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Canvas LMS - Learning Management System (LMS) Software
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Canvas LMS

Personalizable LMS software enriched with features
(3,554 Ratings)

Canvas LMS pricing: Canvas LMS Offers Free-forever plan.

What is Canvas LMS and how does it work?

Canvas cloud-based learning management software is popularly used by academic and educational institutes. This software can be installed in Android and iOS. This software comes with a few classroom management features test building, collaboration, and gradebook. This software comes with an array of learning management system features like academic/education, e-learning companies, corporate/business etc. Canvas comes designed with built-in course authoring tools. Combination of digital media and classroom learning technique becomes possible using the blended learning feature. Users can benefit from conducting both synchronous and asynchronous learning. Mobile learning support is available. show more

ProntoForms vs Canvas LMS | Canvas LMS Alternatives
GoCanvas - Mobile Forms Automation Software


To replace paper forms with digitised forms use GoCanvas
(71 Ratings)

GoCanvas pricing: Starts at $45.0. Offers Free-forever and Custom plan.

What is GoCanvas and how does it work?

GoCanvas can be used to create mobile forms for businesses. With this tool, organisations can eliminate the traditional paper forms and offer a more sophisticated image as per the modern requirements of individual customers. Trusted by over 5000 companies, GoCanvas provides a powerful form builder using which companies can create digitised forms in seconds. Once the form is ready, the designated team can access it and complete it from any mobile device. The best thing about using GoCanvas is that the teams can complete the form offline. Also, by using its Analytical tools, users can access relevant business data from their individual accounts. Furthermore, GoCanvas makes it easy for teams to streamline the inspection process with mobile checklists. The platform also helps to turn paperwork orders into dynamic digital forms allowing users to collect, process and analyse information in minutes. With this platform, company leaders can reduce the time that their teams spend completing routine forms. Other services offered by GoCanvas include time cards, image capture, calculations and signature capture. show more

ProntoForms vs GoCanvas | GoCanvas Alternatives
Jotform Mobile Forms - Mobile Forms Automation Software

Jotform Mobile Forms

Robust forms that work anywhere
(3 Ratings)

Jotform Mobile Forms pricing: Jotform Mobile Forms Offers Custom plan.

What is Jotform Mobile Forms and how does it work?

Being away from your computer shouldn’t stop you from getting the information you need. No matter where you work, Jotform Mobile Forms lets you collect data offline with powerful forms you can manage from your phone or tablet. Get the full power of Jotform at your fingertips. Collect different types of data, like recorded voice, scanned barcodes, geolocation, and electronic signatures. Jotform Mobile Forms’ advanced form fields significantly improve your data collection process. show more

Jotform Mobile Forms Alternatives
Digi Clip Mobile Forms - Mobile Forms Automation Software

Digi Clip Mobile Forms

Equipment and Facilities Management Application
(1 Ratings)

Digi Clip Mobile Forms pricing: Starts at $2.5.

What is Digi Clip Mobile Forms and how does it work?

Digi Clip is a checklist and inspection software that includes fully customizable inspections while streamlining the process with a dedicated mobile app. Users can access checklists on their phones and tablets while automatically communicating, logging, and tracking the associated faults and defects. They can even drive their compliance efforts and safety efforts for higher profits. Companies can use Digi Clip to report on their assets such as vehicles, equipment, and facilities. The app is regularly updated in real-time through the cloud-based form building software. While users can identify operational bottlenecks, workplace safety compliance and legislative compliance efforts can be fueled. The form builder requires no prerequisites such as coding, and users can directly select the required functionalities from checkboxes, drop-down menus, and photos. Various features of Digi Clip include managing checklists and forms without internet connectivity, dedicated building, editing, and archiving checklists, access control, radio buttons with smart fields, automated email alerts, safety tracker, and more. show more

ProntoForms vs Digi Clip Mobile Forms | Digi Clip Mobile Forms Alternatives
Magpi - Mobile Forms Automation Software


Easy Mobile Forms
(19 Ratings)

Magpi pricing: Starts at $417.0. Offers Free-forever plan.

