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Covetrus Avimark - Veterinary Software

Covetrus Avimark

Flexible, tested, and dependable
(653 Ratings)

Covetrus Avimark pricing: Covetrus Avimark Offers Custom plan.

What is Covetrus Avimark and how does it work?

AVImark by Covetrus is an on-premise practise management software that helps veterinarians and veterinary hospitals automate and manage finance and administration chores like appointment scheduling, invoicing, budgeting, and medical records management, among other things. A built-in search engine is included in the platform, allowing customers to save correct data and perform personalised and targeted marketing campaigns.Inventory and prescription management, payment processing, client communications, lab system connections, and appointment forwarding are all essential components of AVImark. Veterinarians can communicate with industry experts and clients via video conference calls, chat, email, and more, even from faraway areas, thanks to the telemedicine feature. It also has an activity dashboard that allows administrators to automate things like pet boarding schedules, patient reminders, financial reports, and more.Antech, AXIS-Q, Hemagen, Scil, Heska, IDEXX, Abaxis, Cubex, and Intelligent Inventory are among the laboratory and inventory systems that AVImark integrates with. Rapport and Vetstreet Pro, for example, are marketing communication systems that enable timely communication between reps and patients via numerous channels such as text messaging, phone calls, voice messages, postcard reminders, and more. show more

eVetPractice vs Covetrus Avimark | Covetrus Avimark Alternatives
ezyVet - Veterinary Software


A one-stop software for all of your veterinary practices
(163 Ratings)

ezyVet pricing: Starts at $150.0.

What is ezyVet and how does it work?

ezyVet is an intuitive practise management software for veterinary professionals helping them with administrative tasks online, besides saving time and facilitating seamless business growth. Its thoughtful services are trusted by several top companies like VetDB, Windcave, PetSure and ProVet, among others. With a long list of comprehensive features, ezyVet caters to the professional needs of individual user’s under one convenient platform. With detailed clinical records, veterinarians can record, customise and save patient wise information and get access to them easily. Moreover, advanced reporting services let users make most of the insightful data and make improvements accordingly. Self-check-in kiosks let customers self-schedule appointments, get access to relevant details and track appointment-related changes in real-time. Medical professionals can also assign cases for a more focused approach to practising. Furthermore, a dedicated customer portal helps patients with their clinical data, financial history and future appointments. A proactive reminder system helps clients never miss out on a scheduled appointment. show more

eVetPractice vs ezyVet | ezyVet Alternatives
Vetstar - Veterinary Software


Gear up your veterinary practice with Vetstar
(34 Ratings)

Vetstar pricing: Vetstar Offers Custom plan.

What is Vetstar and how does it work?

Vetstar is an enterprise-level web-based veterinary practice management software. It helps veterinarians to improve their practice in no time. Veterinarians play a crucial role in checking animal health. So, for that, this software has been developed. Vetstar has been customised to the needs of every animal healthcare organisation. It is an easy-to-use software, just like navigating the web. This means any person can avail of its service to get in touch with the veterinarians. Customisations that are available on the software help users save time. Vetstar further offers cloud-based and locally hosted solutions. The software ensures compatibility with dozens of third-party interfaces. Vetstar comes with an extensive and flexible security system. This allows veterinarian users to perform specific tasks throughout. Also, this veterinary practice management software features an integrated accounting package for handling finance charges, statements, taxes, invoices, comparative revenue reports, and ageing analysis. Additionally, the software has a localised user manual that is created based on one’s system setup. show more

Vetstar Alternatives
ImproMed - Veterinary Software


Improve your veterinary practice by streamlining inventory and reporting operations
(24 Ratings)

ImproMed pricing: ImproMed Offers Custom plan.

What is ImproMed and how does it work?

ImproMed is a popular veterinary inventory & reporting management platform that empowers practitioners in upgrading their client monitoring processes. They can employ this platform to assign specific tasks to individual staff members, track their activities besides maintaining the usage of materials. The software also makes it easy for practitioners to monitor ongoing treatments, estimate, invoice, and medical information within a single spot. Its Easy-to-use Treatment Plans module, is specially designed to assign staff duties and monitor ongoing treatments. Detailed reports offered by the same help users get access to a year to year overviews or information for a specified time period. Further, streamlined integrations let practitioners connect with suitable vendors for digital imaging, pharmacy references, in-house and reference labs. ImproMed also comes equipped with integrated Rapport and Vetstreet client communication tools, ensuring top graded client management. Data stored within the software are thoroughly encrypted assuring adequate protection. show more

ImproMed Alternatives
Cornerstone Software - Veterinary Software

Cornerstone Software

Your personal training guide
(147 Ratings)

Cornerstone Software pricing: Cornerstone Software Offers Custom plan.

