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ReferralCandy Affiliate marketing tool for digital stores

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Create referral programs for virality
(22 Ratings)

Prefinery pricing: Starts at $49.0. Offers Free-forever and Custom plan.

What is Prefinery and how does it work?

Prefinery is a comprehensive referral marketing software that helps businesses to boost their leads through various referral programs. It is a customer acquisition platform for brands, helping them make individuals aware of their new product launches. The platform provides accurate solutions for running a pre-launch waitlist campaign. show more

Prefinery Alternatives
Smile.io - Customer Advocacy Software


Turn customer acquisitions into a rewarding brand community with ease
(39 Ratings)

Smile.io pricing: Starts at $49.0. Offers Free-forever plan.

What is Smile.io and how does it work?

Smile.io is the world’s largest loyalty points provider for scaling e-commerce businesses. It helps organisations build exciting reward programs for their customers and currently caters to over 50,000 merchants across the globe. The platform also turns out to be helpful for businesses to boost their repeat purchases by enabling customers to collect redeemable points on various websites via a real-time rewards panel present within the same. Smile.io comes armed with a variety of exciting features, allowing its users generate a shopping experience true to their designs. Smile UI lets users design an on-site experience for their websites that is intuitive and light. Smile for admins helps users manage various rewards and loyalty programs in a seamless manner by adding adequate changes without throwing the rhythm off the entire page. Ultimately, real-time integration with third-party portals like Mailchimp, Privy, Gorgias, Okendo, and Kalviyo, lets users develop marketing strategies that improve the site-surfing experience and garners a community of satisfied customers. show more

ReferralCandy vs Smile.io | Smile.io Alternatives
Refersion - Affiliate Marketing Software
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Affiliate marketing solution on the cloud
(17 Ratings)

Refersion pricing: Starts at $89.0. Offers Custom plan.

What is Refersion and how does it work?

Refersion affiliate marketing software helps you to manage, track and improve the network for better business promotion. This software comes integrated with countless popular websites. It comes with robust analytics. With real time click tracking capabilities users will get to learn the time a sale is made or a link is clicked, and also be informed whenever a commision has been generated. Refersion affiliate managing and tracking software eases and enhances the campaign management procedures. The powerful analytics present help in taking more efficient and informed decisions. This software allows quickly generating and launching the user’s own promotional network. show more

ReferralCandy vs Refersion | Refersion Alternatives
Friendbuy - Customer Advocacy Software


Ensures effective customer acquisition
(3 Ratings)

Friendbuy pricing: Starts at $249.0. Offers Custom plan.

What is Friendbuy and how does it work?

Friendbuy is an intuitive referral marketing platform that accelerates customer acquisition and loyalty for the world’s most innovative brands. Referrals are the best channels for dynamic business growth including the highest LTV and lowest CPA. The platform’s refer-a-friend programs, offer unsurpassed ROI, expanding their reach and transforming customers into loyal and engaged brand advocates. Growth marketers use this platform to refine user experience and boost revenue by rapidly testing and validating the factors that drive their customers to purchase and share. Friendbuy understands the importance of an interconnected ecosystem of marketing and automation tools. Once integrated, the team of Friendbuy makes it possible to connect it into data warehouses, subscription billing platforms, and business intelligence. Also, its best-in-class Customer Success and Onboarding Experts think out-of-the-box to get growth marketers going with best-practice implementations, run high-performing campaigns and referral contests. Friendbuy’s robust reporting and analytics suite reveal metrics that matter. Not only this referral marketing platform works with billion-dollar brands but also with startups. show more

ReferralCandy vs Friendbuy | Friendbuy Alternatives
Ambassador Referral Marketing - Customer Advocacy Software

Ambassador Referral Marketing

Referral Software Built for Marketers
(24 Ratings)

Ambassador Referral Marketing pricing: Ambassador Referral Marketing Offers Custom plan.

What is Ambassador Referral Marketing and how does it work?