What is Magpi and how does it work?

Magpi provides easy mobile forms for collecting field data anywhere, on any device, in any language or alphabet. Magpi lets users collect field data using mobile apps, SMS, and IVR with integrated visualization and messaging, with no programming or technical expertise required.

ProntoForms vs Magpi | Magpi Alternatives

Products Similar to ProntoForms

IntouchCheck - Mobile Forms Automation Software


Mobile forms software that empowers teams
(3 Ratings)

IntouchCheck pricing: Starts at $19.99. Offers Custom plan.

What is IntouchCheck and how does it work?

Intouch Insight offers a complete portfolio of customer experience management (CEM) products and services that help global brands delight their customers, strengthen brand reputation and improve financial performance. Intouch helps clients collect and centralize data from multiple customer touch points, gives them actionable, real-time insights, and provides them with the tools to continuously improve customer experience. show more

IntouchCheck Alternatives
Kordata - Mobile Forms Automation Software


Field Data When You Need It
(2 Ratings)

Kordata pricing: Kordata Offers Custom plan.

What is Kordata and how does it work?

Kordata is a robust data collection solution that is completely configurable to meet your unique business needs. Data collection processes are customized from end-to-end to fit the way you do business. Streamline your business operations by reducing human error and eliminating paper inefficiencies. Spot problems sooner and fix issues quicker with Kordata’s data collection and workforce management platform. show more

Kordata Alternatives
Logiform - Mobile Forms Automation Software


Drag and drop to create amazing forms
(4 Ratings)

Logiform pricing: Starts at $24.95.

What is Logiform and how does it work?

Logiforms' form designer is the most flexible form design tool available. It's packed with enterprise-class features to meet your demanding requirements. Build smart, multi-page forms with hiding & show logic in minuted with zero programmings. Design & Host Secure Forms Online in minutes - with Zero Programming. logiforms is Professional Grade Form Software, powerful and flexible enough to meet your project's needs. Simple & Easy logiforms will save you time and money and put you in control of your Form Design project. show more

Logiform Alternatives
Formitize - Mobile Forms Automation Software


Making Paperwork Paperless
(34 Ratings)

Formitize pricing: Starts at $29.99. Offers Custom plan.

What is Formitize and how does it work?

Formitize leads the world in smart forms and integrated business solutions. Scheduling Assistant will send Automated Reminders to your clients by letter, email, and SMS to ensure future appointments are never missed and then follow up on completed jobs with automated communications such as Confirmations, Surveys, and Referrals. Accounts Assistant will follow up on your Quotes and Estimates for you at exactly the right time with the right message by email and SMS to ensure nothing is missed and will then chase Outstanding Invoices for you at designated times and with customized wording to suit you. show more

ProntoForms vs Formitize | Formitize Alternatives
GoFormz - Mobile Forms Automation Software


Go smart about your digital forms by using GoFormz
(79 Ratings)

GoFormz pricing: Starts at $18.0. Offers Free-forever and Custom plan.

What is GoFormz and how does it work?

GoFormz is a convenient platform for creating mobile forms and supporting online reporting. With GoFormz, all documents can be easily digitised to forms compatible on mobile phones with absolutely zero IT or code knowledge involved. The forms made on GoFormz capture every bit of relevant data with location and GPS, images with desirable annotations, barcodes and QR codes, besides collecting signatures along with quick sketches. Additionally, these forms are dynamic with conditional logic incorporated within, which means that these can automatically calculate totals, include and add required fields as necessary, fill them with data as required and hide them as and when needed. Automated calculation eradicates errors and helps boost efficiency. GoFormz Workflows also enables clients to forward completed forms and reports via email, upload these forms to connected systems and databases. It leverages the utility of mobile devices over other virtual platforms, emphasizing accessing these forms without a seamless internet connection. Further, simple logic is used by the software to autofill fields with the correct and updated information. show more

ProntoForms vs GoFormz | GoFormz Alternatives
Pruvan - Mobile Forms Automation Software


The most reliable order management solution
(2 Ratings)

Pruvan pricing: Starts at $35.0.

