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Allscripts EHR Alternatives and Competitors

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Top 5 Allscripts EHR Alternatives

Vaxi Buddy - EHR Software

Vaxi Buddy

A Pediatrician's Practice Management
(1 Ratings)

What is Vaxi Buddy and how does it work?

Keeping an up to date and flowless record of the vaccinations is very essential. But the office of a Pediatrician is a busy place. This makes it much more difficult to track and manage the often confusing Patient data and information. They have the solution for such problems. Introducing VaxiBuddy, a reliable and user-friendly SAAS based ERP practice management software for pediatricians. It aids in management & keeping records of patient’s vaccination in a convenient way while avoiding engagement in complicated procedures. show more

Vaxi Buddy Alternatives
GE Health Cloud - EHR Software

GE Health Cloud

GE Healthcare Systems | GE Healthcare (United States)
(1 Ratings)

What is GE Health Cloud and how does it work?

GE Healthcare Systems is a provider of technologies, digital infrastructure, data analytics and decision support tools used in the diagnosis, treatment and monitoring of patients.

GE Health Cloud Alternatives
Athenahealth EHR - EHR Software

Athenahealth EHR

Electronic Medical Records
(26 Ratings)

Athenahealth EHR pricing: Athenahealth EHR Offers Custom plan.

What is Athenahealth EHR and how does it work?

Deliver exceptional care while staying ahead of industry change with our easy-to-use EHR. athenaClinicals is designed to help you document more efficiently and accurately while making it easier for you to provide high-quality care.

Athenahealth EHR Alternatives
Azalea Health - EHR Software

Azalea Health

Experience the best EHR management there has ever been
(480 Ratings)

Azalea Health pricing: Azalea Health Offers Custom plan.

What is Azalea Health and how does it work?

Azalea Health is one of the top EHR software and charting system for hospitals, clinics and practitioners. It is capable of synchronising patient’s data between clinics and hospitals thus creating a seamless flow of communication. This gives the doctors and medical professionals to attain the benefit of one record for one patient. The records are stored individually for every patient and contain all minute detail associated with them. The behavioural health platform provided by Azalea Health makes it increasingly convenient for doctors to focus more on their patients than their computers. The platform further makes it easier to collect the requisite data from patients so that the clinic managers can stay a step ahead of the requirements. Coming to the security measures, all data lodged in Azalea Health is one hundred per cent HIPAA compliant and is completely encrypted. The collaborative charting feature available within enables team members to work on a single chart simultaneously from anywhere, anytime. Further, the entire interface is customisable with exclusive features. show more

Azalea Health Alternatives
Azalea EHR - EHR Software

Azalea EHR

A EHR Software and Charting System
(0 Ratings)

Azalea EHR pricing: Azalea EHR Offers Custom plan.

What is Azalea EHR and how does it work?

Azalea EHR software is an integrated patient management system to sync patient data. The software offers templates tools to meet the practice workflows. Capture billing codes/claims and send prescriptions to pharmacy in minutes. Generate reports to measure business via dashboard.

Azalea EHR Alternatives

Products Similar to Allscripts EHR

Centricity EMR - EHR Software

Centricity EMR

e-prescribing functionality and a patient portal
(28 Ratings)

Centricity EMR pricing: Centricity EMR Offers Custom plan.

What is Centricity EMR and how does it work?

Centricity is an EMR system from GE Healthcare, aimed at larger practices. Centricity combines clinical and financial management and is designed to be used on tablets and mobile devices, allowing physicians and practice staff to carry a patient’s medical information and update them on the move. GE Healthcare developed Centricity so it can be integrated with a large number of medical devices and medical imaging systems. Centricity EMR focuses on patient outcomes, with a series of reporting tools that allow a practice to compare itself with others both locally and nationally. This means that staff within practices that use Centricity EMR are able to actively participate in performance pay comparisons and assessments. show more

Centricity EMR Alternatives
AdvancedEHR - EHR Software


Electronic health records software
(472 Ratings)

AdvancedEHR pricing: AdvancedEHR Offers Custom plan.

What is AdvancedEHR and how does it work?