What is Cornerstone Software and how does it work?

Cornerstone software by Idexx is a smart veterinary software that is cloud-based and helps you in seamlessly integrating with Pet Health Pro to stay connected to your clients regarding the well being of their pets. Its main purpose is to deliver the best services for enhancing the health and well-being of your pets, people, and livestock in order to maintain exceptionally long-term relations with the customers, employees, and shareholders. It provides great features which are essential for your pet’s needs. You can have your customized training plans that can work according to your pet’s needs and keeps them going. It also helps in developing the training plans for the practices which include in-person or remote sessions. The app and services are very easy to use and they provide a secure integration with the most popular veterinary apps and services. It also provides you 24*7 online customer support and ongoing updates which are continually enhanced with the performance of the software. show more

eVetPractice vs Cornerstone Software | Cornerstone Software Alternatives

Products Similar to eVetPractice

Provet Cloud - Veterinary Software

Provet Cloud

Empowering veterinary professionals all around the globe
(76 Ratings)

Provet Cloud pricing: Provet Cloud Offers Custom plan.

What is Provet Cloud and how does it work?

Provet Cloud is a user-friendly veterinary practice management software that allows veterinary professionals to concentrate on what matters most: treating their patients and developing their company. It offers built-in automations, one-click functions, and connectors that make it simple to collaborate with your team members and get more done. With Provet Cloud, you can collaborate with your complete care team, decrease manual work mistakes, and retain more detailed medical data. The solution assists you in recovering 10-20% of money lost due to missed charges, scheduling additional appointments, and making data-driven decisions to grow your business. You can manage your clinic from anywhere at any time using Provet Cloud. The platform maintains all of your data storage, security, and backups from a single place and it can be tailored to fit your specific workflows and specializations. The platform is specifically feasible for referral hospitals, first-opinion clinics, and production and equine animal mobile clinics. Additionally, to comply with data privacy rules, Provet Cloud assists you in replacing paper treatment sheets and forms with digital treatment sheets and forms. show more

Provet Cloud Alternatives
VitusVet - Veterinary Software


Build Business with Veterinary Practice
(21 Ratings)

VitusVet pricing: Starts at $99.0.

What is VitusVet and how does it work?

VitusVet is a veterinary practice management software used to manage communications with real-time performance metrics. Automate appointment and prescription refill requests, text your veterinary clients, share animal health records, and more. Engage your customers with smart reminders like text, push and email. It integrates with Vetter Software, DVMAX, CornerStone, and more. It supports Mobile Android and iOS. Small, Medium and Large veterinary clinics make use of the software. show more

VitusVet Alternatives
VETport - Veterinary Software


VETport can help you advance your career.
(7 Ratings)

VETport pricing: Starts at $69.0.

What is VETport and how does it work?

VETport is a cloud-based veterinary clinic application that is tailored to the needs of universities, big veterinary hospitals, groups of veterinary clinics, specialty-referral clinics, equine practices, and mobile clinics. Online appointment booking, electronic medical records, inventory management, analytics, and reporting are all important elements. Internal communication is facilitated via VETport's chat capabilities and digital bulletin boards, which show public messages and information. By integrating vendor items with payment plans, the technology also aids inventory management. Third-party apps such as labs and payment gateways are integrated with VETport's marketplace. Accounting, financial, communication, marketing, and inventory reports are among the reports that VETport can provide for a clinic's performance. Reports can be exported in the following formats: CSV, HTML, PDF, PNG, and JPEG. Widgets such as boarding and appointment booking are included in the dashboard tool. Tasks can be assigned and priority levels can be specified by users. The cost is calculated on a monthly basis. Email, phone, live chat, a community forum, and an online knowledge base are all available for assistance. show more

VETport Alternatives
Asteris - Veterinary Software


DiagnosticImaging Made Easy
(0 Ratings)

Asteris pricing: Asteris Offers Custom plan.

What is Asteris and how does it work?