What is Pruvan and how does it work?

Pruvan is a next-generation mobile app for the service industry. This mobile solution connects you to the field and the clients with certified photos, videos, and mobile forms. Pruvan helps service companies mobilize their businesses to help streamline operations and win new clients.

Pruvan Alternatives
Formotus - Mobile Forms Automation Software


Robust and flexible mobile forms solution
(2 Ratings)

Formotus pricing: Starts at $20.0. Offers Custom plan.

What is Formotus and how does it work?

Formotus is a leading SaaS company providing a digital transformation service to enable organizations of any size, in any industry, anywhere in the world, to connect their people and their devices with their data, securely, quickly, and without any coding. Leverage your investment in SharePoint, use Formotus workflow to route work, create approval workflows, and dispatch field service workers. Add conditional logic and assign rules to hide, show or set values based on user actions, math functions, text functions, time functions, and much more. show more

Formotus Alternatives
Device Magic - Mobile Forms Automation Software

Device Magic

Business-specific data collection made easy
(75 Ratings)

Device Magic pricing: Starts at $25.0. Offers Free-forever and Custom plan.

What is Device Magic and how does it work?

Device Magic is a digital form and business data collection platform that facilitates professional solutions for fast, accurate, and intelligent data collection mechanisms. International brands like Apple, Bridgestone, Toshiba and Honeywell, among others, depend completely on Device Magic’s services and features. A heap of advanced features offered by this platform eliminates the unnecessary administrative time and reduces data entry errors by automating the entire data collection process. A convenient drag-and-drop form builder lets users create user-friendly forms with automatic formula calculators to reduce entry errors. Furthermore, users can create forms even without an internet connection with its offline mode, automatically syncing data when the connection is restored to prevent progress loss. With intelligent form fields and rich data types, users get to validate fields and mark them as required. Device magic also lets its users forward completed forms in multiple formats. Lastly, active data integration facilities with external platforms like Evernote, Dropbox, Salesforce and Gmail facilitates seamless monitoring. show more

ProntoForms vs Device Magic | Device Magic Alternatives
FORM OpX - Mobile Forms Automation Software


A purpose-built platform digitizing your paper form faster than you can think!
(28 Ratings)

FORM OpX pricing: FORM OpX Offers Custom plan.

What is FORM OpX and how does it work?

Form.com is a powerful enterprise-grade form solutions provider that has been working towards the goal of changing how companies operate and handle their documents. Since their dawn in 2002, this platform is providing solutions to streamline data collection and to digitize form-based processes. The software offers feasible solutions to the fundamental logistical problems of handling data. It also provides solutions for the prevention of any data loss caused due to the latency between the office and field. Form.com’s dynamic mobile forms are totally customizable, capable of doing automated task management like assignments of tasks, alerts, deadline, notification and more. The offline functionality of the software allows users to retain data collection features even in the areas without internet reception. This further helps to grant the field teams with the ability to work seamlessly even in extremely remote areas. The forms managed using this software also ensure an intuitive dashboard for deeper insights and a smoother workflow management. The mobile applications of Form.com help to improve data collection abilities, while automating various processes and providing useful insights into the critical business operations. show more

FORM OpX Alternatives
Forms On Fire - Mobile Forms Automation Software

Forms On Fire

Generate intuitive forms for your end users without code
(226 Ratings)

Forms On Fire pricing: Starts at $20.0.

What is Forms On Fire and how does it work?

