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Top 5 Engati Alternatives

Amazon Lex - Bot Platforms Software

Amazon Lex

Facilitate lifelike conversational interactions with AI chatbot
(29 Ratings)

What is Amazon Lex and how does it work?

Amazon Lex is an AI Chatbot solution that helps app developers build conversational interfaces using voice and text. Advanced deep learning features like automatic speech recognition (ASR) and natural language understanding (NLU) provided by the software can convert speech into text in real-time, besides helping users to understand the intent of the text. This way users get to create lifelike conversational interactions and highly engaging customer experiences as well. Amazon Lex offers an easy-to-use console that allows users to get their own conversational interface or chatbot generated within minutes. Moreover, they can also build, check and deploy individual chatbots across multiple platforms and channels with ease. Being a fully managed solution Amazon Lex does not require any additional hardware or infrastructure to power the bot. Moreover, the platform also offers a variety of built-in integration with Amazon CloudWatch, Amazon Cognito, Amazon DynamoDB and AWS Lambda, helping out users with various app development processes. show more

Amazon Lex Alternatives
Mindsay - Bot Platforms Software


Helps create intelligent assistant
(27 Ratings)

Mindsay pricing: Mindsay Offers Custom plan.

What is Mindsay and how does it work?

Mindsay is a conversational AI platform that provides business users with the power to create, monitor and improve their processes, with minimum help from IT. Whether someone is a Customer Service Manager or Communications Director, he or she can create an intelligent virtual assistant without technical skills. Mindsay serves a lot of industries. Travel & hospitality, e-commerce & retail, mobility & delivery, and fintech & insurtech, to name a few. Furthermore, the platform allows custom service managers and communication directors to track metrics and improve bots. With Mindsay, users can connect their bots with business platforms. It also lets concerned individuals add images and other dynamic content. The platform further helps users deploy frictionless processes. Mindsay’s dashboard provides a complete overview of the bot’s key metrics. The robust dashboard also helps users monitor and sort all of the important stats to get a complete picture of the customer service process. Mindsay’s AI platform also makes tools integration seamless. One can connect their chatbots to inventory management, customer support or proprietary business platforms, easily. show more

Mindsay Alternatives
SAP Conversational AI - Bot Platforms Software

SAP Conversational AI

Leverage influential AI technology to deliver exceptional business services
(73 Ratings)

SAP Conversational AI pricing: SAP Conversational AI Offers Custom plan.

What is SAP Conversational AI and how does it work?

SAP Conversational AI is a comprehensive low-code chatbot building platform designed for businesses of all types. The services offered by this platform are relied upon by numerous top companies like Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Schaeffler, NHK, and more. A plethora of features delivered by the platform help businesses deploy powerful conversational AI interfaces seamlessly. SAP Conversational AI comes equipped with a native low-code bot-building platform for users to create intelligent bots effortlessly. Also, businesses can employ high-performing natural language processing (NLP) technology to create human-like chatbots in any language. Furthermore, constant data analysis, detailed reporting of business processes, and customer interactions help users improve chatbot delivery rate, to match customer needs more intuitively. SAP Conversational AI also lets users perform bot tests regularly to ensure top-notch delivery of multiple business services. Seamless bot connectors help businesses provide chatbot facilities to customers over multiple messaging channels in real-time. show more

SAP Conversational AI Alternatives
IBM Watson Assistant - Bot Platforms Software

IBM Watson Assistant

Answer customers effectively with IBM Watson Assistant
(468 Ratings)

IBM Watson Assistant pricing: Starts at $140.0. Offers Free-forever and Custom plan.

What is IBM Watson Assistant and how does it work?

