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Updated on: September 27, 2022
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Top 5 Acorns Alternatives

Robinhood - Investment Portfolio Management Software


Commission-free Stock Trading & Investing App
(3,465 Ratings)

Robinhood pricing: Robinhood Offers Custom plan.

What is Robinhood and how does it work?

Robinhood is on a mission to democratize finance for all. They believe it should work for everyone and not just a few. Customize your portfolio with pieces of different companies and funds to help reduce risk. Trades placed during market hours are executed at that time, so you’ll always know the share price. Advanced traders can execute more sophisticated strategies like iron condors, straddles, strangles, and more. show more

Robinhood Alternatives
Seeking Alpha - Investment Portfolio Management Software

Seeking Alpha

Stock Market Analysis & Tools for investors
(0 Ratings)

Seeking Alpha pricing: Starts at $null. Offers Custom plan.

What is Seeking Alpha and how does it work?

Seeking Alpha provides investors with breaking news, analysis and newsletters to follow their investments and the market. We also have a suite of subscription plans that address specific investing styles and user needs.

Seeking Alpha Alternatives
Morningstar Office - Investment Portfolio Management Software

Morningstar Office

Remake your workday in a seamless manner with Morningstar Office
(28 Ratings)

Morningstar Office pricing: Morningstar Office Offers Custom plan.

What is Morningstar Office and how does it work?

Morningstar Office is an all in one accounting and portfolio management solution for businesses and their daily work. Starting from performance reporting, billing, rebalancing and back-office task monitoring to accounts aggregation tool and independent data and research process streamlining activities, it can be used for all. Accountants can depend on the platform to streamline ‘what-if’ analysis based on various market movements and an exclusive scenario analysis tool made available by the same. Detailed insights offered by Morningstar Office, helps businesses to curate a quick overview of the latest events, trends and thought leadership on the go. Moreover, Morningstar Office and its interactive portal facilitate seamless communication between individual organisations and their clients, besides staying focused on scheduled goals. Also, the software and its expertise over regular data importation and reconciliation facilities, help businesses concentrate on security selection, client management and marketing related stuff. Active integration with third-party platforms like eMoney, 4U, HiddenLevers, Flyer and more assures seamless business process management. show more

Morningstar Office Alternatives
Morningstar Direct - Investment Portfolio Management Software

Morningstar Direct

An Investment Analysis Рlаtfоrm
(23 Ratings)

Morningstar Direct pricing: Morningstar Direct Offers Custom plan.

What is Morningstar Direct and how does it work?

Morningstar Direct сentrаlizes institutional-strength data, рrорrietаry аnаlytiсs, and in-depth investment research in one рlаtfоrm. It helps in орtimizing your investment рrосess whether you need to select, сreаte, or market investments or if you’re а оne-рersоn shор, it does а bit of everything from finding the right investments to sitting down with clients for you. For investment рrоfessiоnаls соmmitted to delivering on investor оbjeсtives in an infоrmаtiоn-sаturаted and соnstаntly evolving market, Morningstar Direct helps drive informed decisions through brоаd and emerging data, independent research, роrtfоliо аnаlytiсs, and customized reроrting. Morningstar Direct users can apply benchmarks and ranking аnаlysis to monitor the performance of custom-grоuр investments and to drive manager selection and peer evaluation to соnduсt due diligence at sсаle. It is a software platform that рrоvides data and analytics to help рrоfеssіоnаl investment managers сrаft new рrоduсts and роrtfоliоs. The product is mainly сlоud-bаsed. Morningstar Direсt’s рriсing is bаsed оn the number оf liсenses рurсhаsed. Fоr сlients, the соmраny generаlly сhаrges аn аnnuаl fee оf $17,500 fоr the first user, $11,000 fоr the second user, аnd $9,500 for eасh аdditiоnаl user. show more

Morningstar Direct Alternatives
KoreConX - Investment Portfolio Management Software


All-in-one Platform used to manage Capital Market Activities
(1 Ratings)

KoreConX pricing: KoreConX Offers Custom plan.

What is KoreConX and how does it work?

