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Updated on: September 29, 2020
Yaguara Growth Management Software
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Yaguara Alternatives and Competitors

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Top 5 Yaguara Alternatives


Enabling devices and apps to work seamlessly together
(162 Ratings)

Nothing in your business works in isolation, so it’s important that the software from different parts of your business works together. This is what IFTTT (which stands If This Then That) can deliver for your business. Sometimes apps and programs can seem to be incompatible, and it’s difficult... read more

Microsoft Flow

Connect your apps and synchronize your data
(29 Ratings)

With Microsoft Flow, you can create automated workflows that connect your services and apps. This means that you can ensure your data and files synced. To save you time and boost your productivity, you can use Microsoft Flow to turn time-consuming, repetitive tasks into multi step workflows. One... read more

Online Check Writer

Check Printing Software For All Banks
(981 Ratings)

Online Checkwriter is a cloud-based software which prints checks online for any bank, on any blank check paper using any printer. It helps in cutting costs by allowing a business to use blank check paper vs. stocking pre-printed checks. Online checkwriter also detects fraudulent checks and supports... read more


Property Management Software for Short-term Rentals
(305 Ratings)

Guesty is an end to end solution to simplify the property management needs of every business. The tool claims that users can increase their listings by 100% every year and boost their revenues by as much as 150%. This can save them more than 50 hours per week on average. Features include a channel... read more


Make your chat more interactive
(123 Ratings)

Cometchat is a chat API and in-app messaging tool for mobile and web apps. It allows the addition of a multimedia text chat to web or mobile apps. Cometchat helps to organize users’ chats into group or private chat where they can collaborate, share media and a lot more while maintaining their... read more

Products Similar to Yaguara


Pull and Manage Metrics from Several Sources
(78 Ratings)

Supermetrics is a performance management tool that offers solutions to bring all marketing metrics in one place. Relevant data sets can be pulled from several sources using integrations with Google Analytics, Google Ads, Facebook, Bing, Twitter, Linkedin, and other marketing platforms. Supermetrics... read more


Translation Management System Along with App Localization
(270 Ratings)

Lokalise is a translation management system that enables agile teams to automate localisation processes. It provides developers with tools, such as powerful API, CLI tool, mobile SDKs, and comprehensive documentation to eliminate the hassle of localisation. It also integrates with Github,... read more


Turn Gmail Into A Collaborative Task Assignment and Scheduling Tool
(162 Ratings)

Drag links to Gmail and turns it into a collaborative workspace providing a single inbox to manage projects, sales, marketing and customers. Users can, for example, manage shared emails like "sales@" and "support@" from inside Gmail. The team can easily use such accounts as they use their own. The... read more


Generate Business By Engaging With Linkedin Prospects
(33 Ratings)

Dux-Soup makes it easier for its users to find, attract, and engage their prospects on Linkedin. It automatically views Linkedin prospect files, endorses their skills, and sends an automated message to the prospect profiles. Dux Soup claims to ensure that it selects and targets the most suitable... read more

Zoho Flow

Integrate Apps for Automated Business Workflows
(26 Ratings)

Zoho Flow is an app integration software that ties all the apps together and automates business workflows. This is done by connecting all the apps to the Zoho Flow in a way that makes processes break away from information silos. Users can connect their key applications that ensure that information... read more


Political Campaigning and Canvassing Application
(93 Ratings)

Ecanvasser is an outreaching, organizing and analytics application for political campaigns that functions as an efficient way to win more votes. Users can leverage it to receive intuitive insights about their electorates through a connected digital infrastructure. It helps organizations to connect... read more


Automate data sharing in your business
(117 Ratings)

OneSaaS is made up for two different solutions for two different audiences. OneSaas Hub is designed for use by web developers. There is also OneSaas Apps, which allows you to connect your business apps together so they can share data back and forth, seamlessly, and automatically between your key... read more


Cloud Based Test Management System with Several Integrations
(168 Ratings)

Practitest is a flexible test management tool that offers complete visibility in the test processes and executions, helps maintain seamless control over tests and bugs with bug tracker and management system. It also helps shorten processes and save time by setting up reusable test steps or cycles... read more


Convert HTML to PDF using Page Link or Raw Code
(58 Ratings)

PDFShift provides its users an API for HTML to PDF conversion. This service allows users to input a webpage link, which after a few seconds, returns a downloadable PDF version of that webpage. They allow users to integrate the service in their own websites by copying some of PDFShift code in their... read more


Plug and Play to Convert TV into Dynamic Digital Sign
(179 Ratings)

ScreenScape offers simple plug-and-play solutions to turn televisions and other display devices into dynamic digital signs. To begin with, the provided hardware is connected to a display device. Content tools are provided to allow users to create content and publish it on-screen for awareness and... read more