Ambassador’s referral platform is built to help overcome the unique challenges facing your organization. Get more referrals, while keeping visitors on your site. Create a seamless, native, and most importantly, organic sharing experience right on your website. Bring your program to market quickly by leveraging smart segmentation, automating reward payouts, and utilizing our out-of-the-box eCommerce, CRM, and billing integrations. Keep your brand at the forefront of every interaction with complete white-labeling for a seamless referral program experience. show more

Ambassador Referral Marketing Alternatives

Products Similar to ReferralCandy

FirstPromoter - Customer Advocacy Software


Your personal manager
(20 Ratings)

FirstPromoter pricing: Starts at $49.0.

What is FirstPromoter and how does it work?

FirstPromoter is an all-in-one platform that enables SaaS companies to track, manage and optimize any type of recommendation-based marketing plan. It helps in launching referral and affiliate programs in minutes along with managing sales and the engagement rate of the audience. The platform assists you in launching your own referral and membership program, where you can complete all tasks in one minute. The company automatically tracks recurring and one-time charges, updates, cancellations and refunds, and adjusts commissions for any billing events, saving companies a lot of time. Through the customizable design of First Promoters, customers can have a beautiful "portal" where they can check their statistics, view their rewards and share referral links. You can also customize the company logo, background, borders, buttons, and text colors. The platform has a simple tracking system through which customers can easily track sales, as well as check discount ports and personalized referral emails or links. In case companies are looking for special benefits, they can log in via ID to contact the first promoters and check their value-added services. show more

FirstPromoter Alternatives
Tapfiliate - Customer Advocacy Software


Affiliate Tracking Software for E‑commerce and SaaS
(77 Ratings)

Tapfiliate pricing: Starts at $69.0. Offers Custom plan.

What is Tapfiliate and how does it work?

Tapfiliate is a tracking software for affiliate programs where users can create their own affiliate programs in minutes. It makes use of rewards and tracking while incentivizing the affiliates that users choose. It also sports advanced social media sharing, making it highly relevant for both E‑commerce and SaaS companies. The tool can be integrated within the existing technological ecosystem within minutes, including ecommerce tools such as Woocommerce, Shopify, Wordpress, and 30 more platforms. Recruiters can add affiliate links via an invite URL, either manually or via the SSO or API. Marketers can choose to send emails through Tapfiliate itself or create drip campaigns with their existing marketing tools. Info and content such as banners, text links, videos and social posts can be added to affiliates before they are shared. This provides complete brand control for users. Other handy features include Affiliate Autopilot, elegant tracking links, personalized codes for affiliates, and more. show more

ReferralCandy vs Tapfiliate | Tapfiliate Alternatives
Swagbucks - Customer Advocacy Software


Paid Online Surveys and Free Gift Cards
(26,775 Ratings)

Swagbucks pricing: Swagbucks Offers Custom plan.

What is Swagbucks and how does it work?

Swagbucks is the fun rewards program that gives you free gift cards and cash for the everyday things you already do online. Shop online, watch entertaining videos, search the web, answer surveys, and find great deals to earn points. Redeem your points for free gift cards to your favorite retailers like Amazon or Walmart, to name a few, or get cashback from PayPal. Watch entertaining videos and get free gift cards. Get free cards for playing games! You can earn SB points when you make in-game purchases through partners at GSN, or play original free games and earn randomly. show more

Swagbucks Alternatives
boomtime - Customer Advocacy Software


Word of Mouth Marketing for Small Business
(0 Ratings)

boomtime pricing: Starts at $595.0.

What is boomtime and how does it work?

boomtime believes that inside every small business is big business. Capture more leads from your website and optimize the customer journey to maximize the value of your visitors. Rainmakers manage their prospective clients, assigning ENGAGE nurturing campaigns with just a click. Mine your email system for the last year, adding contacts to your email list and CRM, then constantly monitor your email system for new contacts. show more

boomtime Alternatives
InviteReferrals - Customer Advocacy Software


Enable prominent business growth by completing real-time referral cycles
(1 Ratings)

InviteReferrals pricing: Starts at $79.0. Offers Custom plan.