IBM Watson Assistant is a virtual assistant that uses AI to provide fast, consistent and accurate answers across any channel. As fast as business clients are concerned, customers always prefer interacting with something that is, out of everything, responsive. Thus, having an AI-powered assistant like IBM Watson Assistant simply makes this whole operation easier. Natural Language Processing (NLP) contributes to a great user experience. This AI-powered Assistant comes loaded with a plethora of features to stand out among contemporaries. For one, this is a comprehensive chatbot. This enables the customers to get exact and accurate answers to their queries, backed by related information. The NLP even allows IBM Watson Assistant to process questions in real-time which are then replied to with efficiently tailored yet informative answers. This results in a high completion and containment rate. Further, an existing collection of content sources and applications makes it increasingly simple for structuring a personalised AI Assistant without entering a single line of code. Additionally, IBM Watson’s robust integrations do not limit it to answering questions, but conducting transactions and routing customers to their desired agents. show more

IBM Watson Assistant Alternatives
Google Cloud Dialogflow - Bot Platforms Software

Google Cloud Dialogflow

Your own AI-powered interface to chat with worldwide customers
(79 Ratings)

Google Cloud Dialogflow pricing: Google Cloud Dialogflow Offers Custom plan.

What is Google Cloud Dialogflow and how does it work?

Google Cloud Dialogflow is a conversational AI based platform that helps companies streamline effective and understandable conversations with their loyal customers. The platform is powered by Google’s leading AI inclusive of powerful chatbots and voice bots. Thus enabling companies to deliver natural customer experiences with the help of virtual agents that supports multi-turn conversations in an efficient manner. Moreover, visual builders and prebuilt agents made available within Google Cloud Dialogflow helps out companies with seamless interface generation, reducing the development time from days to minutes. This way companies also gets to deploy multiple chat interfaces across their contact centre and digital channels, including messaging services of their own. Other notable features include seamless virtual agent management using end-to-end CI/CD pipelines, through versioning and continuous evaluation of flow-based modules. Thus facilitating scaling up to 40,000 intents and 20 independent flows for each agent. show more

Google Cloud Dialogflow Alternatives

Products Similar to Engati

aiaibot - Bot Platforms Software


Chatbot Solution for sales
(1 Ratings)

aiaibot pricing: aiaibot Offers Custom plan.

What is aiaibot and how does it work?

aiaibot is a chatbot software that enables companies and agencies to offer their customers inspiring added value. Super easy from one platform. Use the opportunities of digitization and automate your customer dialogue now. With aiaibot you increase the sales results and increase your service performance. show more

aiaibot Alternatives
Gupshup - Bot Platforms Software


Customer engagement through conversational messaging
(4 Ratings)

Gupshup pricing: Gupshup Offers Custom plan.

What is Gupshup and how does it work?

GupShup software helps businesses to engage with their ideal customers across various channels through conversational messaging. This conversation and messaging suite offer a single messaging API for more than 30 channels and a rich artificial intelligence-powered conversational experience building tool kit for any kind of usage. Gupshup software is the leading conversational messaging suite empowering over 5 billion messages per month. This software holds the ability to enhance your business and with work of market partnership across devices, manufacturers messaging channels regional partners, ISVs, and telcos. GupShup solution allows businesses to make conversation an integral part of their customer engagement success. The main motto is to build conversation experience across marketing sales and support in the business through thousands of large and small emerging markets. It makes interaction with each other easy and quick. Moreover, it enables you to choose templates, customize their contents, and promptly publish them. With the help of a graphical editor, it creates the conversation flow, hence building brand awareness and increasing sales and revenue. GupShup software follows a quotation-based pricing strategy. show more

Gupshup Alternatives
ManyChat - Bot Platforms Software


Create conversation-friendly chatbots and grow sales
(173 Ratings)

ManyChat pricing: Starts at $10.0. Offers Free-forever plan.

What is ManyChat and how does it work?

ManyChat is a comprehensive messaging bot creation platform that helps companies in generating messaging bots for Instagram direct messages, Facebook Messenger and SMS. The platform enables users to create two-way chatbots to communicate with customers in real-time and grow brand value. ManyChat comes with a simple drag and drop interface that does not require any coding knowledge for building messaging bots. These chatbots help users to generate qualified leads, increase product sales, deliver instant support and increase customer engagement rates simultaneously. Apart from chatting with customers, chatbots can also be used to deliver newsletters, coupons, booking confirmations, promotions and other relevant data through SMS or email. Moreover, ManyChat facilitates real-time integration with external platforms, such as Shopify, MailChimp, Klaviyo, Google Sheets, Zapier, Hubspot, helping out users to generate personalised bots. Companies can either use pre-existing templates for bot creation or make out something useful from scratch as per requirements. show more

Engati vs ManyChat | ManyChat Alternatives
ChatFuel - Bot Platforms Software


Become a customer-first brand through an effective communication chatbot platform
(59 Ratings)

ChatFuel pricing: Starts at $15.0. Offers Free-forever and Custom plan.

