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Updated on: September 23, 2020
Fireflies.ai Conversation tracking platform
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Fireflies.ai Alternatives and Competitors

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A comprehensive list of competitors and best alternatives to Fireflies.ai.

Top 5 Fireflies.ai Alternatives


Conduct surveys efficiently
(18 Ratings)

Polly is a survey management software that is created for Slack and Microsoft Teams. Polly helps the users to get timely feedback from the right people at the right time. It provides a frictionless authoring and survey taking experience to the user irrespective of whether they are on Slack or on... read more


Voice and AI Solutions for Hourly Employees

Theatro is a voice and ai solution for hourly employees. Theatro’s conversational computing platform brings it all together. It’s an extensible and API-rich platform that allows workforce-optimized apps to seamlessly interact with systems for order management, human capital management, task... read more


The new way of running sales and distribution
(38 Ratings)

Vymo is a personal assistant app for enterprise sales or service teams. It predicts what a rep or manager should do next, detects whether this has happened, and links this to downstream metrics to drive better predictions. Vymo has helped some of the world's largest enterprise field teams get... read more


Instant subscription for paid Slack communities

InviteRobot provides recurring payments and automatic invites to the slack team immediately after they paid.

Standup Bot

A Bot for Slack Teams
(1 Ratings)

Standup Bot software is a platform used to manage teams to stay accountable and to automate workflow. Collaborate with your team members to track goals, and removes roadblocks. View reports, manage member status, change settings, or add a new standup for another channel via Dashboard. Small, Medium... read more

Products Similar to Fireflies.ai


Popular automation tool for teams to improve their productivity
(4 Ratings)

DailyBot is an automating tool that helps individuals to facilitate automation for mundane tasks in order to focus on the cardinal aspects of a project. It enables users to run efficient stand-up meetings. They can get daily updates from team members irrespective of their time zone or geographical... read more


Ideal digital assistant for Agile project management

Troopr is a digital assistant that helps with conversational Agile project management for self-organizing teams that work with Slack. The process automation is helpful in planning for successful Agile practices such as project planning, tracking, reporting, and the likes. With Troopr, one can work... read more

Simple Poll

Create and manage polls effortlessly
(67 Ratings)

Simple Poll is a poll creating software that allows users to create polls where their colleagues can cast their votes. The poll helps users to get quick answers to questions. It saves a lot of time and human labour. There are zero chances of human error as the software automatically keeps track of... read more


Optimize calendars and focus on the work at hand
(18 Ratings)

Clockwise is a calendar assistant that assists users to optimize calendars and free up blocks. This helps one to devote time to what matters most like any strategic planning, research project or any other stuff. It helps in increasing focus time of users by 11 times. It largely takes care of the... read more

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