What is InviteReferrals and how does it work?

InviteReferrals is the best referral software for mobile apps. It helps businesses to grow and acquire new customers through referral marketing. Trusted by more than 20,000 customers, many renowned brands have tasted the success of referral marketing through InviteReferrals software. Its usage is pretty simple. Customers need to invite friends through the referral program, and friends need to accept the invite and install the app. This referral software then sends coupons to the referrer over email for driving a referral install. The Referral Program Widgets adapt themselves automatically according to the platform like a tablet, desktop or mobile. Moreover, this software also features an intuitive customer referral program analytics which includes invites filtered by several referral channels. It tracks every step of the program, from shares to clicks to successful conversions. InviteReferrals also provides an editor that helps with a complete referral campaign designing and execution. InviteReferrals promises to deliver 65% new business and offers 16% higher lifetime value. show more

InviteReferrals Alternatives
Influitive - Customer Advocacy Software


Get customer-driven growth with Influitive
(341 Ratings)

Influitive pricing: Influitive Offers Custom plan.

What is Influitive and how does it work?

Influitive is a customer-advocacy software assisting in customer marketing that is developed specifically for B2B marketers. It makes it very simple for anybody to launch a company advocacy campaign that makes it ideal for both big and small businesses. Influitive can help B2B marketers capture customer enthusiasm and use it to improve marketing and sales efforts. It enables businesses to develop meaningful consumer connections, encouraging loyalty, trust, and collaboration in the quest for innovation. This software simplifies interaction and reporting by providing detailed onboarding and assistance. The content may be distributed via a variety of social media platforms, as well as by email in Influitive. Influitive is the greatest customer advocacy software, and it greatly helps you in developing your business by focusing on your customers. Their advocacy platform and a team of specialists assist the world's most successful firms in igniting, and any business should utilize it to expand via their most valuable asset, the customer. They offer a free trial version, very interactive customer assistance, and a wide range of premium plan options to opt from. show more

Influitive Alternatives
Extole - Customer Advocacy Software


An Innovative Referral Marketing Platform To Help Brands Create And Manage Their Refer-A-Friend Programs
(10 Ratings)

Extole pricing: Extole Offers Custom plan.

What is Extole and how does it work?

Extole is an effective online marketing platform that enables brands and businesses to get new customers through loyalty and referral programs and grow their business. The platform helps to identify and engage with advocates online and offline with creative and relevant rewards. The tool comes with pre-built sharing and referral templates including visual editing of the end-to-end referral content for an on-brand experience. It comes with personalized share codes and incentives to present efficient and attractive offers to the customers. The streamlined referral experience on the platform makes it easy for consumers to share. Users can handle multiple types of rewards, both internal and external. It allows brands to give rewards with coupons, gift cards, loyalty points, and much more with the help of an automatic reward engine. Businesses and brands can delight their customers with the tested reward offers and provide support for international rewards as well. The tool allows brands to customize rewards for each campaign and to track which incentive works better. show more

Extole Alternatives
Referral Rock - Customer Advocacy Software

Referral Rock

Referral Marketing Software for Any Business
(69 Ratings)

Referral Rock pricing: Starts at $200.0.

What is Referral Rock and how does it work?

Referral Rock is a marketing tool that empowers companies to leverage the benefits of referral marketing by automating the ask. With a pack of handy features that are aimed at saving time, it is possible to launch full-fledged campaigns within days. Users can run various types of referral programs such as Refer a Friend Program, Partner Program, and Influencer Marketing Program. Friend referrals include two-sided rewards for both the referral and the friend. Partners use their connections to introduce users to new customers, while Influencers use their reach to give users greater brand awareness. Referral Rock easily integrates with the existing workflow of users with the help of refer-a-friend widgets, registration pages, and sign up processes with Facebook and Google. Members of all referral programs can also be effectively engaged with statistics of their impact, notifications of activities, and email campaigns that keep them posted. show more

Referral Rock Alternatives
ExpertVoice - Customer Advocacy Software


Find out the right recommender for your brand
(13 Ratings)

ExpertVoice pricing: ExpertVoice Offers Custom plan.

