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Updated on: May 15, 2021
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Full-stack UX prototyping platform.
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UXPin is a cloud-based prototyping platform to create and visualize interactive designs. It is a powerful design tool with bundle of built-in user interface libraries. It allows the user to prototype using built-in interactions and animations.In addition, you can customize the elements by using CSS code. This software supports seamless collaboration that allows co-design in the same prototype, which brings the client into the process in order to comment directly on the elements. In addition, it provides flexible workflow that turns photoshop design into prototypes. Since it preserves all photoshop and sketch layers there is no need for you to rebuild your prototype.

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UXPin Technical details

Support Business Hours Online Customer Type Individuals Large Enterprises Medium Business Small Business
API NA Location / Phone Number Gdansk, Poland / +1 855-223-9114
Deployment SaaS/Web/Cloud Mobile - Android Mobile - iOS Category UX Software

UXPin Pricing

Pricing ModelFree Trial , Subscription , Quotation Based
$19 /Month
Billed Yearly

$24 per editor per month billed Monthly

$19 per editor per month billed annually


  • Unlimited prototypes & reviewers
  • Interactions, animations & states
  • Version history
  • Export
  • Stakeholder approval
  • Comment assignment
  • Password protected preview
$29 /Month
Billed Yearly

$39 per editor per month billed Monthly

$29 per editor per month billed annually


  • Includes features of Basic plan, plus
  • Contextual documentation
  • Conditional logic
  • Expressions
  • Variables
$69 /Month
Billed Yearly

$83 per editor per month billed Monthly

$69 per editor per month billed annually


  • Includes features of Advanced plan, plus
  • Design systems
  • Roles & permissions
  • Priority support
  • Advanced security


  • Includes features of Advanced plan, plus
  • Design systems
  • Roles & permissions
  • Priority support
  • Training & onboarding
  • Advanced security
  • Unlimited users
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Disclaimer: The pricing details were last updated on 12/04/2018 from the vendor website and may be different from actual. Please confirm with the vendor website before purchasing.


UXPin is UX Software. UXPin offers the following functionalities:

  • Heatmaps
  • Animation
  • For Mobile
  • For Websites
  • Prototyping
  • Unmoderated Testing
  • Usability Testing
  • User Journeys
  • User Research

Learn more about UXPin features.

The pricing for UXPin starts at $24.00 per month. UXPin has 3 different plans:

  • Basic at $24.00 per month.
  • Advanced at $39.00 per month.
  • Professional at $83.00 per month.
    • UXPin also offers a custom plan based on the customer's request.

      Learn more about UXPin pricing.

No, UXPin does not offer a free plan.

Learn more about UXPin pricing.

No, UXPin does not provide API.

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UXPin Reviews

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Tiago MSource : g2crowd.com
(Reviewed on 28 May 2020)
"Fo sure, by far, the most complete layout and prototyping tool"

What do you like best?

I work on a very dynamic and plural team.

This means we need to get all the deliverables synced and updated for everybody.

UXPin simply allows doing this in a natural and automatic way.

Multiple designers (UI/UX), QAs, PMs, POs can access the file at the same time an see, in real-time, all the work being done.

They can add documentation, comments, approves, and do discovery in a seamless way.

The interactive prototypes can be done while working on the layout, by other team members.

And if you need to add conditional decision on the flux of your app/website, UXPin allows you to use variables.

Does the user is logged in? If so, goes to this way, if not, goes to this other way.

And the big triumph: the design system.

UXPin auto-create a complete design system based on your components from your layouts.

You can remove/add more instructions and elements from your design system and can share/protect the layouts, documentation, prototype, and design system with anyone.

So basically, you can do all the processes and management of your UI/UX project trough UXPin.

What do you dislike?

If I can suggest something, I would like to see the possibility to work offline and integrate with other tools like Zeplin, Lucidchart, and so on. Also, it would be amazing to have documentation more structured and customized. Some features should be available on low tier plans.

You guys are doing an amazing job listening to the users.

Recommendations to others considering the product:

The tool is easy to work and implement.

Check the needs and the plans because some features are available only on high tier plans.

