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Updated on: January 25, 2022

School Management Software

Administering an educational institute or an academic organization of any type and size is not a child’s play. All aspects of a school management process need to be handled smartly and systematically for smooth operation. A school management software ensures it by automating, streamlining and simplifying the management process.

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Most Popular School Management Software

The Most Popular Software award is given to the SaaS products with the highest presence across social media, web search and user reviews.


PowerSchool is a consolidated edutech software where the entire ecosystem functions differently. The technology is unified at every stage, from back-office to classroom to home, thus bringing everyone at the same level to unlock the students' potential. This platform works as a bridge between... read more

PowerSchool also won


Ellucian school management or administration software comes packed with many higher education supporting and admission features. Users of this software can manage a pool of applications for colleges as well as universities. The tool helps in doing recruitment management, forms management, financial... read more

Ellucian also won


Gradelink is an impressive student information management software that helps schools to optimize their operation, reduce policy implementation time, and enhance enrollment levels. School admins can use the software to customize daily or period-wise attendance, uncover analytical insights into... read more

Gradelink also won

Skyward School Management

Skyward School Management comes complemented with a suite of faculties, parents and school administration features.The software helps in reviewing and evaluating school progress against set standards, in a paperless form. With the use of this tool, you can add simplicity and transparency to your... read more

Skyward School Management also won

SAF School Management Software

SAF School Management Software is able to manage every aspect of school management and can streamline the processes easily.It is highly suitable for all primary, secondary, nursery and K-12 schools.It is appropriately designed with school accounting features as well.The school management features... read more

SAF School Management Software also won


RenWeb helps ensure efficient school administration with its 300+ core features and robust integrated solutions.It provides web-based school management solution to educational institutes of any type and size.It provides tool for effective classroom management, setup process and turnkey data... read more

RenWeb also won


Classe 365 uses a cloud-based SIS (student information system) and LMS learning management software ideal for the educational organization. They accumulate the LMS, and SIS features to offer the students a forward-thinking education and efficiently manage their alumni and course content with... read more

Classe365 also won


Alma is a School Management System used to make data-driven decisions. The software provides Standards-Based Gradebook, Blended Learning, and Google Classroom Integration for students. Small, Medium and Large companies make use of the software.

Alma also won


Fedena is a school management software that comes richly featured with almost all essential school administration features, which can help automating and organizing college and school administrative tasks. Fedena encourages maximum possible parent teacher collaboration, does fee management and... read more

Fedena also won

Web School ERP

Web School ERP is a mobile app that aims to make the management of schools easier. Web School ERP has a dashboard where you can access all relevant information about the school in one place. Web School ERP is organized according to modules, with modules for students, parents, and teachers. Teachers have a special portal within Web School ERP, which allows them to manage a variety of tasks. This includes attendance, class schedule, grading, absenteeism, assessments, eliminating lateness subject notices, creating monthly reports, and administrative duties. Parents can monitor the performance of their children, with metrics including exam... read more