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Updated on: June 27, 2022
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Headway APP Free Alternatives

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A comprehensive list of free alternatives to Headway APP.

Top 7 Headway APP Free Alternatives


Increase the number of active app users
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APertain is a Mobile Customer Engagement Platform that every mobile developer needs but lacks the resources to design and manage. Push Notifications, Rating Prompts, App Analytics, In-App Support, Feedback Prompts, In-App Surveys, Upgrade Message Push, and Pertain EngineTM, are only some of the... read more

APertain Alternatives


The platform to connect your customers
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Froged is a behavioral messaging software that can help users perfect their business by finding a pool of happy customers. With the help of this software, one can easily find out what is more important for each customer and move on to provide better support to them. The application helps users to... read more

Froged Alternatives


Add contextual help tips to your product today
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Add a button anywhere in product that triggers product help content. Customize with own text and icon. Overlay the page with detailed information in a dialog. Great for when want the users to focus on the information in the dialog while overlaying the page content. Show more detailed information on... read more

Sidekick Alternatives


Improve sales by analysing the loopholes
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Angora is a robust product analysis platform that helps brands to get a comprehensive view of their customer behaviour. Monitoring any business platform, in particular, the software can provide a huge amount of valuable customer data in real-time. Angora also enables organisations and brands to... read more

Angora Alternatives

Deep Talk

Convert your texts into productive information
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Deep Talk is the perfect solution for turning texts into meaningful data. It is regarded to be one of the easiest ways to convert texts into readable data out of which, productivity can be restored. It is thus, a preferred name when it comes to converting chats, emails, social networks and surveys... read more

Deep Talk Alternatives


Manage Value in performance economy using MetaCX
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MetaCX is a business value network platform that redefines how value is realized, managed, and defined throughout the entire corporate value stream. It tracks value delivery over time and manages all of your business interactions in one place. With MetxCX, you can connect with firms, both... read more

MetaCX Alternatives


Collaborate with customers to intensify Products
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Parlor is a comprehensive feedback management platform for growing SaaS product teams who care about their users. With Parlor, product teams can announce product ideas to users, conduct surveys to gain actionable user feedback, measure reactions, and work extensively on improving the product. This... read more

Parlor Alternatives
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