Electronic health records software with prioritized task donuts, patient cards & physician dashboards to unify all roles of your practice to improve clinical care while creating a more personal experience with patients. Chronologically-ordered patient information about frequent tasks to access & manage charts faster. Engage patients with many self-service features that automatically sync with your medical records. Manage information quickly & securely by converting a manual fax process to paperless. show more

AdvancedEHR Alternatives
Unified Practice - EHR Software

Unified Practice

The Most Advanced Charting For The Best Patient Care
(13 Ratings)

Unified Practice pricing: Starts at $59.0.

What is Unified Practice and how does it work?

Unified Practice is built with practitioners like in mind to make every day tasks streamlined, clear, and easy to manage. Intuitive Acupuncture EHR on iPad and Web. Allow Patients to Complete Pre-Appointment Forms at Home or On iPad.

Unified Practice Alternatives
DocEngage EHR - EHR Software

DocEngage EHR

Best electronic health record
(0 Ratings)

DocEngage EHR pricing: Starts at $29.0. Offers Custom plan.

What is DocEngage EHR and how does it work?

DocEngage EHR is a comprehensive patient records management software that facilitates holistic care delivery to the patient. Delivers all tools to deliver better patient care: clinical flow to prescription, charts, labs, care plan, etc. Modern, cloud-based EHR to help the enterprise to small practices to boost profitability & patient outcome. Integrates seamlessly with Practice Management & CRM single clinical, administrative, financial & sales solutions. Charts, a comprehensive view of a patient’s complete clinical summary that what you want to see. show more

DocEngage EHR Alternatives
TherapyAppointment - EHR Software


Grow with the only solution built for therapists
(105 Ratings)

TherapyAppointment pricing: Starts at $10.0.

What is TherapyAppointment and how does it work?

Their sleek, intuitive practice management solution was created for therapists by therapists, making it truly user-friendly. They give it back and pay it forward. TherapyAppointment is a socially conscious company that donates a portion of its profits to charities providing mental health and chemical dependency services to those in need. They offer the best Customer Support in the industry. From technical requests to insurance billing conundrum. Their transparent pricing is clear and affordable, with no hidden fees. They understand the workflow of a therapy office creative team includes experienced practitioners and insurance professionals. show more

TherapyAppointment Alternatives
Drchrono - EHR Software


For doctors to focus on patients’ care and not on administration
(137 Ratings)

Drchrono pricing: Drchrono Offers Custom plan.

What is Drchrono and how does it work?

Drchrono is an electronic health record and medical billing software that helps doctors deliver the optimal amount of care to individual patients. It is a fully customisable software that allows users to alter the interface as per specific needs. Users also get access to customisable medical forms that are structured with the unique requirements of every doctor, enabling them to save time and enhance business in real-time. Further, Drchrono is an easily accessible platform that can be accessed by users as per their convenience. Doctors can also depend on the particular to prepare charts using features such as free drawing, lab ordering, medical speech-to-text, e-prescribing and more. These features also help users with process automation and task streamlining activities. To provide health record integrity and efficiency, Drchrono integrates EMR, billing and customer engagement into one platform. At last, its Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) feature helps with income stability maintenance and patient management at the same time. show more

Drchrono Alternatives
eClinicalWorks - EHR Software


Easing the workflow for healthcare professionals
(639 Ratings)

eClinicalWorks pricing: Starts at $449.0. Offers Custom plan.

What is eClinicalWorks and how does it work?

A practice management and electronic health record (EHR) solution called ClinicalWorks offers technology for each stage of patient care delivery. Clinicians have access to services like Telehealth, personalised message campaigns, population health data, configurable reminders, and patient interaction. For a variety of healthcare specialties, eCW software offers organised data capture, trend analysis, and customisable documentation choices. In the Patient Hub, clinicians have access to all parts of the patient record. With the release of eClinicalWorks Version 11, physicians now have access to Eva, a computer programme that may help them evaluate patient records, including details from the Progress Note tool and data flowsheets. The Healow app, Messenger, a self-service patient portal, online appointment scheduling, and other features are also included in V11. The Healow app from eCW can track patient-recorded data from wearable or usable home monitoring devices that patients may use, sync it directly with the EHR system of the healthcare provider, and keep clinicians updated on patient vital signs, activity, and progress in real-time. On a PC or Mac, an iPad, a smartphone, or a web browser can be used to access eClinicalWorks. Due to the fact that Revele uses eClinicalWorks to offer RCM to thousands of providers, Revele is a Gold Certified, full service eCW implementation and support reseller. show more

Allscripts EHR vs eClinicalWorks | eClinicalWorks Alternatives
CureMD EHR - EHR Software


Simplified Clinical Automation
(18 Ratings)

CureMD EHR pricing: CureMD EHR Offers Custom plan.