A unified note taking the tool for your business needs
(3 Ratings)

Voicea is a voice collaboration platform provided by EVA, a language assistant of the company. EVA keeps notes, identifies important moments in the conversation, and then activates them in each cooperation system used. EVA accepts voice commands, and summaries of meeting all it requires is to tell... read more


Accept card, contactless and online payments anywhere
(3,100 Ratings)

myPOS is an integrated payment solution that provides a number of ways to take payments from customers. myPOS’s mini card readers allow you to take card payments via a mobile terminal that you can take anywhere. The myPOS Online service allows your business to take card payments through websites... read more


Scrape Website Data without Coding
(14 Ratings)

Parsehub is a web scraping tool that places a focus on ease of use. It allows users to collect data from any JavaScript or Ajax webpage. They can search through forms, open drop downs, login to websites, click on the maps and handle sites with infinite scroll, tabs, and pop-ups to scrape data. The... read more


Track feedback to build better products
(27 Ratings)

Canny helps you collect and organize feature requests to better understand customer needs and prioritize your roadmap. It helps B2B software companies keep track of feedback to build better products.


Actionable and Predictive Analytics to Generate Sales Pipelines
(47 Ratings)

MadKudu is a sales tool that leverages analytics to drive sales functions, such as lead accumulation and scoring. With niche capabilities, sales managers and reps can consistently share high quality leads with their teammates. Users can even optimize their marketing efforts to generate more leads,... read more


Mobile App Performance Management Platform
(4 Ratings)

Kumulos is a mobile app performance management platform designed for Mobile App Development Businesses. It features Push Notifications service to deliver accelerated app engagement for the user's customers. It helps users manage the health of their customer apps via features such as Crash Reporting... read more

Ant Media Server

Scalable, Ultra-Low Latency & Adaptive WebRTC Streaming
(2 Ratings)

Ant Media Server is a streaming tool which provides end to end latency in microseconds. The tool supports WebRTC, RTMP, MP4, HLS, and RTSP, which enables it to deliver streams everywhere and on varying internet speeds. It lets managers scale publishers and viewers with auto-scaling clusters. WebRTC... read more


A Price Monitoring Solution
(95 Ratings)

Price2Spy is a tool used to monitor and compare Price. Receive alerts when there is a Price drop and generate reports for analyzing data. The software offers smart Repricing tool that integrated with your online stores. Small, Medium and Large Retail owners make use of the software.


Cloud Rental Software for AV & Event Companies
(60 Ratings)

Rentman is an all-in-one cloud renting tool that helps digital businesses with critical functions such as resource planning, scheduling, and communication. Managers can organize various aspects of their projects, such as equipment, crew, transport, documents, and files in a way that boosts... read more


Automated Sales Outreach for LinkedIn
(48 Ratings)

Zopto is a modern tool that helps in getting highly-targeted leads from LinkedIn with zero advertising costs. It follows a very simple setup process and once done, the LinkedIn outreach campaign can start right away. The tool offers an easy way to filter the most potential customers in any segment.... read more


Digital Business Cards for Unified Brand Identity
(7 Ratings)

Haystack offers tools to make branded digital business cards and deploy them across the user's organization. The tool aims to create a uniform, modern image for organizations, help their emails stand out by making them more memorable and personal and reduce the carbon footprint. Users begin with... read more


AI Assistant for Sales and Marketing
(43 Ratings)

Exceed.ai is a tool to generate qualified marketing and sales leads using AI. The AI sales assistant interacts with leads via an email or a chat-like form on the user's website. The tool can comprehend responses including out of office replies, questions, interest, and objections and then give a... read more


Docker Based Background Job Processing
(58 Ratings)

IronWorker is a hosted background job solution and conterization tool that enables developers to run their containers with capabilities such as dynamic scale, detailed analytics and world-class customer support. Users can run both short and long-term containers since IronWorker supports both... read more


Virtual Data Room with Collaboration and Communication
(43 Ratings)

FirmRoom is an intuitive virtual data room designed for Mergers and Acquisitions. It aims to help Investment Banks, Corporate Development, Private Equity, Life sciences and Real Estate. Their website lists big clients including J.P Morgan, Pfizer, Morgan Stanley and KPMG. Users can transform,... read more


Online Assessment Software to Rank and Shortlist Candidates
(21 Ratings)

Xobin is one of the most popular and preferred online assessment software. It can conduct glitch-free online assessments for users. You can also customize assessment or choose from 800+ skills test, coding test, pre-hire tests, and psychometric tests. The software lets organizations screen and... read more

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