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NorthOne API-enabled Banking Platform for Businesses

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Join the trailblazers changing banking
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Mambu is a true SaaS platform; compliant and secure. And you don’t need an army of developers to see results. Our low-code process, publicly available APIs and regular releases allow for endless possibilities and have you future-proofed.

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Thought Machine

Cloud Native Core Banking
(34 Ratings)

Thought MachineThought Machine is one of the UK's leading fintech companies and is undergoing a period of rapid expansion. Their mission is to cure one of the banking industry's primary problems: its reliance on outdated IT infrastructure. Nearly every bank is stuck on a legacy IT platform, which cripples their ability to innovate and give their customers the type of service they deserve. Their solution to this is Vault: a complete retail banking platform that is capable of being configured easily to suit the needs of any bank. They have built Vault from the ground up as a cloud native, microservice API architecture platform. Thought Machine has a deep culture of engineering excellence, and we believe it is this which delivers a solution compelling enough to engender a seismic shift in the banking industry. show more

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Redefined Online Banking Software
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EBANQ is the user friendly white-label online banking software app on the market. It has most valuable modules like e-banking, Mobile App, Android Mobile App, ios Mobile App, SMS Passcode, Swift Module and much more. And it has extensive open API.

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Launch a Digital Bank
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A sophisticated modern banking core that can quickly adjust to adapting banking strategies with its API and microservices design. We provide a fresh perspective on growth for brands, banks, fintechs and credit unions with the technology and support to make it happen. Niche is the new local for financial services – it’s how you connect to the communities you serve and create growth opportunities. Nymbus goes beyond “standing up” a bank with the people, process and technology to get to market quickly – all at a lower customer acquisition cost than traditional models. show more

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Zil Bank

Banking for Freelancers, Startups
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Zil banking provides you a one-stop solution for all your business needs. In addition to online banking, businesses can use features, including ACH payments, managing payroll, Check Printing, Pay, and Get paid by eChecks in our platform. Download Zil mobile app and get access to all features and services for all your banking needs. The Zil mobile app is a convenient, secure, and safe mobile banking application designed for users who are always banking on the go. Getting started with our app lets you access your bank accounts securely from the convenience of your phone. show more

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Products Similar to NorthOne

eBSEG Digital Banking Solution

Omnichannel Banking Solution
(0 Ratings)

eBSEG Digital Banking is a premier solution provider for OmniChannel eBusiness Solutions. It offers fundamental features like Account summaries, Credit Cards details, Local and international transfer, Loans Services, Cheque Status and much more.

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Backbase Digital Banking

Digital Banking Apps for Customers and Employees
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Backbase Digital Banking is a turn-key solution that enables Banks and Credit Unions to deliver amazing experiences for customers and employees. It has basic features like Customizable, Cloud Native, Turn key app and much more.

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Accounts by Cashfree

Banking as a service for neo-banks and fintechs
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Cashfree’s Accounts API lets you quickly integrate banking services from leading banks into your product. Enable your users to open accounts, link accounts, accept deposits, make payouts, check balance and earn interest. Cashfree Accounts is built for neo banks, fintechs, and platforms looking to offer financial services. Offer your users banking like never before.

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Narvi Payments

Better banking for borderless businesses
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Sign up for a dedicated business account (IBAN) and start sending and receiving euro payments to and from 100+ countries worldwide in no time. Use powerful integrated solution to work easily with local and international customers and suppliers. Get Narvi and grow globally. It’s the sleek new approach to banking that will immediately benefit business.

What is Narvi Payments ? Narvi Payments Pricing

Zil Money

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Zil Money Corporation, a financial technology company, provides cloud-based online banking and financial management services. Zil banking service can locate at Zilbank.com and fintech solutions at Onlinecheckwriter.com. Zil is not a bank. Zil Banking service technology is provided by Evolve Bank & Trust, an FDIC Member. The Evolve Bank issues the Zil visa card under a license from Visa U.S.A. Inc. Zil brings forth Business checking accounts with free ACH and international wire transfers. Online Check Writer financial management platform allows money transaction through ACH, Wire, Direct Deposit, e-checks, and Checks mailing. Although Zil money does not charge transaction or account fees, check mailing costs a $1 service charge. We are committed to protecting your personal information and your right to privacy. If you have any questions or concerns about this privacy notice or our practices regarding your personal information. show more

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Appway Digital Banking

Appway - Financial services businesses
(6 Ratings)

Appway automating workflows across people, systems and data, Appway gives financial services businesses everything they need to get the job done and provide exceptional experiences at every touchpoint. It Seamlessly integrate with some popular tools like Hubspot, Salesforce, Onespan, Google Cloud and much more.

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Customer Experience Software
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Capital Banking Solutions is a leading provider of end-to-end, integrated banking software for businesses. It is a next generation omnichannel banking solution. It provides features like Omnichannel, Security and Authentication, Personalized Customer Journey, and Administration & Controls.

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Real-Time Payment Software
(43 Ratings)

Bankable is a global architect of innovative digital banking solutions providing a secure and scalable middleware platform. It provides features like IBAN, issue payment cards, access payment schemes including Faster Payments, SEPA transfers and SWIFT payments.



Personal Mobile App Software
(0 Ratings)

BankFlex is designed for bank technologies. It has an ultra-modern, non-stop, omni-channel, digital banking solution. It has powerful key features like Personal Mobile Apps, Personal Internet Banking, Corporate Internet Banking and much more.

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The Next Generation Bank Management System
(7 Ratings)

BankPoint is an intuitive banking platform that covers the core system and provides dramatic improvements in efficiency for staff. It provides the valuable solutions like Pipeline Management, CRM Integration, Portfolio Management, Reporting and much more. It integrates with popular tools like fiserv, fis, sharepoint, and much more.

What is BankPoint ? BankPoint Pricing


Customer Engagement Software Solution
(0 Ratings)

BANKTRON is an authorized financial institutions to design, construct and deliver customer-centric financial services and products and be ready to constantly changing business and regulatory environment. It provides key features like Customer Engagement, Highest Security Standards and Managements, B2B Gateway and much more.



Digital Lending Platform for Business Banking
(8 Ratings)

Numerated is the best-growing fintech making business banking easy for financial institutions and their clients. Banks and credit unions use Numerated’s digital lending platform to meet business expectations for digital convenience and to bring efficiency gains to their internal teams. The platform is unique in its use of data to streamline the origination of any business banking product, from application to decision to close.

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Latest Digital Affluence Management Platform
(876 Ratings)

BANKER' S FRONT is used to Manage the Client Relationship To Capture Business Opportunities. And allow the Clients to have A Powerful User Experience from Consultation To Ordering. It Easily Interfaces To the Existing IT Landscape.


awamo 360

Automatic Back-up Software
(0 Ratings)

awamo 360 is designed to manage the whole business digitally and with ease. It has valuable features like User Certification, Biometric Security, Action Alerts, Location Data, Client & Group Management, Savings Accounts & Shares and much more.

What is awamo 360 ? awamo 360 Pricing

Digital Edge

Omnichannel Banking Solutions | Integrated Banking System
(1 Ratings)

Overcome all digital banking challenges with omnichannel banking by Digital Edge! Provide your customers with secure and user friendly banking experience.