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Updated on: January 26, 2022
Kommunicate An exclusive customer support portal at your service by Kommunicate

Kommunicate Alternatives and Competitors

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A comprehensive list of competitors and best alternatives to Kommunicate.

Top 5 Kommunicate Alternatives

Google Cloud Dialogflow

Your own AI-powered interface to chat with worldwide customers
(79 Ratings)

Google Cloud Dialogflow is a conversational AI based platform that helps companies streamline effective and understandable conversations with their loyal customers. The platform is powered by Google’s leading AI inclusive of powerful chatbots and voice bots. Thus enabling companies to deliver... read more

Google Cloud Dialogflow Alternatives


Allow Botcopy to do the talking

Botcopy is a Dialogflow website chatbot, comprising the best UI for web chat. Botcopy lets clients automate up to ninety per cent of their service chats along with the creation of branded web assistants that can access the databases in concern. The transcripts can further be passed from bots to... read more

Botcopy Alternatives


Integrated businesses AI platform

DATAIKEN Software is a bot platform software explicitly built to set up an intelligent bot or computer software to elucidate and capture existing apps with other digital systems. It is an ideal solution for small and medium companies. It assists in reducing the workload and increasing the... read more

DATAIKEN Alternatives


Automate your tasks like a pro with E42 platform

E42, previously known as NLPBots, is an advanced Cognitive Process Automation platform that allows businesses to build versatile cognitive agents to automate tasks across several departments. To increase efficiency and experience, these agents will collaborate with workers. E42’s cognition-driven... read more

E42 Alternatives

Octane AI

Facebook Messenger Bot for Ecommerce Stores

Octane AI delivers a Facebook Messenger bot for Shopify merchants to increase their revenues. Users can create pop-ups for their customers that enables them to subscribe to the bot for exclusive discounts, shipping updates, back in stock notifications, and more. It also allows users to send... read more

Octane AI Alternatives

Products Similar to Kommunicate

Controller Bot

Monitor your Telegram channel in an effective way

Controller Bot is an advanced channel management tool that helps Telegram channel owners to create scheduled posts and view stats as per convenience. The tool offers a variety of essential features that significantly reduces manual efforts and saves a lot of users time. This way businesses can... read more

Controller Bot Alternatives


Boost business with AI

Rheo is using artificial intelligence to create business solutions that are accessible to companies of all sizes. Rheo makes AI-based solutions simple to understand and effective in implementation so that their clients see the benefits of AI with very little project lead time and investments.

Rheo Alternatives


Solution To All Your Customer Support Issues
(4 Ratings)

Botsify enables you to quickly and easily create a chatbot for your website. To start using the artificial intelligence-based Botsify bot, you need to teach the bot questions and answers –– and you can continue teaching it more over time –– but the bot also learns and becomes smarter from... read more

Botsify Alternatives


Modern Telegram Bot Platform

BotMate helps you build Telegram bots with ease and speed. It comes with tons of plugins which can you can install in your bots. Our platform is built on top of the most advanced technologies in the industry. Go beyond the limits, build what you could not. Robust. Fast to navigate. Easy to use.... read more

BotMate Alternatives


Meet and interact over a cup of coffee

CoffeePals is a Microsoft Teams app that sets individuals together for virtual coffee meetings to increase employee engagement, start new dialogues and develop deeper connections. This app pairs together coworkers on a regular basis, over a video chat and a cup of coffee, to have a one-on-one... read more

CoffeePals Alternatives
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