Asteris Keystone Omni employs algorithms that enforce authentication and prevent file modification. All images and reports are restricted to users with the proper permissions. All image data is verified to be correct. If the image has been altered, our system will detect the alteration and re-transmit the image from the local PACS/Keystone server. Managing the picture archival and retrieval process can get in the way of isolating, evaluating, and understanding the source of the patient’s problem. With the Keystone PACS system, you can access and view images and studies on any device, anywhere, whether in the hospital or clinic or out in the field; and it won’t cost a fortune to do so. show more

Asteris Alternatives
Vetter Software - Veterinary Software

Vetter Software

Continue treating your furry patients with the best of the technology, while Vetter takes care of the rest
(7 Ratings)

Vetter Software pricing: Starts at $99.0.

What is Vetter Software and how does it work?

Vetter Software has been designed to reduce hassles in a vet’s life and contains everything required for managing the office. It takes care of everything related to doctor appointments, reminders, inventory and even payments. It is thus, a groundbreaking innovation that has taken the whole of veterinary practice online with cloud technology to back it up. Vetter Software further provides its clients(doctors) with a single platform to keep a track of anything and everything associated with their patient’s health and clinical operations. Inbuilt, simple scheduling feature enables easy and convenient booking of appointments. It does not just provide patient parties with the liberty to book from anywhere but also to streamline check-ins and check-outs, all in real-time. A boarding calendar tracks all boarding reservations that are further automated and intimated via SMS, emails and even through phone calls. Further, hospital patients can be managed in real-time that ultimately is beneficial for removing mistakes and improving communications, significantly. A built-in time clock also tracks the active working hours of registered employees. show more

Vetter Software Alternatives
Dragon Veterinary - Veterinary Software

Dragon Veterinary

Look after the furry patients with Dragon Veterinary
(0 Ratings)

Dragon Veterinary pricing: Starts at $99.0.

What is Dragon Veterinary and how does it work?

Dragon Veterinary is a comprehensive software aimed at making the lives of veterinarians easier. It significantly cuts down on their screentime and enhances veterinary practise management by speeding up workflow, enabling clients to multitask conveniently and even complete the daily quota before the scheduled time. Dragon Veterinary has been designed by board-certified veterinary radiologists and is thus, more than just an instruction-detector software. For instance, it comprises a range of templates that can be applied to the interface to suit a particular doctor, a clinic or an animal hospital for that matter. Some of its other notable features include macros, verbal shorthand, unique vocal profiles for differentiating between patients and an adaptive speech algorithm to accommodate all sorts of voices. It is thus, a groundbreaking technology for animal hospitals especially those that see an influx of over fifty patients daily. Further, Dragon Veterinary reduces the need to type and record data with better accuracy. It also helps doctors avoid unnecessary emails and charts, playing transcriptionist out of nowhere. show more

Dragon Veterinary Alternatives
VetBlue - Veterinary Software


Build Customer Experiences with Veterinary Software
(11 Ratings)

VetBlue pricing: VetBlue Offers Custom plan.

What is VetBlue and how does it work?

VetBlue is a Cloud Veterinary Software used to manage veterinary practices. Manage client communication with appointment scheduling and booking. Monitor the patient visits and medical records, invoicing, payments and more with an online interface. The software offers a secure platform for data protection and the most advanced facilities protection available, along with a complete data recovery plan. show more

VetBlue Alternatives
Shepherd App - Veterinary Software

Shepherd App

Get done with your veterinary practices seamlessly
(2 Ratings)

Shepherd App pricing: Starts at $299.0.

What is Shepherd App and how does it work?

Shepherd App is an intuitive veterinary practice and management software that has been developed by vets to make the process smoother and stress-free. The application takes care of the entire management associated with the practice, enabling skilled teams with the chance to provide the best possible care. The interface has been developed keeping the job in mind but again, it is completely customisable to let vets manage their patients as well as their shifts accordingly. The high-level dashboard is again an interactive and simple one that puts patient information and relevant medical records first and then the extra information. The extraordinary automation of the application lets client clinics eliminate the need of putting in bits of information one by one. Users can simply update the necessary details and the cloud storage saves the same for future use, with a hundred per cent accuracy. Invoices, auto-generated prescriptions, discharge instructions and future appointments are all handled by the application itself, thus giving doctors ample time to tend to their patients. show more

Shepherd App Alternatives
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