KoreConX software is a platform used to manage all digital asset management providing real-time equity and debt information. It is a secure platform with dashboard for managing all investments, portfolio tracking and optimizing exposure management with reports in real-time. Integrate directly with funding, legal and compliance resources for immediate access. Manage, and measure investors to build better relationships with your investors. Investors, Small, Medium and Large companies make use of the software. show more

KoreConX Alternatives

Products Similar to Acorns

Personal Capital - Investment Portfolio Management Software

Personal Capital

Get going with seamless financial management and decision making
(0 Ratings)

Personal Capital pricing: Personal Capital Offers Custom plan.

What is Personal Capital and how does it work?

Personal Capital is a personal wealth management platform dedicated to helping clients manage their finances by enabling them to seek assistance from expert advisors. This portfolio tracker is all that is required to monitor all accounts related to finance i.e. bank accounts, stocks, investments and retirement funds. A detailed and interactive dashboard makes it convenient to get access to relevant tools and features, while Cash Flow graphs help keep a track of income and expenditure. Further, users are also provided access to professionally monitored ETF portfolios and reviews on request and state of the art digital services. This ensures minimum risk and maximum returns which are ultimately beneficial for meeting financial goals. Personal Capital’s strict privacy policy ensures the safekeeping of uploaded data in an encrypted format. Thanks to its simple user interface and easy device adaptability, Personal Capital has become a favourite among 2.8 million people worldwide. show more

Personal Capital Alternatives
Sharesight - Investment Portfolio Management Software


Online Stock Portfolio Tracker And Reporting Platform For Investors
(218 Ratings)

Sharesight pricing: Starts at $12.0. Offers Free-forever plan.

What is Sharesight and how does it work?

Sharesight is a leading tool that tracks stock prices, dividends, trades, performance, and tax. It’s a leading and helpful online tool for tracking and reporting stocks. The platform lets users track their holdings, mutual funds, and stocks all in one place. Investors can import trading history and watch dividends, and stock splits are incorporated automatically. It allows users to see a list of all dividends and distributions over any period. Impact of dividends on total returns at both levels – holding and portfolio, can also be seen easily. Users can easily track DRPs/DRIPs and impact on portfolio performance and growth using the tool. With the taxable income report, investors can see all distributions, dividends, and interest payments that are broken up by local and foreign income. Investors can use the performance report to view dollar and percentage returns of open or closed positions. It helps users organize holdings by preset groupings like industry and market, or even their custom groups. show more

Sharesight Alternatives
Assetmax - Investment Portfolio Management Software


Streamline your business with Assetmax
(1 Ratings)

Assetmax pricing: Assetmax Offers Custom plan.

What is Assetmax and how does it work?

Assetmax is a wealth management software for independent asset managers, banks, and family offices, providing multi-custody portfolio management, invoicing, client relationship management and reporting services. Assetmax is a reputable solution that is utilised by several wealth managers and institutions. Also, the software helps with efficient data processing and link-based multi custody solution. Since 2016, Assetmax has been used by independent asset managers and banks. Furthermore, the software provides real-time integration with third-party solutions, enabling additional functionality and programmable through APIs. Assetmax offers a wide range of services, allowing the clients to reach their goals. The implementation of a wealth management platform is a project that encompasses and may transform the whole firm. Assetmax discovers and, where feasible, automatically corrects, enriches, and normalises data before loading it into the business account. Moreover, the platform has a support team that helps customers take full advantage of its functionality. Detailed training sessions are also available. show more

Assetmax Alternatives
Croesus Advisor - Investment Portfolio Management Software

Croesus Advisor

Manage and prioritise clients’ portfolios just the way you like
(3 Ratings)

Croesus Advisor pricing: Croesus Advisor Offers Custom plan.

What is Croesus Advisor and how does it work?

Croesus Advisor is a reliable portfolio management software that helps companies deliver exceptional services to their clients and boost productivity levels simultaneously. The portfolio management software turns out of great use in prioritising client communication, getting access to client-specific positions and history in just a few clicks, besides deciding upon business-relevant data in real-time. Businesses can even depend on the same to optimise portfolios. The software helps them to get access to clients’ holdings, assets, risk allocation and history in no time. Besides, Croesus Advisor even helps businesses follow and adapt to differential regulatory changes, where they get to make divisions between time and money, process risk rating feed (external) and conduct compliance reviews with an investment objective or policy as per need. Other notable functionalities loaded within goes as, performance calculation, client wise accounts management, compliance verification, business process identification and more. show more

Croesus Advisor Alternatives
MProfit - Investment Portfolio Management Software


MProfit makes Portfolio management a child’s game
(5 Ratings)

MProfit pricing: MProfit Offers Free-forever plan.

