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Unomaly Algorithmic Data Monitoring and Prioritization Tool

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Top 5 Unomaly Alternatives

VMware AppDefense - Data Center Security Software

VMware AppDefense

Workload Protection Software
(17 Ratings)

VMware AppDefense pricing: VMware AppDefense Offers Custom plan.

What is VMware AppDefense and how does it work?

VMware AppDefense is a new approach to workload protection that models intended application behavior and identifies anomalous activity. Enable application control and allow listing and patch risky software sooner by continuously scanning workloads to highlight vulnerabilities in the OS, hypervisor, or application software. Ensure OS integrity, and provide reputation scores for every process. Provide additional workload context to NSX to assist in the definition of micro-segments, and enable faster and more granular responses to risky workload behavior, by pushing into NSX policies for actions such as quarantining, activity logging, etc. show more

VMware AppDefense Alternatives
Cisco ACI - Data Center Security Software

Cisco ACI

Facilitates application agility and data center automation
(104 Ratings)

Cisco ACI pricing: Cisco ACI Offers Custom plan.

What is Cisco ACI and how does it work?

Cisco ACI is an online-based Data Center Security Software. The Cisco ACI application-driven policy framework automates provisioning and managing of resources, thereby delivering a network that is deployed, monitored, and managed in a fashion that supports DevOps and rapid application change. Take a holistic, systems-based approach to data center security with Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure Security Solutions. These solutions provide a common policy-based operational model across ACI-ready networks. As a result, you can reduce cost and complexity without compromising data center functionality. show more

Cisco ACI Alternatives
Symantec Data Center Security - Data Center Security Software

Symantec Data Center Security

Complete server protection, monitoring, and workload micro-segmentation
(25 Ratings)

Symantec Data Center Security pricing: Symantec Data Center Security Offers Custom plan.

What is Symantec Data Center Security and how does it work?

Symantec Data Center Security is an online-based Data Center Security Software. Optimize security performance in VMware environments with agentless antimalware protection, network intrusion prevention, and file reputation services. ICDx simplifies product integrations and accelerates customer time to value across the Symantec enterprise portfolio and the industry’s largest partner ecosystem. Prepare higher quality cyber data to forward to SIEM and other SOC tools enhancing analytics and alert speed responses to critical incidents with orchestrated actions targeting multiple Symantec products. show more

Symantec Data Center Security Alternatives
ServerProtect for Linux - Data Center Security Software

ServerProtect for Linux

Stops malware from spreading through Linux Servers
(2 Ratings)

ServerProtect for Linux pricing: ServerProtect for Linux Offers Custom plan.

What is ServerProtect for Linux and how does it work?

Trend Micro ServerProtect™ for Linux 3.0 offers comprehensive real-time protection for enterprise web servers and file servers, preventing them from spreading viruses, spyware, and other Web threats to internal or external endpoints. Real-time, on-demand and scheduled scanning use the latest multi-threaded scanning engine for the highest performance while kernel-level scanning minimizes performance degradation. Enables central management of attack information, policy deployment, pattern file and scan engine deployment, and reports on policy implementation. show more

ServerProtect for Linux Alternatives
FireEye Data Center Security - Data Center Security Software

FireEye Data Center Security

Protecting the data center from cyber attacks
(0 Ratings)

FireEye Data Center Security pricing: FireEye Data Center Security Offers Custom plan.

What is FireEye Data Center Security and how does it work?

FireEye cybersecurity products and solutions enable organizations to prevent, detect and respond to advanced malware and other cyber attacks targeting the data center that routinely bypass conventional signature-reliant defenses. Shield data centers from advanced persistent threats (APTs) and sophisticated malware found in content stores, web and application servers, and common file shares. Protect your key assets and prevent attacks with products and services that work together and share threat intelligence. show more

FireEye Data Center Security Alternatives

Products Similar to Unomaly

HashiCorp Vault - Data Center Security Software

HashiCorp Vault

Store and Secure Your Valuable Data in A Vault
(62 Ratings)

HashiCorp Vault pricing: Starts at $0.03. Offers Custom plan.

What is HashiCorp Vault and how does it work?