But anytime you can contact the support and they will answer you super fast.

UXPin can easily replace almost any other UI tools you are using.

So you if are looking for comprehensive tools, UXPin probably is the ultimate one.

What problems are you solving with the product? What benefits have you realized?

We are building and managing the entire UX/UI project trough UXPin.

It's much, much faster, easier, and practical use of this tool to make the daily job.

Now we have much more time to focus on the strategic process and the "re-do" factor disappeared.

Willson DSource : g2crowd.com
(Reviewed on 20 April 2020)
"Fantastic Prototyping Toolset"

What do you like best?

UXPin is a great tool that our whole team uses to prototype and map out complex manufacturing processes with our customers. On any production floor the complexity and corner cases are numerous and UXPin allows us to work together with our customers to hash out all these issues through a clear UI/UX prior to going into building/customizing complex logic and software. This toolset helps shave mountains of time off of our software customization time and is a great tool to use repeatedly for all our processes.

What do you dislike?

Would be great if pricing was a bit lower as we're a small team and the costs are a bit high to use UXPin.

Recommendations to others considering the product:

Great toolset and certainly worthwhile using as it'll help shave a lot of time off from prototyping and working with customers. It might take a bit to learn at first but worth the investment in time and helps your team better collaborate and helps for a better client/vendor relationship. We've been using this for a lot of our complex customers that require a personal touch and their processes are extremely complex. Therefore in order for us to make sure that our solution is the perfect fit, we need a rapid way to be able to perform prototyping and to ensure that it's exactly what the customer needs. UXPin helps a lot with doing this.

What problems are you solving with the product? What benefits have you realized?

We're using UXPin to help tackle and reduce the need for software customization and rework which eats up a lot of our developers' time. By using UXPin, this allows for a very easy process of our project managers and deployment analysts to configure solutions together with the customer prior to it showing up in front of a developer's tasks. With this we see time savings and cost savings for our team to reduce the need for most rework and hassle with our customers over clarifications.

Lara CSource : g2crowd.com
(Reviewed on 17 April 2020)
"Definitely the best UX prototyping tools that I have used!"

What do you like best?

I started using UXPin in 2015 and I love that the tool keeps evolving and bringing new features over time. I think I've tried every prototyping that was in the market since 2008 and the only one that stayed with me that long was UXPin.

- Designing has been very easy, always providing updates and better ways of doing things

- I love the documentation because it allows me to document all my pages and elements while I'm working on them and I get to share them with the client.

- Revisions feature: I get to create as many revisions for my project - very helpful when clients change their minds or you want to revert back to a previous idea/feature you've done.

- Flexibility and efficiency: it's very easy for me now to prototype and design using UXPin, you can get really fast thanks to all the features they have added over the years.

- Customer Support: always fast and responsive to support with any issue you may face

- Getting feedback and getting users to view it and test it is pretty easy

What do you dislike?

- connectivity is sometimes a problem. I don't feel i can rely fully on the offline tool yet, but it would be great if they enhance the current one.

- having more templates that we can use while we design (more libraries)

Recommendations to others considering the product:

Try out all the features to explore the full potential

What problems are you solving with the product? What benefits have you realized?

- Documentation

- Keeping everything in one place and revisions

- Different ways of sharing the deliverables with clients

UXPin definitely allowed me to do my job better :)

Stacy PSource : g2crowd.com
(Reviewed on 18 September 2019)
"UXPin for the win"

What do you like best?

I think I like the convenience of having pre-built items, like text fields, dropdowns, buttons, etc. for my wireframing work. It is a lot easier to just take an existing item (that has small interactions already built into some) and place it where I want it and later I can adjust the styling for it without making anything new.

I also just like that it is not just aimed at visual design. I can do a lot of my UX work in UXPin because it has prototyping, documentation, developer hand-off, etc. It is the best product out there in my opinion if you do UX work. Sketch and the others are great for visual design, but require a lot more time in order to do other UX focused things.

I think one of the most useful features is the accessibility option. That is the number on thing people will forget in design work for the web, but sometimes one of the most important things to remember. UXPin has an option you can just turn on and every time you put text on anything it will tell you if there is enough contrast or not!