What is MProfit and how does it work?

MProfit is a portfolio management software designed for investors and financial managers. MProfit allows managing all portfolios through a single platform. Moreover, data from over 700 brokers and financial institutions can be transferred to the software for generating useful insights and procuring capital gains in an ITR format. As far as data importing is concerned, the format in which a particular data exists is seldom an issue of concern. Notes, back-office files for Stocks, Mutual Fund CAS Statements and e-NPS statements from Karvy or NSDL, anything and everything can be transferred with ease using MProfit. Further, it can also be used to import files saved in disparate formats, for instance, those in PDF, Excel, HTML, CSV and TXT versions. The software as a whole act as a complete portfolio manager, offering ample services for managing investments in Stocks, F&O, Mutual Funds, Bonds, Fixed Deposits, NPS, AIS and more. These portfolios can be further grouped under categories for viewing consolidated holdings. For advisors, it becomes extremely convenient to maintain client investments in category-wise and family-wise portfolios. show more

MProfit Alternatives
Riskturn - Investment Portfolio Management Software


Shelter from risk
(0 Ratings)

Riskturn pricing: Starts at $null. Offers Custom plan.

What is Riskturn and how does it work?

Riskturn is a web application for strategic portfolio planning, enterprise risk management, and structured finance, boosted by a Monte Carlo Simulation. Evolve without disrupting approach.

Riskturn Alternatives
PMplus - Investment Portfolio Management Software


A solution to manage your wealth and assets
(0 Ratings)

PMplus pricing: PMplus Offers Custom plan.

What is PMplus and how does it work?

PMplus is a marketing-led, cloud-native investment portfolio management platform designed by industry specialists. It supplies you with a variety of wealth and asset manager/administrator solutions. You may manage a wide range of funds using PMplus, including audit fees, director fees, management fees, and performance fees. High Watermarks and Scales are two approaches for calculating fees. A user-friendly approach allows you to compute and recalculate your NAVs at any time. It offers wealth Managers a wide range of features, such as user-defined groups, onboarding, and migration tools, as well as digital reconciliation of custodian remarks with workflow, productivity, and risk analytics. You get 'board quality' reports in the language/character set of your choice. It can be used by administrators, custodians, and trustees as the asset account record-keeper. Their solution engineers will collaborate closely with you to identify the ideal setup for your business, including connection with your current international infrastructure and procedures. Additionally, they can provide Trustees with solutions such as shadow NAV accounting and compliance reporting in cases when several administrators need to be combined. show more

PMplus Alternatives
Stratosphere.io - Investment Portfolio Management Software


Powerful Investment Research Platform
(0 Ratings)

Stratosphere.io pricing: Starts at $19.99. Offers Free-forever plan.

What is Stratosphere.io and how does it work?

All-in-one platform for financial data, company specific metrics, company research and beautiful data visualizations for investors. Ten years of financial data and beautiful visualizations on North American stocks. Get company specific metrics and KPIs for growing coverage that won't find anywhere else saving hours searching through filings. show more

Stratosphere.io Alternatives
AIRR - Investment Portfolio Management Software


Let the issues related to investments be taken care of by AIRR
(0 Ratings)

AIRR pricing: AIRR Offers Custom plan.

What is AIRR and how does it work?

AIRR is a go-to SaaS solution that can be used to streamline investment management. It consolidates important data from either front or back-office systems and generates strategies to seamlessly fit it within the investment programs to be followed by individual clients. Moreover, it helps users to manage a variety of investment routines from a single platform thus making the entire process a lot easier. This in turn enables the fund management team to work efficiently and stay in the loop with other departments. There is a lot in store for the investors on AIRR who, to begin with, are updated with real-time data and a visual reporting tool that evaluates their investments. For the analysts, they get quite some scope to set up a valuation and analysis process, stay updated with the pipeline and generate brand new opportunities for investment. AIRR further makes it convenient for legal experts and officers to manage detailed records and keep a track of all KYC documents. As far as the job of accountants is concerned, they can easily create reports and keep a track of the financial metrics on every level individually. show more

AIRR Alternatives
Ziggma - Investment Portfolio Management Software


Manage your investments in a smarter way to get better results
(9 Ratings)

Ziggma pricing: Ziggma Offers Custom plan.