HashiCorp Vault securely controls, protects, and secures access to passwords, certificates, tokens, encryption keys for secrets and other user-sensitive data using a UI, CLI or HTTP API. It uses a dynamic infrastructure, which has multiple clouds and private data centers without a clear network perimeter. Vault is API driven, it enables automation and CI/CD use cases while allowing the policy to protect, codify, and govern access to secrets. Value-added features of this infrastructure are low trust networks in public clouds, unknown network perimeter across clouds, and security enforced by identity. It tightly controls access to encryption keys and secrets by authenticating against trusted sources of identity such as Active Directory, CloudFoundry, LDAP, Kubernetes, and cloud platforms. Users can leverage any trusted identity provider such as cloud IAM platforms, Active Directory, Kubernetes or authenticate Vault. HashiCorp Vault enables fine-grained authorization to secrets and encryption keys that users and applications are permitted access to keys and secrets. show more

Unomaly vs HashiCorp Vault | HashiCorp Vault Alternatives
Hitachi Content Intelligence - Data Center Security Software

Hitachi Content Intelligence

Intelligent data discovery and transformation
(0 Ratings)

Hitachi Content Intelligence pricing: Hitachi Content Intelligence Offers Custom plan.

What is Hitachi Content Intelligence and how does it work?

Hitachi Content Intelligence maximizes data value to deliver the information you need to make the smartest business decisions. Mitigate your industry’s data growth and sprawl and easily find the data you need. Enrich your data to deliver the most relevant information that your business needs to stay informed. Aggregate data from any sources, surface new insights and boost productivity with robust searches. show more

Hitachi Content Intelligence Alternatives
VoltShare - Data Center Security Software


Secure Data Sharing
(0 Ratings)

VoltShare pricing: VoltShare Offers Free-forever and Custom plan.

What is VoltShare and how does it work?

VoltShare helps you securely share your critical data while ensuring compliance. Send and store confidential information with end-to-end encryption that eliminates the age-old problem of shared secrets and public-key mgmt. Maximize the privacy of your information. Then confidently share information with an individual or group of people. Share your confidential information like you do today Slack, email, Dropbox, SharePoint, etc. Simplify compliance through automated logs and auditability for all shared data including successful and failed decryption attempts. show more

Unomaly vs VoltShare | VoltShare Alternatives
CipherCloud - Data Center Security Software


Turn your business relevant data into undecipherable cyphers to protect them
(0 Ratings)

CipherCloud pricing: CipherCloud Offers Custom plan.

What is CipherCloud and how does it work?

CipherCloud is endpoint-to-cloud security software that simply helps in protecting digital data with the best stringent layers. CipherCloud provides a secure access service edge (SASE), transforming legacy parameter security into an array of cloud-delivered security capabilities that can be accessed whenever necessary. It works efficiently thanks to the SD-WAN core network component that is also referred to as the software-defined wide area network. Further, CipherCloud and its cloud security components support multiple integrations that eliminate the mundanity of working from a specifically designated location. The lookout security service edge of the same addresses identity and credentials protection, detects and mitigates threats, connects and secures the modern workforce with protected layering and ultimately safeguards web and cloud usage. It further eliminates the foggy possibilities of risks by providing a clear view of what is happening on both managed and neglected endpoints within the cloud and everywhere in between. The SSE analyses behavioural changes to identify file threats and unsolicited cyberattacks. The risk endpoints are also monitored continuously and the user access is modified within regular intervals to enhance data protection. show more

Unomaly vs CipherCloud | CipherCloud Alternatives
GitGuardian - Data Center Security Software


A Monitoring Platform Built To Uncover Sensitive Company Information And Address Data Leak Issues
(20 Ratings)

GitGuardian pricing: GitGuardian Offers Custom plan.

What is GitGuardian and how does it work?

GitGuardian is a private solution built to monitor and detect credential data leaks. It monitors official repositories listed under the GitHub organization and also the developer’s personal or public repositories. The platform covers 200+ API providers, private keys, database connection strings, certificates, usernames, and passwords. It comes with sophisticated pattern matching techniques that help to detect credentials that cannot be strictly defined with distinctive patterns. Developers are alerted alongside security teams and the meantime to detect is just a few seconds. It’s integrated with SIEM, ticketing systems, chats, and ITSM. It collaborates with developers and collects developer feedback directly in the dashboard to better investigate and prioritize issues. Users can monitor their internal repositories either public or private. The internal repositories monitoring feature includes integrations with GitHub and GitLab natively. Users can use the platform’s API to integrate into git hooks or in the CI as well. It comes with the ability to define custom detectors to identify specific internal tokens or hostnames. show more

Unomaly vs GitGuardian | GitGuardian Alternatives
Privata.ai - Data Center Security Software


Protect Data with Machine Learning
(0 Ratings)

Privata.ai pricing: Privata.ai Offers Custom plan.

