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Updated on: November 26, 2022
PayRequest A simplified way of making payments with links

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The Fastest Way to Launch SaaS
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A one-of-a-kind comprehensive and secure SaaS launchpad that reduces development effort and saves go-to-market time. The Revolutionary Subscription Revenue Management Platform.

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Sell digital products from anywhere
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Start selling digital downloads, services, subscriptions, and software from a single platform. Dockefy makes it easy to sell any digital product or service. A single platform for everything that is built to scale with your needs. Use the built in checkout feature of Dockefy to collect one time payments or sell subscriptions to users. All data is encrypted and stored securely on servers with full PCI compliance.

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Transaction Cloud

Subscription Management & Recurring Billing
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This flexible subscription management system manages buyer's entire life cycle, all the way from activation, to upgrades, renewals, dunning, or refunds. This dunning management system reduces churn and disruptions by automating retries for payments and sends reminders to subscribers so that they can update their payment information. This system is flexible and efficient so that you can easily monetize user products and quickly grow user recurring business.

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The Subscription Hub for B2B Companies
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Gain control of subscription stack and automate financial operations and reporting. Say goodbye to long and manual invoicing processes and cumbersome reporting. Understand business by harnessing real-time and accurate subscription metrics generated from structured subscription data, fueling educated decisions to improve and grow business. Unlock new sales channels, streamline quote2order flow, and gain accurate transparency of customer base, enabling to break sales budgets and eliminate contract handover hustle to finance. show more

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All your subscriptions in one place
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Subly helps user take control over subscriptions. Subly brings all subscriptions together in a single place so never lose track of what they are paying for. Get reports of the subscriptions to see were user are spending the most and how to improve. Subly will remind user of upcoming payments before they hit the card so user were never caught off guard.

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Products Similar to PayRequest

Smartrr Subscriptions

Subscriptions are just the beginning
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Offer a seamless native Shopify checkout experience with advanced subscription options to convert shoppers. Provide a branded portal with consumer-friendly subscription management tools including skip, swap, and send now. Grant exclusive perks, early-access products, and special discounts to subscribers to reward member loyalty.

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Seal Subscriptions

Start your subscription business
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Seal Subscriptions will help you start your subscription business and increase your revenue with recurring orders. Configuring a subscription has never been easier! Install the app, create your first subscription rule and start generating sweet recurring revenue. The app will add a subscription widget next to the add to cart button on your product pages. When your customers subscribe and the time comes to pay for their next recurring order, the auto-charging subscription rule will automatically charge your customers, while the recurring invoices subscription rule will send them an automatic email reminder with the checkout link where they can pay for the recurring order. show more

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The Subscription Billing and Management
(18 Ratings)

SubscriptionFlow is an automated subscription management software that allows merchants with recurring billing businesses to manage their subscribers and process payments, seamlessly. SaaS, e-learning, fitness, personal development, services, finance, or any business you are, revive the innovation game with a thoroughly personalized one-stop-shop to manage all subscription business processes. Our AI-enabled software offers features that infuse transformational growth for the businesses.

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Move Beyond Managing Subscriptions to Growing Subscribers
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Upscribe is the best SaaS for fast growing eCommerce brands on Shopify Plus to get repeat, loyal customers at scale through best-in-class subscriptions. They help you move beyond managing subscriptions and dealing with customers to engaging and delighting them. Unlock instant revenue and give customers control, accessibility, and customizability with their experience.

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Control & optimize software spend
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A one-stop shop to track and optimize your recurring SaaS spend. Recurring helps your company stakeholders track your recurring software expenses, usage, and efficiency without waiting for accounting reports.

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Subscription Management Solution
(7 Ratings)

Billforward is a subscription management and recurring billing solution that is developed to handle even the most complicated billing scenarios of a business or an enterprise. It assists the user in generating bills and invoices, extracting reports and analysis, estimating quotes and costs, and managing subscription-based billing. Billforward is a Y-combinator subscription and recurring revenue billing software that assists organizations in enrolling consumers, collecting recurring payments, and managing subscriptions. The platform is developer-friendly and therefore gives you complete API access and allows you to pick the best-of-breed solutions for your needs. Also, the user interface of the platform is extremely flexible and easy to use for both users and customers. Businesses utilize the platform to computerize their whole billing experience from bill statements to money and dispatch to IPO. The software additionally provides detailed reports and analyses on your expenses and bills. It further offers integrations with top solutions like Salesforce, QuickBooks, Zendesk, Avalara, and much more. Billforward's monthly price starts at $149.00 per user. It additionally offers two other plans: growth and enterprise. show more

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The insight to Go Anywhere
(22 Ratings)

AdvantageCS has been developing software for publishers for four decades. Advantage helps publishers manage subscriptions to online and print content, books, products and memberships in any combination. Advantage is truly customer-centric. This integrated solution also handles the business intelligence, eCommerce, customer service, marketing, analysis, conference and events and data warehouse needs of medium to large publishing and membership organizations. It is the most flexible, comprehensive or feature-rich system in the world. show more

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Manage your Customer Subscriptions
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TrueRev is a cloud-based software-as-a-service (SaaS) subscription management solution for small and medium-sized businesses. Forget keying in identical invoices every month, set up automated billing, and send invoices with TrueRev, so customers know exactly when to pay. Real-time reporting on your most important metrics. Use revenue and customer data to improve and grow your business.

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Subscription Software: All Features - Subbly
(7 Ratings)

Our features have been designed and built to make your subscription business run smoothly, but whilst still giving you the control you need and deserve.

Salesforce Billing

Subscription Management and Billing Software
(12,868 Ratings)

Salesforce Billing automates invoicing and allows businesses to accept and allocate payments. Businesses can handle all revenue types, complex transactions like amendments, or coterminous add ons. Billing pushes clean customer data into ERP, or multiple financial management systems, for key functions like revenue recognition, accounts receivable, and financial reporting. With SalesforceBilling, businesses can: -Rate and Bill Customers Based on Usage. -Reduce SKU Proliferation. -Streamline Revenue Recognition. -Analyze Your Customer Base. show more


Signup sheets made easy | Wejoinin
(2 Ratings)

Wejoinin is the easy way to create online signup sheets. Quickly create & customize your sheet. Share it with your friends. Easily collect your data. Relax. It's time to do things the easy way.

Pabbly Subscriptions

Pabbly Subscriptions - Subscription Billing & Management Software
(9 Ratings)

Pabbly Subscriptions is cloud-based software, specializing in subscription billing and management process. It offers features that ease your work such as managing tax on your billing.


Steady – People-Powered Media
(1 Ratings)

A community supporting bloggers, YouTubers, and podcasters sustainably


Subscriber Retention Management for OTT services - Cleeng
(1 Ratings)

Cleeng is the leading Subscriber Retention Management (SRM™) platform. The company has developed a unique platform to overcome churn and predict retention. Cleeng's SRM™ stack is deeply connected with the full subscriber journey.


About - Content Catalyst
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Find out about Content Catalyst and how we empower people to effortlessly discover, build on and share the best of what the knowledge industry creates?.