What do you dislike?

There is not a lot that I dislike about UXPin, but i think the original learning curve was a smidge more than I was used to coming from sketch. But if you came from say Axure or InVision Studio, it is a breeze because it is still familiar and easy to understand (not that Axure and Studio are not they just require a good amount of learning to get going and be good at using the tool).

Sometimes I wish there were features that would make the prototyping a little more advanced so I would not have to use another tool, like Axure. But for the most part the prototyping is quite advanced compared to most other tools.

Recommendations to others considering the product:

I would say just to give it a full chance. It has a lot of very cool features to use. Like adaptive views for any project, which is great to show (somewhat) responsive designs.

It might seem different and maybe odd, but it definitely fits the bill for UX Designers with design, prototyping, wireframing, and sharing prototypes out for feedback or testing!

What problems are you solving with the product? What benefits have you realized?

I work with a fully remote team of developers, so it is important that I can get the idea across to them without having to have a meeting every single time. UXPin helps with this because I can wireframe basic ideas and add in animations/interactions that really help tell the whole story. That right there has been invaluable for some projects.

Administrator in Health, Wellness and FitnessSource : g2crowd.com
(Reviewed on 18 September 2019)
"UXPin is everything I could ask for. And more."

What do you like best?

I love the usability of UXPin. Improvements are always implemented and communicated in the application.

What do you dislike?

I honestly don't see any downsides. I am able to do all that I need to in a quick and easy manner.

Recommendations to others considering the product:

Give it a try. It's amazing.

What problems are you solving with the product? What benefits have you realized?

I have been able to design screens for multiple segments of our business in an organized fashion. I was able to teach myself how to use the application as it's extremely user-friendly.

Fabio Pinheiro CSource : g2crowd.com
(Reviewed on 16 September 2019)
"Best prototyping tools"

What do you like best?

It is easy to use. I mean i am a developer and i can use easily this tool.

What do you dislike?

Right now, I dont have any complain.....

Recommendations to others considering the product:

I can resume UXPIN in two expressions: easy to use and powerful.

Try it.

What problems are you solving with the product? What benefits have you realized?

We have been using UXPIN for 3 or 4 years and i certainly can say that this tool have made our process much easier. We can make prototype high fidelity and test it before start developing. We have improved our success rate in project, delighting ou clients.

We have improved our sales process, becouse the client can see and navegate on the solution before buying.

John BSource : g2crowd.com
(Reviewed on 03 September 2019)
"Fantastic Prototyping Tool"

What do you like best?

I've used various wireframing tools over the years but none have come close to UXPin. Wireframe tools with very basic interaction just don't cut it. Wireframe tools with hotspots are just not enough. And tools where I have to use one app to create static images and another to import the images (over and over again) and then add hotspots? No way!

In UX pin, which I've been using for 5 years now, I can do all my design work (lo-fi or high fidelity) in one app. And I can add as little or as much complexity and interaction as I want. I tend to work in lo-fi, grey scale, with unpolished designs. However the interactive design I use in UX pin is quite advanced. I have modals, with tabs and dropdowns, and settings get saved and re-used in a different screen etc. I change the content of some elements depending on interactions in other elements etc. Then I can test this and see what works, and I never get it right first time. This is the beauty of fully interactive prototypes. I can really see what works, not make guesswork with static designs. And then I can obviously fully test the prototypes with other stakeholders. And then the prototype IS the documentation. I can hand this to an engineer with very little extra documentation.

UXpin also quite flexible. I mostly build and design all elements within uxpin. Sometimes I do import screengrabs from our application, and put interactive elements on top. So it works really well either way. And the UX of UXpin itself is quite good. It uses Progressive Disclosure quite well to produce a really clean UI with plenty of functionality under the hood.

The ability to have completely different states for elements, not just a button but a whole collection of elements which might contain other elements with multiple states...this is a gamechanger.

I have to admit I actually enjoy using UX Pin. Prototyping is the fun part of my job.

And finally the UXPin is always getting better, updates are regular and substantial.

