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Updated on: October 17, 2021

What is Patreon ?


Engage your Audience with Membership
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Patreon software is a platform used to start a membership business with your fans. Connect with your fans directly on social media. Measure different levels of engagement of your fans. Share updates, deliver benefits and build community. Generate recurring revenue from your work through fans. Podcasters, Video Creators, Nonprofits, Small, Medium companies make use of the software.

Patreon Features

Patreon Technical details

Support Online Customer Type Individuals Freelancers Medium Business Small Business
API NA Location / Phone Number San Francisco, CA
Deployment SaaS/Web/Cloud Mobile - Android Mobile - iOS Category New SaaS Software

Patreon Pricing

Pricing ModelQuotation Based

5% of the monthly income you earn on Patreon

Simple tools to set up recurring support from your fans.


  • Plus payment processing
  • Hosted creator page
  • Patron communication tools
  • Patreon workshops
  • Audience ownership
  • Tools to manage patrons
  • Flexible payouts
  • Patron support
  • Creator-first education
  • Mobile app

8% of the monthly income you earn on Patreon

Everything you need to build a thriving membership business that provides meaningful income for you and a rewarding experience for your biggest fans.


  • Includes features of Lite plan, plus
  • Membership tiers
  • Analytics and insights
  • Special Offers promo tool
  • Creator-led workshops
  • Unlimited app integrations
  • Priority customer support

12% of the monthly income you earn on Patreon

$300 per Month Minimum

Volume discounts available

Dedicated coaching and support for established creators and creative businesses, plus premium features that save time and reward your patrons.


  • Includes features of Pro plan, plus
  • Dedicated Partner Manager
  • Merch for Membership
  • Team Accounts
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Disclaimer: The pricing details were last updated on 14/08/2019 from the vendor website and may be different from actual. Please confirm with the vendor website before purchasing.

Learn more about Patreon pricing.

Patreon FAQs

Patreon offers the following functionalities:

  • Membership Management
  • Customer Engagement
  • Payment Processing

Learn more about Patreon features.

No, Patreon does not provide API.

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Patreon Reviews

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David Shanhun
David ShanhunSource : trustpilot.com
(Reviewed on 09 May 2020) Easy to contribute to creators and…

Easy to contribute to creators and change/cancel/manage any of those payments, as well as easy to receive money from others by being a creator! I pledged to various creators for about 2 years, and have changed or cancelled payments as I wished to change my support easily. Now I also have a creator account and love being able to offer exclusive content and my time to those that support me that is not available anywhere else! Love this site and it's consistently been great!

Jubilant sinner
Jubilant sinnerSource : trustpilot.com
(Reviewed on 29 April 2020) Steadfast patron

I've been a patron for 2 years, and find them excellent at supporting two creators.I has no trouble at all making changes to my pledges, and deleting one of them when I didn't receive an expected benefit. That was the creator's fault, not Patreon's.I don't understand why others are having problems. Could their complaints be politically motivated?

Jemaica M
Jemaica MSource : g2crowd.com
(Reviewed on 24 March 2020) "Pretty good for creators!"

What do you like best?

The company idea as a whole isnt being done a lot elsewhere! its a great way for fans to be able to support the creators they love, and it is very customizable

What do you dislike?

I really wish the website was searchable or would recommend new artists to support, so you can be found organically. They are also changing the website TOO MUCH, especially the landing pages of the creators. patreon- PLEASE STOP DOING THIS !! it now asks for money upfront instead of letting you read the creators story first, which makes it look greedy and awful.. They just keep making changes and having issues, when it really was good before and just needed to be improved upon (like the pledges not going through and other issues that really get in the way of the entire function of the website! )

Recommendations to others considering the product:

just do it! provide good incentives and promote it like hell. If you are an artist looking to use patreon to make more of an income from your artwork check out the show one fantastic week on youtube, or their website, they are super helpful!

What problems are you solving with the product? What benefits have you realized?

giving people who want to support artists a way to do so, and obviously making an income as an artist

SamSource : trustpilot.com
(Reviewed on 22 February 2020) Patreon is a very credible website

Patreon is a very credible website. Most of the reviews here are complaints with the terms and conditions of the website. Patreon is a site where people can pay for content by content creators. It's as simple as that. You get what you pay for.

