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Updated on: October 3, 2022

Video Editing Software

Video editing involves processes necessary to rearrange and manipulate the video shots captured for adding more value to it. To edit videos and images these days, professionals generally use suitable software to automate and simplify the editing process. Video editing software can be described as an application or program that helps to monitor and manage the post-production video editing tasks of online video sequences on a computer NLE (non-linear editing system). This modern mean to edit videos has been a replacement of the age-old flatbed celluloid film editing ones.

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Most Popular Video Editing Software

The Most Popular Software award is given to the SaaS products with the highest presence across social media, web search and user reviews.


Magisto is an AI-powered video editing software that helps users to make creative videos for their social media and marketing needs. It is capable of serving the individual needs of multiple fields, such as Real Estate, Marketing, Social Media, Finance, Cooking, Facebook Ads, Instagram and more.... read more

Magisto also won


WeVideo helps to create stunningly gorgeous professional-grade videos and offers impressive video editing solution. This video editing software comes with screencasting capabilities. It is mobile-friendly and can be run on Android native & iOS native. WeVideo allows you to upload an image/logo of... read more

WeVideo also won


Animoto is a video maker with a do-it-yourself architecture that can create attractive videos within minutes. The drag and drop UI eliminates all prerequisites of video editing experience. This helps marketers to boost their sales, drive more traffic to their websites, engage with their audiences... read more

Animoto also won


Promo.com is an advanced online video making platform serving the needs of real estate, marketing, travel, recruiting & HR, eCommerce business and Saas companies. It can be used to create Instagram Ads, LinkedIn Ads, Facebook Ads, Promo Videos and Youtube Ads. Tools hosted by Promo.com includes... read more

Promo.com also won


Kapwing is an online tool for editing images, GIFs and videos which can additionally function as a meme generator. Useful for trimming videos and even adding subtitles, Kapwing can be used by anyone who has at least an idea of video production. With Kapwing, you are able to edit your videos as much... read more

Kapwing also won


ClipChamp video editing software helps in designing your own slideshows. Users can upload not just videos, but also photos and music. Users can get access to a host of credible video editing features that can help to produce professional-grade stunning video content. Trim & cut options help to crop... read more

ClipChamp also won


Wave.video is an online video maker, host and editor that can be used to generate interesting and engaging clips for social media, websites, blogs and emails. At Wave.video, there are more than 200 million stock images, videos and audio clips available to choose from. Users can personalise their... read more

Wave.video also won


Kizoa video editing software helps in online movie making process too. This online video making and editing platform helps creating animated and still collages using the videos and still images. Social sharing feature helps users share the videos and photo collages via social media platforms. The... read more

Kizoa also won


Biteable helps users create videos in no time, which can be used for multiple purposes like marketing, social media, explainer videos, etc. Users can access over 800,000 real-life stock footage clips and eye-catching video animations. It provides users with an option to create videos from a vast... read more

Biteable also won


Renderforest is an online video production platform and is a free cloud-based presentation software.It is useful for both business as well as personal use.The software comes backed by round the clock live customer support.It is loaded with suitable video editing and video management features.... read more

Renderforest also won

Hippo Video

Hippo Video is a personalised video editing platform that helps professionals and businesses easily create personalized videos and distribute them over multiple channels. The software allows users to create brand-specific videos driving higher engagement levels. Users also get to share videos... read more

Hippo Video also won


Wideo is a web-based animated marketing video creation forum explicitly built for digital agencies, SMBs, and marketing professionals. This tool offers our template through which users can create videos easily and quickly by adding their own images and videos, then animate in just a few clicks. Wideo is a useful online video creation platform for users to edit, create, and share online videos. If individuals like to promote their product, they can record it and share it with their customers. If not, they have animated design presentations through which they can create explainer videos. Wideo is an effective application, which has proven to... read more


Boosted is a futuristic online video-making app, with built-in social media content and best practices that help users convert their followers into customers in a hassle-free manner. It only takes three minutes to generate a professional video. Businesses can make use of the platform to curate ads... read more

Boosted also won


LightMV is a video creation platform, enabling creators to generate professional-grade videos within minutes by just combining photos and clips. The software offers a built-in media library that includes millions of customizable templates and themes. These video templates and themes are professionally designed and get updated in an automated manner, helping out creators to keep their videos fresh and contemporary. An unlimited HD creation technology, within LightMV, enables users to play their creation on the big screen. The software is a perfect solution for memorable occasions and life situations like weddings, birthdays, travel,... read more


BeeCut is an advanced video editing software for professionals and companies to create and edit videos quickly and easily. BeeCut can be used to trim and reduce videos to find the perfect moments for the users. They can split videos into small parts and also merge different parts to make a longer... read more

BeeCut also won


Rocketium video editing software is suitable for both commercial and personal use. This software helps in video streaming as well. This digital video and animation maker helps in creating slideshows, music visualizations and promos even without the help of any technical support and backing.... read more

Rocketium also won

Adobe Premiere Rush

Adobe Premiere Rush is a creative video processing app that can be used to shoot, edit and share high-quality videos as per need. The application features a creative user interface to help users make their content stand out from the rest. Also furnished with simple and intuitive mobile-ready and desktop-friendly tools for motion graphics and audio outputs, the application makes a hassle-free task for users to generate interactive videos having a high connectivity rate. Adobe Premiere Rush’s inbuilt templates also help users to add and edit polished titles of their choice and make changes accordingly. Preset and manual colour correction... read more


OpenShot is a video editing software for businesses and individuals to create beautiful professional-looking videos using its advanced features. Video creators can quickly trim down the videos to retain the best moments in them. They can use available powerful animation framework, to add fade,... read more

OpenShot also won


Moovly presentation software comes enriched with several presentation features like content library, offers better collaboration, enables doing animation, helps embedding audio and video into the website/blog, allows zooming and permits offline presenting.The tool comes with ready made templates to... read more

Moovly also won


Flixpress is pioneering the way toward a new era of media creation. The vast majority of the templates allow you to enter custom text into a few fields and see that text render out beautifully in your finished video. Upload your own images and see them inserted seamlessly into your finished video. All of their templates include the ability to render the final footage in stunning, High Definition. Perfect for the web or even broadcast television. Depending on where you live, it might even be better fidelity than your local news. If you've got audio you'd like to use, just upload your audio as .mp3 and use it in your Flixpress project.