What is ChatFuel and how does it work?

Chatfuel is a no-code bot-building platform that enables individuals and enterprises to create AI-powered conversational chatbots in real-time. This centralised chatbot platform turns out to be a great help for Facebook and Instagram messenger services, enabling users to streamline automated conversations in an efficient manner. ChatFuel with its integrated technologies turns out to be the best choice for renowned international companies like Greenpeace, Nissan, Nivea, MSNBC and National Geographic, among others. With features built for convenience and versatility, this chatbot platform allows users to create an approachable brand image. Chatfuel’s services offer 24/7 instant responses to customer queries with an 80% resolution rate, enabling brands to retain customers effectively. With a comprehensive library of templates to choose from, users get to customise the platform as per convenience and reflect on their brand’s theme in an efficient manner. Moreover, the chatbot also helps users attract leads and convert inquiring individuals into paying customers with immediate engagement. As a cost-effective platform, Chatfuel allows users to let chatbots engage in conversation with prospects, solve their issues and encourage product wise sales automatically. show more

Engati vs ChatFuel | ChatFuel Alternatives
Kommunicate - Bot Platforms Software


An exclusive customer support portal at your service by Kommunicate
(14 Ratings)

Kommunicate pricing: Starts at $33.33. Offers Custom plan.

What is Kommunicate and how does it work?

Kommunicate is a robust customer support automation platform, with which users can develop AI-based chatbots without code, improve customer experience and generate more leads on the go. The software enables companies to provide the best of human touch and automation simultaneously. Organisations can also depend on the same to move beyond plain texts and drive in better engagement rates with rich messaging. Further, an easy to use chatbot builder available within facilitates seamless development of conversational workflows and NLP powered support bots accordingly. Users can generate exclusive bots that can schedule meetings, qualify leads and provide relevant support to customers 24/7. Powerful dashboards present within helps users manage customer conversations via live chat, bots, WhatsApp, Facebook and Line. Moreover, users can even customise and generate an intuitive help centre of their own with Kommunicate and get the particular deployed over the website. show more

Kommunicate Alternatives
ChatBot - Bot Platforms Software


Automate your website customer service
(23 Ratings)

ChatBot pricing: Starts at $42.0. Offers Custom plan.

What is ChatBot and how does it work?

ChatBot allows you to build a chatbot that can answer questions from customers on your website in 10 minutes of signing up to the service. This solution enables you to automate 80 percent of the cases, interactions and questions you get from customers. ChatBot can do things like answer questions, take orders, and fill out forms without the need for any human assistance, and at any time of the day or night. By automating the process of answering commonly asked questions and carrying out repeatable tasks, you can focus on more difficult problems and queries. One feature of ChatBot is Stories. This allows you to program the bot to react differently in different situations. You can choose from a range of different actions that the bot should take, such as providing a simple text answer to offering the link to a CTA from within the chat. The bot can also send images and cards. show more

Engati vs ChatBot | ChatBot Alternatives
Botsify - Bot Platforms Software


Solution To All Your Customer Support Issues
(4 Ratings)

Botsify pricing: Starts at $40.0. Offers Custom plan.

What is Botsify and how does it work?