TiptreeJamSource : trustpilot.com
(Reviewed on 10 October 2019) No problems with Patreon

I use Patreon regularly to support a number of people and view their output, mainly regular videos via YouTube. Never had any major issues with Patreon. There was the time they were going to change the way they charged but they backed down after the uproar this produced. All those I support produce what I expect and I have had no issues to date with them either. Patreon has its rules which everyone has to comply with. I can understand there are those who don't like the rules but then you are under no obligation to join Patreon. There are other similar services like Liberapay, Bandcamp, Flattr, Ko-fi, BountySource, Open Collective, Buy Me A Coffee, Tipeee etc

MélanieSource : trustpilot.com
(Reviewed on 17 September 2019) You need to choose the right person you…

You need to choose the right person you want to support. I love all the people I'm supporting and very happy that they are posting almost daily :)

David d
David dSource : g2crowd.com
(Reviewed on 14 September 2019) "Support creators or get support as a creator"

What do you like best?

As a creator you can build a connection with supporters. You can set up tiers for monthly support with incentives. It's a very social platform.

What do you dislike?

At some points there is a lack of guidelines. Almost any project is OK and if the creator don't feel like giving the incentives (promised to supporters), then it's OK too.

Recommendations to others considering the product:

For artist or innovative projects: please sign up. Great things happend on that platform. Some artists even make their monthly paycheck there. If you are able to boost innovative projects, please sign up as well. You can make great things happen. Even 1 dollar per month can make a project better.

What problems are you solving with the product? What benefits have you realized?

We use Patreon for contributing to Creators. More like a donation to innovative and creative ideas. We Don't use it as a business strategy.

Anita L
Anita LSource : g2crowd.com
(Reviewed on 21 May 2019) "I love it"

What do you like best?

Our colleagues have energized together to bring a portion of their best imaginative plans to the table. Patreon's capacity to for all intents and purposes interface our specialists with other people who are aesthetically and cooperatively disapproved has just helped our development procedure. Furthermore, when we've had any issues, the site's care staff has dependably been inconceivably useful. Straight-forward, open, and a twisted towards tolerance, their client administration has been a noteworthy reward.

What do you dislike?

We additionally use Patreon for benefactor financing and entries. Sadly, there have been a few issues with installment preparing, which has caused a couple of social speedbumps. At first, our group was additionally confounded about what substances could or couldn't enlist with the stage. The online assistance segment (beside client support) is as yet inadequate.

Recommendations to others considering the product:

Apparently still on the ground floor, it feels like Patreon has such potential for all encompassing development with respect to commitment, convenience, stage hybrid, and monetary benefits. Our group wholeheartedly suggests Patreon!

What problems are you solving with the product? What benefits have you realized?

The stage is generally streamlined and bother free. Our group has utilized Patreon to gather benefactor reserves, sell our very own inventive substance, and interface with different clients for potential advertising and business-disapproved of activities.

Lucio M
Lucio MSource : g2crowd.com
(Reviewed on 25 February 2019) "I adore patreon"

What do you like best?

Absolutely fundamental for makers hoping to bring home the bacon off of their fanbase support.

What do you dislike?

Site should be accessible so you can discover new designers to help.

What problems are you solving with the product? What benefits have you realized?

Aides my fan base who needs to help figure out how to do as such, and encourages me monetarily also to make more

Cristina B
Cristina BSource : g2crowd.com
(Reviewed on 24 February 2019) "Accommodating route for substance makers to adapt"

What do you like best?

Patreon has been at the cutting edge of this kind of adaptation for substance makers. They are an answer arranged and advancement centered group, constantly making changes and upgrades to the stage.

What do you dislike?

I've been utilizing Patreon for a considerable length of time and thought that it was difficult to change over my fans to wind up supporters, and much harder to keep up the advantages I advertised.

Recommendations to others considering the product:

Apparently still on the ground floor, it feels like Patreon has such potential for comprehensive development with respect to commitment, ease of use, stage hybrid, and monetary profits.

What problems are you solving with the product? What benefits have you realized?

The stage is moderately streamlined and bother free. Our group has utilized Patreon to gather benefactor reserves, move our very own inventive substance, and interface with different clients for potential advertising and business-disapproved of ventures.

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What is Patreon?
What is Patreon?

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