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Video Editing Software

Video editing involves processes necessary to rearrange and manipulate the video shots captured for adding more value to it. To edit videos and images these days, professionals generally use suitable software to automate and simplify the editing process. Video editing software can be described as an application or program that helps to monitor and manage the post-production video editing tasks of online video sequences on a computer NLE (non-linear editing system). This modern mean to edit videos has been a replacement of the age-old flatbed celluloid film editing ones.

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Fastest Growing Video Editing Software

The Fastest growing Software award is given to the SaaS products registering the maximum growth across social media, web search and number of user reviews

WeVideo #1

WeVideo helps to create stunningly gorgeous professional-grade videos and offers impressive video editing solution. This video editing software comes with screencasting capabilities. It is mobile-friendly and can be run on Android native & iOS native. WeVideo allows you to upload an image/logo of... show more

WeVideo also won

Kapwing #2

Kapwing is an online tool for editing images, GIFs and videos which can additionally function as a meme generator. Useful for trimming videos and even adding subtitles, Kapwing can be used by anyone who has at least an idea of video production. With Kapwing, you are able to edit your videos as much... show more

Kapwing also won

Promo.com #3

Promo.com is an advanced online video making platform serving the needs of real estate, marketing, travel, recruiting & HR, eCommerce business and Saas companies. It can be used to create Instagram Ads, LinkedIn Ads, Facebook Ads, Promo Videos and Youtube Ads. Tools hosted by Promo.com includes... show more

Promo.com also won

Animoto #4

Animoto is a video maker with a do-it-yourself architecture that can create attractive videos within minutes. The drag and drop UI eliminates all prerequisites of video editing experience. This helps marketers to boost their sales, drive more traffic to their websites, engage with their audiences... show more

Animoto also won

Rocketium #5

Rocketium video editing software is suitable for both commercial and personal use. This software helps in video streaming as well. This digital video and animation maker helps in creating slideshows, music visualizations and promos even without the help of any technical support and backing.... show more

Rocketium also won

FlexClip #6

FlexClip is an online video making software with which creators can generate innovative, high-quality videos, slide shows and movies in no time. The solution offers 1000+ pre-built templates, saving a lot of time and effort of individual creators. A vast media library within the particular offers... show more

FlexClip also won

ClipChamp #7

ClipChamp video editing software helps in designing your own slideshows. Users can upload not just videos, but also photos and music. Users can get access to a host of credible video editing features that can help to produce professional-grade stunning video content. Trim & cut options help to crop... show more

ClipChamp also won

Wave.video #8

Wave.video is an online video maker, host and editor that can be used to generate interesting and engaging clips for social media, websites, blogs and emails. At Wave.video, there are more than 200 million stock images, videos and audio clips available to choose from. Users can personalise their... show more

Wave.video also won

Grabyo #9

Grabyo is a video production, editing, and distribution solution that runs in the cloud. Using Grabyo, you can create live digital broadcasts within your web browser with one click. You can then add elements such as graphics, data visualizations, polls, and comments, as well as insert real-time highlights, and switch streams. With Grabyo’s video editing capabilities, you can clip multiple highlights from live streams and then share these highlight packages on social and mobile. Grabyo also allows you to live stream in real time to platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and mobile apps. You can also improve your video monetization by... show more

Kizoa #10

Kizoa video editing software helps in online movie making process too. This online video making and editing platform helps creating animated and still collages using the videos and still images. Social sharing feature helps users share the videos and photo collages via social media platforms. The... show more

Kizoa also won