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Updated on: November 28, 2021
Cloudomation A Software Automation Tool

Cloudomation Alternatives and Competitors

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A comprehensive list of competitors and best alternatives to Cloudomation.

Top 5 Cloudomation Alternatives


The next-gen enterprise integration platform
(9 Ratings)

Elastic.io is a powerful next-gen enterprise integration platform that lets users leverage the power of a cloud-native, low-code integration platform for establishing a well-connected enterprise. It offers an easy-to-use Enterprise Integration Platform that allows you to have the advantages... read more

elastic.io Alternatives


Empower your employees to find the right information at the right time
(3 Ratings)

Obindo is an intuitive knowledge discovery platform that enables businesses to let their employees easily find the information they are looking for. The platform comes with a knowledge discovery dashboard of its own, where employees get to find relevant information on the go and stay in the loop... read more

Obindo Alternatives


Exclusive browser-based no-code integration for your business
(2 Ratings)

eZintegrations is a cloud iPaaS platform that facilitates on-time integration with a minimum amount of IT intervention. It is an AI-enabled platform that does not require any coding or infrastructure. The platform facilities seamless collaboration between on-premise enterprise applications and... read more

eZintegrations Alternatives


EDI Integration solution made easy
(2 Ratings)

Hub Broker is an expert EDI service provider to make your business processes much more manageable and efficient. HubBroker ApS provides an integration platform that supports EDI and other kinds of data exchange, including PDF2XML. It assists the external and internal clients to transmit data... read more

HubBroker Alternatives


Application delivery made secure over any digital workspace
(14 Ratings)

Cameyo is a virtual application delivery (VAD) platform that helps businesses and their workers with a secure and cost-effective desktop application hosting facility in the cloud. Businesses and their on-site, remote and hybrid workers can depend on the platform to gain quick access to a variety of... read more

Cameyo Alternatives

Products Similar to Cloudomation


A flexible app integration platform to drive enhanced business growth
(1 Ratings)

Aplynk is a futuristic app integration platform that helps companies regulate seamless connections between multiple business apps with their digital workspace. The platform comes loaded with a custom integration capability of its own allowing users to integrate any app of their choice in a seamless... read more

Aplynk Alternatives

AMSA Connect

The Integration Management Platform for your Higher ED Ecosystem
(1 Ratings)

AMSA Connect is the Integration Management and Data Enhancement Platform for Higher Education Institutions. AMSA Connect features a dashboard-like experience displaying analytics generated from the integration data itself. Duplicate record prevention is important to all institutional data... read more

AMSA Connect Alternatives

InterSystems Ensemble

Ensemble Integration Engine and Data Platform
(13 Ratings)

InterSystems Ensemble is a seamless platform for rapid connectivity and the development of new connectable applications. Ensemble uses InterSystems Caché as a built-in repository for all elements of your integrated solution, all messages, and all persistent data. Ensemble has a graphical editor... read more

InterSystems Ensemble Alternatives

Talend Cloud Data Integration

Gather, combine and use relevant data to get productivity levels enhanced as per need
(200 Ratings)

Talend Cloud Data Integration is an efficient data management software that helps companies to bring all of their data together from multiple sources. It also empowers companies to use the data and make better business decisions on the go. The software provides a unified approach helping... read more

Talend Cloud Data Integration Alternatives


Complete Integration Solution

LinkApi is an all-in-one solution that combines the best of API Management, Integration Platform, and DevTools. Create powerful API gateways and optimize your architecture, performance, security, management, and more. Develop integrations with little or no code line through the platform’s... read more

LinkApi Alternatives
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