What is Ziggma and how does it work?

Ziggma is an investment portfolio and risk management software, which helps private investors retain complete control over the investments they make. Users can easily link their investment accounts into the software to benefit from a suite of optimisation and monitoring tools. In-built ETF screener offered by the solution helps users identify the best ETFs and stocks available within the market. Ziggma features a variety of investment portfolio management tools like account aggregation, portfolio analytics, portfolio optimization and more. Professional-grade fundamental data provided by the platform helps users benefit from industry-specific KPIs for insurance, banking and real estate. The software sends real-time alerts, notifying users according to pre-scheduled metrics and recent changes within the market trends. Investors can even go through model portfolios to benchmark their personal goals and find new inspirations. Proprietary scoring system within ZIggma, helps users select the top-graded companies, enhancing their overall investment returns. show more

Ziggma Alternatives
Tykr - Investment Portfolio Management Software


(0 Ratings)

Tykr pricing: Starts at $15.83. Offers Custom plan.

What is Tykr and how does it work?

Tykr is an all-in-one stock screener and education platform. It assists you in reducing risk and managing your own investments throughout your entire investing journey. Tykr's grading methodology is simple to comprehend, and it explains why a stock is labeled On Sale (possible purchase), Watch, or Overpriced (potential sell). This provides you the confidence to take the next step and establishes you as an expert when you share your knowledge with family, friends, and other investors. Tykr is an investment management tool that includes a stock screener and information platform. Tykr's grading methodology is simple to comprehend, and it explains why a stock is labeled On Sale (possible purchase), Watch, or Overpriced (potential sell). This provides you the confidence to take the next step and establishes you as an expert when you share your knowledge with family, friends, and other investors. show more

Tykr Alternatives
Aikido Finance - Investment Portfolio Management Software

Aikido Finance

Build a portfolio in minutes
(0 Ratings)

Aikido Finance pricing: Lifetime deal starts at $59

What is Aikido Finance and how does it work?

Long-term algorithmic trading tactics can be found at Aikido Finance. They offer a library of evidence-based solutions that they have tried over the last two decades. You can create a portfolio in minutes with Aikido and integrate it with your broker to live trade a strategy. Their goal is to democratize Wall Street and make quantitative investing accessible to the general public. There is no code, no hidden costs, and no entrance hurdles! Quantitative investment has a high entry hurdle. It necessitates a significant amount of financial and coding expertise, as well as funds and time. The goal of Aikido Finance is to address this issue. We offer a library of quantitative strategies that customers can utilize to build a portfolio in under 5 minutes. Aikido Finance is ideal for millennials who want to build their own investment portfolio utilizing a disciplined manner. Aikido allows you to develop your portfolio in a methodical, mathematical, rules-based manner. Select from a variety of stock and cryptocurrency investment ideas. Find the greatest stocks with this robust stock screener and research center. show more

Aikido Finance Alternatives
Jika.io - Investment Portfolio Management Software


The investing platform built by retail investors
(0 Ratings)

Jika.io pricing: Starts at $5.99. Offers Free-forever plan.

What is Jika.io and how does it work?

Choose between easy, medium or hard challenges and put investing and valuation skills to the test. Take on more difficult challenges as progress. Analyze the financial statements, understand the company's performance, use web search engine to retrieve relevant information for a better valuation.

Jika.io Alternatives
Shootih - Investment Portfolio Management Software


Make investments in a single click
(0 Ratings)

Shootih pricing: Shootih Offers Custom plan.

What is Shootih and how does it work?

Investment opportunities for Business’s idle cash. Make investments in a single click. 360 degree view of investment holding along with gain tracking. Real-time view of incoming and outgoing transactions for multiple business bank accounts all in one place.

Shootih Alternatives
Claritus - Investment Portfolio Management Software


Clearing the Investment Fog
(0 Ratings)

Claritus pricing: Starts at $12.5.

What is Claritus and how does it work?

Investors live in a constant fog today by not having visibility of their entire wealth. Claritus combines past insights and today's portfolio, so user always know that user know. Claritus is the platform every investor needs to make decisions with clarity and confidence. They keep the privacy and security in mind at all times. Claritus is designed to meet the highest bank-grade security standards. With Claritus, all of thr information is secure and encrypted at all times. show more

Claritus Alternatives
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