Forms On Fire is a seamless form generation app that enables companies to capture information on the go. It works in an offline mode, enabling users to proceed with seamless task monitoring and data management at the same time. Further, a drag and drop interface featured by the same gets backed by robust conditional logic and excel-like formulas. Thus eliminating out codes. Moreover, users can even export the no-code designs into Excel to get them modified in no time. The platform can also be integrated with external platforms like Google Drive, Google Sheets, Amazon S3, Microsoft Azure, Dropbox, and more to send or receive data in a hassle-free manner. Also, powerful automation capabilities offered by Forms On Fire help companies get their workflows managed in a seamless manner. Users can get started with Forms On Fire in three simple steps all they need to do is design intuitive forms, collect information and distribute the accumulated data. show more

ProntoForms vs Forms On Fire | Forms On Fire Alternatives
doForms - Mobile Forms Automation Software


Holistic end-to-end solutions
(18 Ratings)

doForms pricing: Starts at $8.33.

What is doForms and how does it work?

doForms is a mobile app for businesses that enables companies to capture and send information to and from the field via smartphones and other mobile devices – and seamlessly integrate this data into their existing operating systems like QuickBooks, Salesforce.com, Oracle, SAP, Excel, and more. Because it reduces paper flow and the need for expensive manual data entry, doForms saves money and time, while improving responsiveness and customer experience. doForms is highly affordable and simple to implement, requiring no IT involvement or big upfront investment. show more

doForms Alternatives
iFormBuilder - Mobile Forms Automation Software


An Element for Every Need
(20 Ratings)

iFormBuilder pricing: Starts at $12.5.

What is iFormBuilder and how does it work?

iFormBuilder helps to customize the forms with over 35 different elements. Create lists, annotate photos, record GPS, and more. Download your forms and collect data anywhere. Data is synced when you’re back in coverage. Push the boundaries of mobile data collection with JavaScript-enabled formulas, skip logic, and data validation. The only limit is your imagination. Protect your data with device passwords, encryption, and private environments. iFormBuilder supports GDPR, HIPAA, FISMA, and ISO 9001 project needs.Work faster and smarter, building custom integrations for data processing, connecting with other applications, and automatically managing your iFormBuilder account. show more

iFormBuilder Alternatives
Streebo Mobile Forms - Mobile Forms Automation Software

Streebo Mobile Forms

Accelerate Enterprise Digitization & Collect Data even when Offline
(4 Ratings)

Streebo Mobile Forms pricing: Starts at $5.0. Offers Free-forever and Custom plan.

What is Streebo Mobile Forms and how does it work?

Staying true to our core belief ‘ Technology Automation’, our key differentiator lies in our breakthrough suite of mobile automation products ( DX Accelerator, Chatbot Builder & Mobile Forms). Streebo’s app automation platforms make app creation easy with a unique set of ‘no or low code’ tooling that allows IT and Line of Business teams to rapidly assemble sleek and intuitive web, mobile and chatbot interfaces. Our cross-platform, cross-device solutions have helped enterprises deliver immersive, personalized digital experiences to their customers, partners, vendors and employees. show more

Streebo Mobile Forms Alternatives
ASC Forms - Mobile Forms Automation Software

ASC Forms

Dynamic Forms and Records Generator
(1 Ratings)

ASC Forms pricing: ASC Forms Offers Custom plan.

What is ASC Forms and how does it work?

ASC Forms is a web-based, forms management or records management solution that provides organizations the ability to securely create and capture flexible levels of information on custom, definable forms or records online from the point of submission to secure database management. The dynamic forms and records generator includes smart features such as dropdown selectors, checkbox and radio button options, date controls and add row capabilities. The forms or records can be mapped to existing systems for further input efficiency and cross-business visibility. show more

ASC Forms Alternatives
AllOnMobile - Mobile Forms Automation Software


More control while empowering your field-based teams
(1 Ratings)

AllOnMobile pricing: AllOnMobile Offers Custom plan.

What is AllOnMobile and how does it work?

All On Mobile is a flexible solution that helps manage and monitor mobile workers delivering services in the field. Enhanced reporting and management capability with KPIs displaying the operational situation in real-time. Autonomy to make decisions such as where to use the app, scaling it to meet requirements, or rolling out proof of concepts. Dedicated Client Manager working with implementation consultants to provide training and support for quick time to ROI. Unique hosting environment with single-tenant architecture ensuring optimal performance at all times. show more

AllOnMobile Alternatives
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