What is ExpertVoice and how does it work?

ExpertVoice is an online advocacy marketing platform that is designed to boost product awareness and drive sales for business houses. Through this platform, organisations get access to the world's largest community of powerful product experts, and get their brands advocated across multiple channels. ExpertVoice allows businesses to transform retail sales associates into knowledgeable advocates for their brand by training them with first hand surveys and product experiences. The software also helps in driving sell-in and sell-through for individual products. With the e-commerce advocacy module, enterprises can get credentialed expert advocates to curate product reviews for them. They get to collaborate with influential experts, who can put products on test and offer detailed reviews about the same. This way brands get to generate a power-packed e-commerce experience for themselves, teamed with enhanced sales and decreased returns. ExpertVoice also creates a connection between brands and experts, possessing detailed knowledge about individual sectors. Organisations can launch product based campaigns to enhance product recommendations, besides authentic user reviews. show more

ExpertVoice Alternatives
Omnistar Affiliate Software - Customer Advocacy Software

Omnistar Affiliate Software

Feature-rich affiliate marketing software
(0 Ratings)

Omnistar Affiliate Software pricing: Starts at $47.0.

What is Omnistar Affiliate Software and how does it work?

Omnistar affiliate marketing software comes with social share widgets to helps users give a boost to their business promotion. The software provides room for smart business rewards like coupons, commissions, gift cards, discounts etc. Auto signup feature is available too for helping customers to become affiliates and do brand advocacy. Personalizable “Thank You” pages (contest and referral programs are run here) can facilitate recruiting more affiliates/brand advocates. Omnistar enjoys the support of many popular platforms. It features email templates, click targeting capabilities in real time and robust analytics to reach quality decisions. show more

ReferralCandy vs Omnistar Affiliate Software | Omnistar Affiliate Software Alternatives
Mention Me - Customer Advocacy Software

Mention Me

Engage customers and maximise lifetime value
(15 Ratings)

Mention Me pricing: Mention Me Offers Custom plan.

What is Mention Me and how does it work?

Mention Me is a referral marketing solution that aims to help medium to large businesses acquire new customers through refer-a-friend programs. Furthermore, there is a feature that is unique to the referral marketing platform. This feature is called “Name Sharing.” In this feature, a customer or a buyer of a particular product online shares a marketing offer, using his or her name, with a friend. This feature of Mention Me is also known as word-of-mouth marketing, which helps users acquire new customers and nurture loyal customers through capturing real-world conversations. show more

Mention Me Alternatives
Wooly Platform - Customer Advocacy Software

Wooly Platform

A customer advocacy software.
(17 Ratings)

Wooly Platform pricing: Wooly Platform Offers Custom plan.

What is Wooly Platform and how does it work?

Wooly is a cloud-based marketing management tool that enables businesses to communicate with customers on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to raise brand awareness. It enables you to form partnerships with your most dependable clients to raise awareness and increase sales. Wooly allows you to launch advocacy campaigns, generate captivating content, write reviews, and more to encourage your consumers to express their brand affinity. You may learn who all these people are and what they're saying about your business, allowing you to start creating stronger relationships and achieving tangible outcomes. It enables you to do more with your affiliated athletes, influencers, and sports marketing partners, from established stars to up-and-comers. You can easily empower super-users and customers to become brand advocates and influencers. Ambassadors are far more effective at driving traffic and purchases than ads and search engines because they adore your brand. Ambassador marketing is a far more cost-effective method than traditional digital advertising, with a higher return on investment. show more

Wooly Platform Alternatives
GrowSurf - Customer Advocacy Software


Create intelligent referrals for increased customer retention
(0 Ratings)

GrowSurf pricing: Starts at $775.0. Offers Custom plan.