What is CureMD EHR and how does it work?

CureMD's cloud-based Electronic Health Record in a way you never imagined before. Advanced lab interfacing technology lets you connect to all your favorite labs. You can now send orders to and receive results electronically from most labs. The system mirrors your existing processes and revitalizes them with powerful automation and collaboration tools. Designed for next-generation interoperability, CureMD enables the seamless exchange of information between all stakeholders. show more

CureMD EHR Alternatives
CGM Aprima - EHR Software

CGM Aprima

Electronic Health Record Platform
(60 Ratings)

CGM Aprima pricing: CGM Aprima Offers Custom plan.

What is CGM Aprima and how does it work?

CGM APRIMA EHR and Practice Management system offers a single application to increase practice’s efficiency. The software offers tools to process scheduling appointments, treating patients, and billing for the visit. Based on the diagnoses added to the patient’s chart, prescribed medications, commonly performed procedures, plan comments, and patient instruction to track practice. show more

CGM Aprima Alternatives
Atlas.md - EHR Software


Talk to patients where they live
(3 Ratings)

Atlas.md pricing: Starts at $300.0.

What is Atlas.md and how does it work?

Atlas.md lives in the browser, meaning it will work on nearly all the devices likely to be using nowadays. No need to install servers, or terminals, or anything at all for that matter.

Atlas.md Alternatives
PrognoCIS - EHR Software


Electronic Health Records (EHR) Software
(3 Ratings)

PrognoCIS pricing: PrognoCIS Offers Custom plan.

What is PrognoCIS and how does it work?

PrognoCIS, our cloud-based software, offers robust solutions like Electronic Health Records, Telemedicine, Practice Management, Medical Billing, RCM, and Patient Portal. These modules support quality patient care through informed decision-making. A certified EMR system is the most appropriate solution for enhancing the workflow and overall resourcefulness of a healthcare practice. show more

PrognoCIS Alternatives
PrimeSuite - EHR Software


In-workflow Prescription Drug Monitoring
(30 Ratings)

PrimeSuite pricing: PrimeSuite Offers Custom plan.

What is PrimeSuite and how does it work?

A cloud-based, clinically driven electronic health record and practice management system can customize to align with the unique documenting, billing, and reporting needs of practice. Complete front- and back-office tasks quickly to ensure your practice runs smoothly. Benefit from a superior billing system and clearinghouse integration with Prime Suite. show more

PrimeSuite Alternatives
iPatientCare - EHR Software


The ideal solution for primary care providers
(2 Ratings)

iPatientCare pricing: iPatientCare Offers Custom plan.

What is iPatientCare and how does it work?

iPatientCare provides clinical best practices at the point-of-care which enhances quality of care and efficiency of documentation. This cloud-based EHR platform is feature-rich with templates for primary care providers, specialty providers, and pharmacies alike. Its interoperability unlocks a holistic view of the patient’s healthcare journey. show more

iPatientCare Alternatives
ModMed - EHR Software


Intuitive Healthcare Software Solutions
(160 Ratings)

ModMed pricing: ModMed Offers Custom plan.

What is ModMed and how does it work?

Designed with three things in mind speed, convenience and adaptability innovative EHR architecture is built for doctors who want to move swiftly and easily through their day. Whether they are in the office or on the go, they have options for user that contain specialty-specific workflow and can even generate notes and automatically suggest codes and bills as finish the exam show more

ModMed Alternatives
CareCloud Charts - EHR Software

CareCloud Charts

(1 Ratings)

CareCloud Charts pricing: CareCloud Charts Offers Custom plan.

What is CareCloud Charts and how does it work?

Get all of the tools need to deliver better patient care – from managing patient flow to ePrescribing – with complete certified EHR. Charts, EHR software, also integrates seamlessly with CareCloud Central, practice management system, for a single clinical, administrative and financial solution. In addition to simplifying clinical handoffs, CareCloud also features patient engagement and clinical reporting tools that allow to drive better patient outcomes. show more

CareCloud Charts Alternatives
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