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Employee Trail
Employee Trail Employee Computer Monitoring Software

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Top 5 Employee Trail Alternatives


Talent Mobility Software
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WORQDRIVE is the Talent Mobility platform that is proving people want to stay. Employees using WORQDRIVE log in 4 times a month to see new matching jobs, add skills, and advocate for their teammates.



Employee monitoring and timesheets
(3 Ratings)

Manual time-tracking is flawed. Track employee work time through computer activity instead. Effortless, reliable and fool proof. Screenshot your employees active window recurringly, for upto every 1 minute interval. Optionally blur images for privacy. A visual log of daily activities of every employee broken down to productive time, idle time and break time.

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Peer Learning and Knowledge Sharing
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BHyve's centralized Knowledge Wiki cuts silos and activates information flow across organization. BHyve creates a dynamic FAQ, and makes company knowledge accessible. So employees don't waste time looking for answers. Motivate employees using BHyve's gamification, where all knowledge sharing and seeking earns points and rewards.

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Monitor the performance of your employees, increasing their productivity
(10 Ratings)

Kickidler is one of the most popular employee monitoring software available within the market. Irrespective of their business scale, the software can be used by a variety of organizations to track the regular performance of their employees. Enterprises can monitor the current activities of individual staff, websites visited by them, apps used, and more. They can even use the employee time-tracking option to monitor the amount of time any employee is idle or has not been present at their workplace. The accurate time sheet management data gets showcased in the form of active diagrams and graphs. Further, computer screen recording options offered by the software help management keep track of the daily whereabouts. Customizable video frame rate and unique video algorithm techniques saves a lot of storage space on the cloud. School authorities can also use this platform to monitor the student activities on their classroom-computers. Besides, productivity metrics, keylogger, automatic notifications, self-monitoring interface, etc., are some of the other highlighted features hosted by Kickidler. show more

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Employee monitoring software & service
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Employees’ productivity will be 3-20% minimum better with WorkTime. 3-20% this is how much time employees spend on their personal needs (including poor attendance, being idle, browsing, socializing) in average. WorkTime brings productivity up, improves employees’ attendance, discipline by reducing idle and personal time. WorkTime shows the real situation about computers and software usage. Based on this information company can plan future purchases. WorkTime also helps take off the load from the overloaded departments/people and to decide if need to hire more employees (it shows you if there is insufficient productivity or overworking). show more

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Products Similar to Employee Trail


Practical Benefits of Employee Management Software
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TrackoField simplifies field operations with an all-in-one employee management software. Marking attendance is one click away instead of executives having to visit the office. Moreover, our attendance management software allows them to mark attendance when they are near the site. Managers and executives get to create and update tasks on the go on the software’s portal and the app. Skip the confusion of relying on multiple platforms for team and work coordination.

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Employee Monitoring Made Simple
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Insightful software is a platform used to gain real-time productivity insights to automate workflows. The software offers tools to measure the productivity scores, trends and labelling to track progress, benchmark performance over time and set a baseline for your team’s productivity. Automate Attendance with payroll systems to simplify payroll processing and bill clients for worked projects.

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Monitor Employee All Activities
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Work Monit enables you to easily record their computer and laptop activity in underhanded. Once Work Monit is installed on their device you will see all things they did – and they won’t know. Think of Work Monit as providing undetectable surveillance for computers you want to monitor. You can see their history, see everything typed and see screenshots of their activity in one simple to use package.

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All-in-one employee monitoring software that improves company
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They monitor the Computers they included in the system, and provide them with information on how their colleagues are spending their day. They group the programs as efficient, inefficient and neutral and show them in graphs. Thus, they provide users with information so that they can increase their productivity. They make it easy for users to decide what action to take for which colleague. They also enable them to monitor Computers hardware remotely. Thus, users can take precautionary measures for a potential hardware problem and intervene without problems. show more

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The advanced employee management platform for you
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We360.ai is a one-stop platform for employee management that is jam-packed with features that allow you to effectively organize work, manage your team, and run your company effortlessly. It provides a hierarchy-based dashboard that allows managers, HRs, and admin users to rapidly monitor an employee's performance at a granular level. We360.ai offers application utilization that enables you to assess how your workers spend their working hours, which programs they use and for how long, and where they need to save time in order to be more productive. The powerful reporting mechanism of We360.ai allows you to delve deeper and obtain all of the data in just a few clicks. The We360.ai system estimates and analyzes real labor hours spent to fulfill a project or assignment. You can keep track of your staff from any device. You can take a snapshot of your employee's PC at any moment to see what is going on during business hours with We360.ai. Additionally, the platform is compatible with Linux, Windows, and macOS to provide you with the best-in-class user experience. show more

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Ultimate Parental Control App
(3 Ratings)

iKeyMonitor is designed as an iPhone Monitoring App and Android Monitoring App. It is widely used as a Parental Control App for iPhone/iPad/Android.

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Teramind Price Options | Teramind
(33 Ratings)

Teramind provides a user-centric security approach to monitor your employee's digital behavior. We help reduce security incidents by providing real-time access to user activities. Teramind can be installed in minutes and can be deployed either without employees knowing or with full transparency.


Features | EmpMonitor - Check Employee Engagement Online
(3 Ratings)

Now do productivity measurement, stealth mode, websites accessed, report generation, and other areas for employee engagement only with EmpMonitor Software.


Free Employee Monitoring Software | Berqun
(2 Ratings)

Know when and what your employees are working on using Berqun Employee monitoring software. Collect screenshots, network usage information from Employee computers. Insider threat detection software.


Employee Monitoring Software - Track Remote Workers | CurrentWare
(4 Ratings)

Employee monitoring software. Track computer usage of remote workers. Monitor employee productivity, web browsing, and computer usage.


Remote Working | Employee Monitoring | Teamvue
(4 Ratings)

Teamvue is a remote working software helps in monitoring employees and productivity tracking.

Work Examiner

Workexaminer: Employee Monitoring Software for internet usage tracking and web control with reviews
(1 Ratings)

Best Internet monitoring software allows to perform employee monitoring and internet usage tracking: see how the work time is used and filter the web access. Reviews from Customers.


Cell Phone Spy - Monitoring Software, Mobile Spy App by XNSPY
(1 Ratings)

XNSPY is the world’s most trusted cell phone spy software to monitor any smartphone and tablet remotely. It works on a range of devices including Android phones, Android tablets, iPhones and iPads.

Best Free Keylogger

Features - Best Free Keylogger
(10 Ratings)

Unique Smart Read feature makes keystroke records easily readable by cleverly replacing keystrokes like space and backspace. Web filtering can filter websites based on their text content. Web blocking can either block or allow a set of user-defined websites. Reports generated by Best Free Keylogger can be sent to you over Email, FTP, LAN, or USB as encrypted files or HTML reports.


Dubber for Business - Dubber Call Recording
(17 Ratings)

Dubber is the world's #1 Unified Cloud Call Recording & Voice AI solution for compliance and sales & service performance. Dubber's fully compliant solution can be switched on with a click.