What do you dislike?

In a multilayered prototype, I sometimes find text hard to edit (content not format). I sometimes have to drag away from all other elements to double-click and edit. I think an "edit text content" option in the right-click menu would be useful.

One other very small thing: When I used uxpin in a browser, I could preview and quickly copy and paste url and add to a document or send to colleague. Since moving to standalone app, I find this (common) workflow a bit cumbersome. Would be nice to have a copy url button in the app preview screen.

Recommendations to others considering the product:

You definitely won't regret it.

What problems are you solving with the product? What benefits have you realized?

I can't believe I used to design screens with static designs years ago. I could never go back to that. Interactions are key. There's no way of knowing how well interactions, across a whole workflow feel without testing them out in a prototype. I just couldn't test this level of interaction in any other prototype tool I have used.

Muddassar ASource : g2crowd.com
(Reviewed on 31 August 2019)
"A UXPinner Since start of their journey!"

What do you like best?

I've been personally using UXPin since its launch. An Amazing product which keeps on getting better day by day. They have listened to my feedback multiple times over twitter, responded back positively and have implemented it.

Icon libraries are available within the software, the user doesn't have to go out look for icons and waste time. Prototyping and documentation is another plus. Communication and collaboration between clients and the development team can be done easily and effectively.

Transferring of elements from one responsive version to another automatically helps a lot. As this avoids unnecessary copy-pasting.

I wish them all the very best!

What do you dislike?

The only thing I'm waiting for UXPin to implement is complete Offline Tool.

What problems are you solving with the product? What benefits have you realized?

1. Online Collaboration and feedback have helped me a lot in getting approvals and feedback from my clients.

2. A single platform for documentation to provide a briefing to the development team.

3. Animations help dev team better understand the UX Concept hence a better implementation.

Madeleine RSource : g2crowd.com
(Reviewed on 30 August 2019)
"Completely changed how our creative team works"

What do you like best?

The most intuitive and powerful prototyping program I've ever tried--UXpin has completely changed the way my creative team works. We're able to give high fidelity prototypes to clients and make edits quickly without compromising the rest of the design. Best of all, hand-off between designer and the dev team have gotten 1000% better. Our devs get much more accurate info than they would from a Photoshop doc, and they can download brand styles, images, and svgs directly from the prototype.

What do you dislike?

I still find the occasional bug, but the UXpin team is constantly making updates and improving the product.

What problems are you solving with the product? What benefits have you realized?

We're able to show clients high fidelity prototypes without any dev work at all. They can scroll through the experience as if it were coded and give reactions on the spot. It looks impressive and cuts down on the issues we had passing off from design to dev. Ultimately, the finished coded result looks exactly like what was mocked up in UXpin, meaning that there's less dev edits from the client side.

Catherine FSource : g2crowd.com
(Reviewed on 23 August 2019)
"Not just for prototyping but a communications tool for devs, all the way to management"

What do you like best?

(1) It's easy to learn

The system itself is intuitive and improvements/new features released are easily learnt and applied to projects as I prototype. Likewise, for reviews and handovers, it is intuitive enough for colleagues from other teams to insert comments on UXPin or need to access images and specs without the need for training

(2) Helps me keep track of discussions/comments/iteration

Features like comments and iteration history helps me keep track of design reviews and versioning

(3) Gold standard support and content to complement UXPin use

(4) Fosters collaboration

Across projects, teams and customers from research all the way to handover

What do you dislike?

I think my level of mastery, knowledge and time is the limiting factor to maximising the value of UXPin. Am interested in utilising some of the other features available as they hold much promise. What I would love is more how-tos or case studies of real life users to learn from.

What problems are you solving with the product? What benefits have you realized?

It's made the entire design review and discussion process more efficient. As a UX Team of 1, UXPin is a great tool for collaboration and communication with engineeering, tech wrting, QA, product and other stakeholders in the company.

As for actual prototyping, it takes less time to get those out although I'm working on getting a design system set up.

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UXPin – a collaborative cloud-based design and prototyping tool
UXPin – a collaborative cloud-based design and prototyping tool
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