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Updated on: October 25, 2021

Video Editing Software

Video editing involves processes necessary to rearrange and manipulate the video shots captured for adding more value to it. To edit videos and images these days, professionals generally use suitable software to automate and simplify the editing process. Video editing software can be described as an application or program that helps to monitor and manage the post-production video editing tasks of online video sequences on a computer NLE (non-linear editing system). This modern mean to edit videos has been a replacement of the age-old flatbed celluloid film editing ones.

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Fastest Growing Video Editing Software

The Fastest growing Software award is given to the SaaS products registering the maximum growth across social media, web search and number of user reviews


Magisto is an AI-powered video editing software that helps users to make creative videos for their social media and marketing needs. It is capable of serving the individual needs of multiple fields, such as Real Estate, Marketing, Social Media, Finance, Cooking, Facebook Ads, Instagram and more.... read more

Magisto also won


Kapwing is an online tool for editing images, GIFs and videos which can additionally function as a meme generator. Useful for trimming videos and even adding subtitles, Kapwing can be used by anyone who has at least an idea of video production. With Kapwing, you are able to edit your videos as much... read more

Kapwing also won


ClipChamp video editing software helps in designing your own slideshows. Users can upload not just videos, but also photos and music. Users can get access to a host of credible video editing features that can help to produce professional-grade stunning video content. Trim & cut options help to crop... read more

ClipChamp also won


Biteable helps users create videos in no time, which can be used for multiple purposes like marketing, social media, explainer videos, etc. Users can access over 800,000 real-life stock footage clips and eye-catching video animations. It provides users with an option to create videos from a vast... read more

Biteable also won


Veed is an online video editing tool that enables anyone to create impactful videos and grow their audiences. It sports some handy features such as the ability to trim videos and filter them according to various looks. Users can even add images to the videos, crop them, add text, or draw on them. Veed also functions as a social media video creating tool that can create videos according to the channel that it will be posted on. They can even experiment with tools such as rotate, trim, add images, stickers, emojis and more. Users can even make video memes online through the tool up uploading a target video, editing them according to various... read more


FlexClip is an online video making software with which creators can generate innovative, high-quality videos, slide shows and movies in no time. The solution offers 1000+ pre-built templates, saving a lot of time and effort of individual creators. A vast media library within the particular offers an enormous stock of royalty-free music, photos and videos facilitating hassle-free editing process. A wide variety of animated elements like dynamic texts, widgets, overlays, logos and more helps users to enhance the engagement rates of the videos generated by them. Some of the versatile features offered by FlexClip include easy-trimming, adding... read more

Hippo Video

Hippo Video is a personalised video editing platform that helps professionals and businesses easily create personalized videos and distribute them over multiple channels. The software allows users to create brand-specific videos driving higher engagement levels. Users also get to share videos... read more

Hippo Video also won


OpenShot is a video editing software for businesses and individuals to create beautiful professional-looking videos using its advanced features. Video creators can quickly trim down the videos to retain the best moments in them. They can use available powerful animation framework, to add fade,... read more

OpenShot also won


Wave.video is an online video maker, host and editor that can be used to generate interesting and engaging clips for social media, websites, blogs and emails. At Wave.video, there are more than 200 million stock images, videos and audio clips available to choose from. Users can personalise their... read more

Wave.video also won


Renderforest is an online video production platform and is a free cloud-based presentation software.It is useful for both business as well as personal use.The software comes backed by round the clock live customer support.It is loaded with suitable video editing and video management features.... read more

Renderforest also won


Kizoa video editing software helps in online movie making process too. This online video making and editing platform helps creating animated and still collages using the videos and still images. Social sharing feature helps users share the videos and photo collages via social media platforms. The... read more

Kizoa also won


VidChops, as a video editing software, helps users to grow their business by making great videos in a short time. Over this platform, users can upload their raw video footage and professional editors available will edit the particular within two business days. VidChops also provide Expert Video Consulting services offering the best advice to individual users. The software is of great use for YouTubers, Digital Marketers and small business holders. Moreover, VidChops promises royalty-free music and stock footage, a video proofing tool and on-screen calls to action to manage and submit videos. Users can upload video files of up to 20 GB and... read more


Promo.com is an advanced online video making platform serving the needs of real estate, marketing, travel, recruiting & HR, eCommerce business and Saas companies. It can be used to create Instagram Ads, LinkedIn Ads, Facebook Ads, Promo Videos and Youtube Ads. Tools hosted by Promo.com includes... read more

Promo.com also won


Flixier is offering advanced video editing software that features 1-min exports on any device, streamlined collaboration, and plenty of cloud storage, all in one browser. Flixier allows users to export any video regardless of the hardware they have. It allows each team member and collaborator to stay in sync across any platform and keeps all stakeholders in the loop. Teams can collaborate in real-time without worrying about the project being out of date. There are cloud storage and detailed version history, feedback comments, advanced exports and email notifications. The tool seamlessly works on platforms such as Windows, Mac, Linux and... read more


Zubtitle is a video editing software that helps you in customizing amazing videos for social media within minutes. It allows you to generate tempting top border headlines that offer a professional touch to your video. With Zubtitle’s amazing video title editor, it is effortless to generate attractive titles for your videos. In addition to that, it also allows you to add captions to your videos without any hassle which makes them quite appealing. This application is capable of transcribing the audio from the video and later add the text as captions - you just have to upload the video and the rest of the task will be performed by Zubtitle.... read more


Boosted is a futuristic online video-making app, with built-in social media content and best practices that help users convert their followers into customers in a hassle-free manner. It only takes three minutes to generate a professional video. Businesses can make use of the platform to curate ads... read more

Boosted also won

Recast Studio

Recast Studio is a creative platform through which users can build videos fast and easily by using pre-built templates and intuitive interface. The software enables users to choose from a variety of templates that are carefully crafted for different categories and customize accordingly to suit the requirement. Users can drag and drop their elements onto the canvas and customize the colour, size, animation and more in order to satisfy the identity of the brand of the user. Recast software provides users with an intuitive timeline and filter effects that help to make engaging videos easily. The software allows users to select from various... read more


The StoryXpress is an all in one application for the creation of tailor-made videos. The application enables its users to develop videos from scratch, users can make a wide variety of videos over this platform. For the professionals, they can design product video over StoryXpress as this software enables easy conversion of texts, GIF and images into videos using the drag and drop creator offered by the platform. Users also get the option to create personalized videos powered by AI in the 1:1 relationship with a diverse audience. This strategy enables the creator of the video to elevate customer loyalty and brand awareness. StoryXpress... read more

Story Creator

Story Creator software is a platform used to create engaging videos from your browser. The software offers video editor tools to manage content, HD videos and photos from Unsplash and Pexels. Overlay videos and auto subtitles with a drag and drop tool to automate workflows. Professionals, Small and Medium companies make use of the software.


Videobolt is a production platform for anyone who needs an attractive video but doesn’t have the skills or budget to make it. This platform allows businesses to create video content for their daily needs. Videobolt covers everything from the production of everyday social media, sales, business,... read more

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