Botsify enables you to quickly and easily create a chatbot for your website. To start using the artificial intelligence-based Botsify bot, you need to teach the bot questions and answers –– and you can continue teaching it more over time –– but the bot also learns and becomes smarter from each conversation. As you can customize the questions and flows, you can define which questions should be answered by a bot, and which by a human. The Botsify bot provides push notifications to let you know if the customer needs to speak to a human customer service agent, which is defined according to your parameters. You can choose to run the bot 24/7 or only during business hours. The Botsify platform works with Facebook Messenger and your website, as well as allowing you to reply to comments on Facebook posts privately via Facebook Messenger. It also integrates with apps such as Slack, Google Sheets, Shopify, Google Search, and RSS feeds. show more

Engati vs Botsify | Botsify Alternatives
BotSpace - Bot Platforms Software


Grow your business on WhatsApp with BotSpace
(0 Ratings)

BotSpace pricing: Starts at $29.0. Offers Free-forever and Custom plan.

What is BotSpace and how does it work?

BotSpace is a WhatsApp business API that ensures real-time business growth. This solution delivers first-class support, automates notifications and drives more sales. Trusted by both big and small companies, BotSpace helps connect one’s business with billions of WhatsApp users around the world. This platform helps with customer integration as well as custom automation. With BotSpace, businesses can send messages to WhatsApp contact right from HubSpot workflows. WhatsApp is now used by 200 million people around the world. As a result, companies are realising that WhatsApp might be a wonderful way to promote and sell their products. Keeping this idea in mind WhatsApp business has come into existence and it integrates with BotSpace API. At present companies like Dillali, Talet500, Dineout, Teddyboy, JW Marriott, Entitled, Printo, Hard Rock Cafe, Sunburn, BMW, Hubbler, MINI, Super Seeds and HOP depend on the platform to get their tasks executed. show more

BotSpace Alternatives
Botbot.AI - Bot Platforms Software


Productivity solution that enhances customer experience
(0 Ratings)

Botbot.AI pricing: Botbot.AI Offers Custom plan.

What is Botbot.AI and how does it work?

Botbot.AI is a productivity solution that enhances customer experience through automating conversations. Engage with your customers in the language that they are speaking. The chatbot is fluent in multiple Southeast Asian languages, including localized languages such as Singlish and Manglish. Upon receiving user inquiries and requests, the chatbot will process the sentences to identify the intent of the message. At the same time, the chatbot will run a sentiment analysis to determine user emotion reflected through the message. show more

Botbot.AI Alternatives
Rasa - Bot Platforms Software


Machine Learning Platform for Developers to Build, Improve, and Deploy Tool
(0 Ratings)

Rasa pricing: Rasa Offers Free-forever and Custom plan.

What is Rasa and how does it work?

Rasa is a development platform that adds to the capabilities of developers and empowers them to build tools such as contextual chatbots and digital assistants. The platform is powered by an open source technology that acts as a standard infrastructure layer for conversational AI development. Tools can be deployed across various channels and languages as it can turn any free-form text in one particular language to a structured data set in another language. With Rasa, users can hold back-and-forth conversations that can even be integrated with business logic. And with interactive learning, training data can be seamlessly generated by talking to the digital assistant. The Rasa assistant can even function across messaging channels such as Slack, Facebook, Google Home, and other custom channels. And with custom actions, users can interact with other APIs. They can also view and annotate conversations and track and manage different models. show more

Rasa Alternatives
Xenioo - Bot Platforms Software


All-in-one solution for chatbots
(15 Ratings)

Xenioo pricing: Xenioo Offers Free-forever plan.

What is Xenioo and how does it work?

Xenioo is a professional chatbot platform that enables its users to create and manage an intelligent multi-channel chatbot. The bot can be activated on multiple chat channels such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Websites, Telegram, Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, Slack, phone and even custom channels. The software is equipped with an advanced editor for building chatbots without writing a single line of code. The sleek and intuitive interface allows users to quickly and efficiently design their chatbots. Users can drag, move, drop, and zoom in and out, which makes working on sophisticated chatbots easier. One can build every chat interaction by choosing from numerous actions and operations available such as cards, inputs, images, carousels, and others. Xenioo allows users to set variables, conditional switches, and tags to define the pathway of the chatbot. Users can test how their chatbot is working and make necessary changes in real-time before changing them. The execution diagram makes it possible to find issues and fix errors much more straightforwardly. show more

Xenioo Alternatives
ThumbCrowd - Bot Platforms Software


Build and design your AI-bot with ease
(4 Ratings)

ThumbCrowd pricing: Starts at $99.0. Offers Free-forever and Custom plan.