What is GrowSurf and how does it work?

GrowSurf is undoubtedly the best referral software for technology companies and sectors alike. The software makes it increasingly convenient to automate customer acquisition while involving the lowest possible costs a B2B or a B2C can afford for the same. GrowSurf has been specially designed keeping in mind the modern-day companies that require instant referral solutions. Growing B2B SaaS becomes a lot more engaging and easier with referral programs that also garner a large number of customers attracted mainly to the offers. The GrowSurf software works as a background application and keeps tracking active referrals in real-time by attaching itself to the client’s sign-up flow. Automated rewards make the process execution faster and with GrowSurf’s advanced integrations, clients can subject their customers to entirely automated gift cards, monthly and weekly discounts, cash payouts/cashback and significant account credits simply with a few clicks. The list of recipients for these rewards can always be modified and updated according to real-time requirements. show more

ReferralCandy vs GrowSurf | GrowSurf Alternatives
Referral SaaSquatch - Customer Advocacy Software

Referral SaaSquatch

Promotions, referrals and loyalty program management made seamless
(26 Ratings)

Referral SaaSquatch pricing: Starts at $1250.0. Offers Custom plan.

What is Referral SaaSquatch and how does it work?

Referral SaaSquatch is a loyalty, referrals and rewards management platform that companies use to reward their brand advocates, build loyal communities and enhance revenue growth. At this platform, companies can create, monitor and segregate intuitive loyalty programs to turn their best customers into long-term advocates. In addition, companies can also create individualised loyalty programs based on customers’ behaviour and purchase history. Robust insights and detailed analytics offered by Referral SaaSquatch, showcases individual loyalty programs that have been proven beneficial. These analytics can also be used to detect intuitive channels and locations suitable for creating effective marketing strategies. Also, stringent privacy policies abided by Referral SaaSquatch helps companies to keep their referral, partner and other loyalty programs completely safe and compliant, throughout. Moreover, GDPR, SOC 2 and EU Privacy Commission compliance mechanism followed by the same greatly reduces all chances of fraud and data loss in an efficient manner. show more

Referral SaaSquatch Alternatives
Perkville - Customer Advocacy Software


Accurate reward and referral structuring solution
(17 Ratings)

Perkville pricing: Perkville Offers Custom plan.

What is Perkville and how does it work?

Perkville is an all-in-one referral and reward management solution for brands, associated with multiple business sectors. Users can leverage the portal to generate custom reward services for their clients, which will also bring out the uniqueness of their business. They can set multiple earning rules like referring friends, taking classes or posting on social media sites to get the process rolling. Moreover, Perkville with its intuitive point redemption facility lets brands offer rewards, specific to their business, generate single-use and multi-use coupon codes and add in rewards from other companies as well. A flexible location-based hierarchy system deployed by the software lets businesses organize location-specific management and reporting tasks. Admins can even specify fixed locations eligible for certain kinds of reward programs and promotions. Rewards subjected to attacks by cybercriminals or hackers are offered enhanced protection. An integrated IP restriction feature stops managers and admins from accessing the software offsite. show more

Perkville Alternatives
Antavo - Customer Advocacy Software


Loyalty management platform
(3 Ratings)

Antavo pricing: Antavo Offers Custom plan.

What is Antavo and how does it work?

Antavo delivers a comprehensive loyalty program technology for omnichannel and eCommerce, combined with next-gen in-store functionalities. Drive any business KPI you need. Build a loyal community, increase your social media presence, and even discover brand advocates. In addition to strong eCommerce capabilities, Antavo offers a variety of in-store technologies, including the Mobile Wallet and the Loyalty Experience Kiosk. Share your values and establish long-lasting brand love by rewarding customers for recycling, interacting with your products, writing reviews, or referring friends. show more

Antavo Alternatives
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