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Updated on: January 24, 2020
Retrace One stop solution for app developers
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Retrace Alternatives

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A comprehensive list of competitors and best alternatives to Retrace

Top 5 Retrace Alternatives

New Relic APM - Application Performance Monitoring (APM) Tools : SaaSworthy.com

New Relic APM

Open. Connected. Programmable

New Relic is a popular application management software that was established by Lew Cirne in 2008. In the last few years, New Relic has spread across the globe and is currently an integral tool for all IT industries and business executives. This software lets users monitor apps and address critical... read more

Scout APM - Application Performance Monitoring (APM) Tools : SaaSworthy.com

Scout APM

Application Monitoring that finds what you can't see in charts
(20 Ratings)

Scout is an easy-to-use application monitoring tool that continuously tracks down database queries, performance abnormalities, sources of memory bloat and more. It helps in identifying if background jobs are spending too long in the queue and users can also send performance metrics to the... read more

eG Enterprise - Application Performance Monitoring (APM) Tools : SaaSworthy.com

eG Enterprise

World Leader in Application Performance and IT Infrastructure Monitoring

This application performance management is a leader in the application performance and the IT sector. Established in 2001, eG Enterprise is currently monitoring services of over 180 applications including Java, SharePoint, Office 365 and more. Thousands of IT industries are reliant on this software... read more

Datadog APM - Application Performance Monitoring (APM) Tools : SaaSworthy.com

Datadog APM

See it all in one place
(10 Ratings)

This is a cloud-based application monitoring tool for infrastructure, event logs, and applications. Users can search, collect and analyse traces across fully distributed platforms. This helps in narrowing down from a global perspective to one single customer’s particular line of code or request... read more

AppDynamics - Application Performance Monitoring (APM) Tools : SaaSworthy.com


Leverage end-to-end application performance monitoring tools and techniques

Founded in 2008, this is an American Application Performance Management platform that operates from San Francisco. The primary focus of this company is the management of performance and availability of applications across cloud environments as well as inside the data center. AppDynamics was... read more

Similar products to Retrace

Dynatrace - Application Performance Monitoring (APM) Tools : SaaSworthy.com


Software Intelligence for the Enterprise Cloud

Dynatrace provides software intelligence to simplify enterprise cloud complexity and accelerate digital transformation. With AI and complete automation, our all-in-one platform provides answers, not just data, about the performance of applications, the underlying infrastructure and the experience... read more

IDERA Precise - Application Performance Monitoring (APM) Tools : SaaSworthy.com

IDERA Precise

Accelerate business performance with end-to-end performance monitoring

Idera Precise Application Performance Platform monitors the SQL server environment continuously and provides actionable information to help database administrators tune their performance. It can also measure the end-user experience starting from the browser and tracks it through all tiers of... read more

Zenoss - Application Performance Monitoring (APM) Tools : SaaSworthy.com


Leading the Digital Transformation

Zenoss works with the world's largest organizations to ensure their IT services and applications are always on. As the leader in software-defined IT operations, Zenoss uniquely collects all types of machine data, building real-time IT service models that train machine learning algorithms to predict... read more

Icinga - Application Performance Monitoring (APM) Tools : SaaSworthy.com


Efficient Monitoring Engine

Icinga Monitors Availability and Performance gives a Simple Access to Relevant Data and Raises Alerts to Keep user in the Loop. Across the entire infrastructure, Icinga gives the power to watch any host and application. The monitoring engine is capable of monitoring the entire data center and... read more

Atatus - Application Performance Monitoring (APM) Tools : SaaSworthy.com


Real-time performance monitoring for your business

Atatus is a SaaS-delivered application performance and error tracking solution, delivering full-stack visibility for all the apps. This platform is able to dynamically collect millions of performance data points across the applications so the user can quickly resolve issues, and improve digital... read more

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