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Updated on: December 2, 2021
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Brakeman Alternatives and Competitors

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Top 5 Brakeman Alternatives

Google Cloud Security Scanner

Security Command Center  |  Google Cloud
(9 Ratings)

Security management, data risk & compliance monitoring platform to help with vulnerability management. Detect & respond to security vulnerabilities.

Comodo HackerProof

Next Dimension Website Scanner with Free Trial
(1 Ratings)

Comodo HackerProof with Site Inspector Technology - Comodo provides the next dimension website scanner that includes PCI scanning tools


Zenmap - Official cross-platform Nmap Security Scanner GUI
(22 Ratings)

Zenmap is the official cross-platform GUI for the Nmap Security Scanner. It is free and runs on Linux, Windows, Mac OS X, etc.

Qualys WAS

Web Application Scanning | Qualys, Inc.
(5 Ratings)

Robust cloud solution for continuous web app discovery and detection of vulnerabilities and misconfigurations.


Burp Suite - Application Security Testing Software
(78 Ratings)

PortSwigger Web Security is a global leader in the creation of software tools for the security testing of web applications. The software (Burp Suite) is well established as the de facto standard toolkit used by web security professionals. Burp Suite is used by more than 47,000 individuals at 12,500 organisations.

Products Similar to Brakeman

Nexus Vulnerability Scanner

Vulnerability Scanner l Software Bill of Materials l Sonatype
(3 Ratings)

Nexus Vulnerability Scanner - Scan an application for free and find any known open source vulnerabilities in your code.


Secure your digital environment - Zerocopter
(1 Ratings)

Zerocopter is the leading enterprises' application security platform empowered by the world’s best ethical hackers. We help you develop in a secure way.


Outscan - External network security testing | Outpost24
(1 Ratings)

OUTSCAN™ is an automated vulnerability management solution that scans and secures external networks. It analyzes perimeters, detects vulnerabilities, notifies organizations and gives remediation solutions. Outpost24 security experts can implement it if needed.

Peach Fuzzer

Integrating security into your DevOps Lifecycle
(2 Ratings)

GitLab application security scans for SAST, DAST, Dependency scanning, Container Scanning, Secrets Detection, Fuzz testing, and License Compliance within DevOps CI pipeline


Enterprise Device Security Platform | Eclypsium
(1 Ratings)

Eclypsium is the industry's leading enterprise firmware protection platform. Firmware in servers, laptops, and networking equipment is the unguarded attack surface of the enterprise. Once compromised, this blind spot allows attackers to subvert traditional security controls.