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Updated on: August 14, 2022

API Management Software

Mobiles and systems without suitable apps are of a little use to anyone. Application Program Interface (API) can be defined as a set of protocols, routines, and tools for creating software and applications. API Management involves designing, deploying and maintaining APIs in a secure and scalable environment. A suitable enriched software is necessary to ensure sound and efficient API management. An API Management Software adds ease, efficiency, and security to the management process.

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Most Worthy API Management Software

SaaSworthy's Most Worthy Software award is based on SW score of the SaaS product. Top 3 products with highest SW score in a specific category are honored with the award.


Postman is a collaborative and scalable tool for API development. It’s highly accessible and users only need to log in to their accounts to access files remotely. Organizing test suites is made easy as collections can be created for API calls. Each collection can have multiple requests and... read more

Postman also won

WSO2 API Manager

WSO2 API Manager is an open source tool that helps users with complete end to end API lifecycle management, monetization, and policy enforcement. It is a part of a larger ecosystem of WSO2, known as the Integration Agile Platform. The tool can be used to simplify the operations of projects that... read more

WSO2 API Manager also won


Stoplight is an API Design, Docs, Mocking, and Testing tool that uses OpenAPI documents to aid the API development process. With the help of a visual and collaborative editor, developers can manage OpenAPI (Swagger) with 10x faster turnaround time. Consistent and standardized REST APIs can be... read more

Stoplight also won