What is ThumbCrowd and how does it work?

ThumbCrowd is an enterprise-level application that builds AI bot to help its users scale every aspect of their business. Users can design their bots once and anchorage it across various chat platforms such as SMS, Facebook Messenger, Slack, Web, and many more. The bot enables its users to understand and analyze the intent of the customer and provide a useful response by using machine learning and the understanding of natural language. The bot helps its users to increase their sales while reducing the costs and fully automating the customer support system. The chatbots act as an extension to the support and sales teams and automate the workflows behind the scenes. Users can capture every question and feedback of the customers by connecting their website with live chat messenger. One can also add web widgets on his/her website to convert visitors into customers with the help of the bot. Users can continuously improve their assistants by filtering and fixing the conversations that did not go well. show more

ThumbCrowd Alternatives
Collect.chat - Bot Platforms Software


Answer your customers with utmost accuracy accompanied by politeness
(67 Ratings)

Collect.chat pricing: Starts at $18.0. Offers Free-forever plan.

What is Collect.chat and how does it work?

Collect.chat is an innovative and simple chatbot solution designed for incorporation into websites. It is an around-the-day chatbot that is always available for answering queries without a single break. The bot has been designed in a way to be extremely polite while answering queries no matter the number of customers it is catering to. It further makes a collection of customers’ interests and starts providing the latter with a tailored experience right from the second time of their visit. Businesses are, however, always updated in real-time about the number of conversions scored by the Collect.chat chatbot along with informative insights that enable them to implement the necessary modifications and inclusions alike. This chatbot technology is an amazing method for cutting down on extra expenses that might have been spent for lead acquisition and conversions. It pretty much does all these tasks singlehandedly and with utmost accuracy, something that client organisations can rely on. Thanks to it engaging leads in productive conversations rather than making them fill out forms, Collect.chat chatbot ensures that the maximum of the acquired leads undergoes conversions happily. show more

Collect.chat Alternatives
Pandorabots - Bot Platforms Software


Create and deploy web-based authentic interactive chatbots
(2 Ratings)

Pandorabots pricing: Starts at $19.0. Offers Free-forever and Custom plan.

What is Pandorabots and how does it work?

The Pandorabots platform lets users develop lifelike chatbots using authentic animation interfaces. It helps the user to easily achieve the minimum viable product by customising open standards libraries. The platform speeds up the time it takes for modules to hit the market. Small Talk libraries include the most popular chit-chat entries and are completely free and open to the public. Users can use pre-built, fully accessible connectors or create their own to expand their bots by connecting APIs or supply chains. Additionally, the platform offers courses in which users can acquire the fundamentals and best practices for constructing various conversational agents utilising the open standard Artificial Intelligence Markup Language. The multilingual features enable users to create scripts in any basic language. The platform is capable of gathering information about its surroundings at any time and adapting its behaviour in response. It leverages open standards, thus there is no lock-in. show more

Pandorabots Alternatives
Wit.ai - Bot Platforms Software


A natural language experience builder
(2 Ratings)

Wit.ai pricing: Wit.ai Offers Custom plan.

What is Wit.ai and how does it work?

Wit.ai is an API that makes it simple for developers to create conversational apps and devices. Wit.ai may be used by any app or device to convert natural language input (voice or text message) into a command. Wit.ai is a platform for creating, testing, and deploying natural language experiences that are free, open, and extensible. Bots that individuals may talk with on their favourite messaging network can be readily created. Through the apps you design, you may make multimodal interaction available to anybody, wherever. It allows individuals to manage smart speakers, appliances, lighting, and other devices with their voices. People can have their experiences customized whether they are at home or on the go. Wit-powered apps, bots, and virtual assistants learn languages as they interact with users and can be utilized by individuals all over the world. Wit.ai is a platform for creating, testing, and deploying natural language experiences that are free, open, and extensible. Furthermore, Wit.ai is all about the environment and community. You can discover more about them and receive answers to your questions by joining their community. show more

Wit.ai Alternatives
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