alternatives
AnalyticsVerse - Software Development Analytics Tools


Identify and Resolve Risks
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AnalyticsVerse pricing: Starts at $13.7. Offers Custom plan.

What is AnalyticsVerse and how does it work?

Identify risks that affect the engineering process, software project delivery, or product quality . Analyze current and previous sprints to measure and improve team performance. Enable the growth of your developers with meaningful feedback. View daily progress in projects through Git and Jira activity. Get an overall picture on efforts spent in tech debt vs new features. show more

AnalyticsVerse Alternatives
Stackin - Software Development Analytics Tools


Helps track productive hours and team performance
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Stackin pricing: Starts at $16.5. Offers Custom plan.

What is Stackin and how does it work?

Stackin software is a data-driven analytics tool that analysts utilise for engagement and development. It provides customers with practical advice on how to encourage team alignment, maximise collaboration, and boost output. Engineering operations can be automated using the Stackin platform, which facilitates the integration of services, extensions, and applications. It compiles past information from various software development phases, which enhances awareness and promotes sensible decisions. The platform helps customers create outstanding teams for efficient workflow in addition to serving as software for data-driven insights for technical staff. The software enables a developer to increase productivity and fluidly manage workflows. It aids in assessing the length of the production cycle, a developer's work habits, comprehending the team's collaboration hours, and identifying one's biggest contributors. By detecting obstacles, reducing delays, enhancing individual contributions, and monitoring objectives, professionals can further boost efficiency with Stackin. Additionally, one can assess and document the success of a meeting. show more

Stackin Alternatives
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