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Updated on: November 28, 2021

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Failing to ensure and enhance the user experience can lead to business stagnation and eventually its downfall. User Experience (UX) denotes the way a person feels while interacting with a website, desktop or web application, etc. UX software helps in assessing the overall impression the person develops from the system interaction; the process they undergo to find your business products and the action sequence they follow while interacting. The knowledge of these will help to retain the existing clients and also turn potential customers into actual buyers online by improving the user experience of your website or application.

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Most Popular UX Software

The Most Popular Software award is given to the SaaS products with the highest presence across social media, web search and user reviews.


Userlytics is a remote user testing platform that allows individuals and companies to test their websites, prototypes, mobile apps and even competitors' assets. It helps them to optimise their services to customers, user interface and overall experience. Userlytics comes with advanced video capture... read more

Userlytics also won


UserZoom is an Insight Management platform for digital teams, helping them gather, share and analyse CX and UX insights across the business to generate useful products. It helps companies schedule criteria related to digital experience performance, monitor it over time, compare it with the... read more

UserZoom also won


Lookback is a powerful user research software that helps businesses monitor the usage levels of their own apps and websites. The platform can be used to interview customers situated in different parts of the globe and then gain valuable insights. Apart from scheduling interviews, brands can even... read more

Lookback also won


PlaybookUX is the easiest way to find out how users interact with a company's product. Businesses can get fast, comprehensive AI analyzed video feedback that helps them create a feature-based product liked by the target audience. Advanced recruiting techniques and screening questions used by... read more

PlaybookUX also won


UsabilityHub is a comprehensive user testing and usability research platform that helps developers to find design issues early, preventing them from wasting time and effort. Users can assess the effectiveness of the links and content hierarchy by measuring how people complete tasks using their... read more

UsabilityHub also won

Optimal Workshop

Optimal Workshop is an advanced User Experience (UX) research solution that provides businesses with intuitive user research tools to improve the UX of their websites, apps, products and prototypes. The platform comes with a card sorting feature that helps users to discover how people... read more

Optimal Workshop also won


Dovetail is a reliable customer experience software as well as qualitative data analysis tool. As a data analysis tool, it comes loaded with suitable features like annotations, text analytics, data visualization and it can support multiple languages. This software helps in conducting sentimental... read more

Dovetail also won


UserBob is a usability testing platform that helps businesses to test their apps or websites. It recruits people and provides them with a task to perform on the app or website under testing. These recruited people record their screens and offer their unbiased reviews after completion of the task. UserBob catches the first impression of the participants. They can decide within a minute whether they want to move to an alternating website or not. This helps website creators to remove the things from the website that are making the participants look for an alternative. At UserBob, developers can choose how many participants they want and how... read more


Capian is an all-in-one UI and UX review software, that helps users capture UI errors on any website and post reviews easily. It includes services like categorising errors, team sharing and input which allow for quick access to the reviews. The browser extension is packed with incredible features... read more

Capian also won


Centralize all your research data, improve collaboration, standardize your research process and share insights easily. Keep your classification system organized. Manage tags, properties and labels easily. Data security and privacy compliance. Trusted by private and public companies all over the... read more

EnjoyHQ also won