What is Privata.ai and how does it work?

Privata.ai software is a platform used to monitor data inside your Application. Track connections to sensitive data and remove false positives that are inherent in network activity with breach detection using Machine Learning. Collect data to start training your algorithm with data access information per individual user and user group over time. Create custom-made alerts to collect the better algorithms become at detecting an attacker. Small, Medium and Large companies make use of the software. show more

Unomaly vs Privata.ai | Privata.ai Alternatives
AppViewX ADC+ - Data Center Security Software

AppViewX ADC+

Simplify Multi-Cloud Application Delivery
(5 Ratings)

AppViewX ADC+ pricing: AppViewX ADC+ Offers Custom plan.

What is AppViewX ADC+ and how does it work?

AppViewX ADC+ provides GUI-based, API-driven, out-of-the-box solutions that simplify and speed up ADC lifecycle automation. Enable users to create custom automation workflows using a simple, drag and drop interface and task library. Allow app teams to provision and automate ADC services, enable/disable objects for blue-green deployments, etc. with a single click from RBAC-powered dashboards and persona-based service catalogs. Automate ADC lifecycle end-to-end with AppViewX’s native workflow automation, or bring your own automation. show more

AppViewX ADC+ Alternatives
Kogni - Data Center Security Software


Sensitive data storage simplified
(0 Ratings)

Kogni pricing: Kogni Offers Custom plan.

What is Kogni and how does it work?

Kogni is an intuitive data storage manager that helps in finding, securing and monitoring sensitive data from a system. It makes the process simple by identifying the personal data without any manual interference. Further, it stores the information in a secure way. Business personnel can use this software to conduct data audits, and then maintain its confidentiality. Moreover, Kogni provides the best data governance with utmost security. Businesses can also migrate their sensitive data to the cloud hassle-free. It is a three-step process that the software follows. Firstly, the software discovers sensitive data. It does this by maintaining the norms of CCPA and GDPR besides other regulatory formalities. Secondly, the solution secures data where it is present by providing advanced protection from underlying threats. It is the best prevention strategy to avoid losses of sensitive data. And the final step includes monitoring the collected information. Monitoring tools included providing real-time alerts to help with data management without policy violations. show more

Unomaly vs Kogni | Kogni Alternatives
SecretHub - Data Center Security Software


Secret management portal for engineers
(0 Ratings)

SecretHub pricing: Starts at $89.0. Offers Free-forever and Custom plan.

What is SecretHub and how does it work?

SecretHub is a unified secret management solution for engineers and their entire team. The software allows engineers to upgrade security throughout the stack by replacing secrets in plaintext with reference tags. Engineers can use system CLI for encrypting and storing secrets. Organizations can configure access control and monitor audit logs for further data protection. In case an employee leaves, or any other incident takes place, others within the team can update secrets in any one place and push them out as per business needs. Admins can even revoke access rights. SecretHub is an end-to-end encrypted portal, offering complete control to the engineers and their teams. Only authorized members get to decrypt the secrets. With the globally distributed solution, uptime SLAs and custom hosting facilities, enterprises get to start with their production process within a day. SecretHub helps teams upgrade their digital hygiene, corporates can eliminate data leaks by securing digital keys within their data centers. show more

Unomaly vs SecretHub | SecretHub Alternatives
Dataships - Data Center Security Software


A Solution For Compliance And Access To Personal Data Using Data Access Gateway
(0 Ratings)

Dataships pricing: Dataships Offers Custom plan.

What is Dataships and how does it work?

Dataships is an easy to setup software that gives users everything they need to become compliant. The tool works in a way where it cuts through the noise and delivers a simple solution. It builds a privacy center that all users need to comply with global data protection laws. It helps to create privacy policies, cookie policies, data processing addendums, security policies, and much more. Since data privacy landscapes are consistently revolving, it updates the policies automatically whenever needed. With the tool, building trust with users seems easy. Users can leverage the data access gateway to give their customers access to the information they hold on them. Businesses can earn users’ respect by showing how things are done in the best way possible. The tool allows users to manage what data they share and all changes they make are automatically reflected in the tools. The software looks after compliance while users can concentrate on their business. show more

Unomaly vs Dataships | Dataships Alternatives
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