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Updated on: September 29, 2022

URL Shorteners

Long and complicated URLs are hard to remember and cannot be recalled easily at times of need. Long URLs can be shortened to ease their shareability as well. The Uniform Resource Locator (URL) is minimized in a way that it still can manage directing users to the required webpage. URL Shorteners make the links more manageable, track the links or data that are clicked on, etc. URL Shorteners come with useful features that can help in improving social media services.

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Fastest Growing URL Shorteners

The Fastest growing Software award is given to the SaaS products registering the maximum growth across social media, web search and number of user reviews


Bitly is an URL shortening software that helps organizations to scale their businesses. The solution can be used to generate and share customized links, enhancing the trust and validation levels between a brand and its audience. Organizations can change the destination URL for short links,... read more

Bitly also won


TinyURL.com is the original URL shortener that shortens your unwieldy links into more manageable and useable URLs. Harness the power and security of TinyURL’s full-scale link management services. Remove long URLs entirely from your email marketing, social media, or customer communications. As the... read more

TinyURL also won


ClickToTweet is an online-based URL Shortener. Easily view and keep track of all links you've created in the past. Create folders to better organize links by project or campaign. Access to edit, view stats and copy your links are all easily accessible. Update the text of your links at any time. Use... read more

ClickToTweet also won


GoLinks, also known as go/links, golinks, go-links or go links, allow you to use short keywords to access all resources within your company. Human-readable golinks transcends digital. Share links verbally during meetings or hallway conversations. Use golinks to promoting the next company event or... read more

GoLinks also won


Cutt.ly is a custom URL shortener that enables its users to track, simplify, and manage their links. The shortened link created through the software will never expire, and there are no ads shown while redirecting it to the original URL. Users can track and measure the performance of the shortened... read more

Cutt.ly also won


Rebrandly cloud-hosted URL shortening software that also extends its support in branding & rebranding (if necessary) the links for better results. This software helps a lot in managing all your links in an easy & systematic manner and also allow sharing them using a custom domain name. It comes... read more

Rebrandly also won


PicSee is a link shortening software that helps your customers shorten their URL links and helps create, share and monitor links. It can help you work faster and smarter, with features like branded links and the ability to redirect any link. Additionally, it helps your customers complete the... read more

PicSee also won


TrimURL is an AI-based tool that helps users transform lengthy links into short and compact URLs as per brand demands. Users can make email-friendly links that function seamlessly across all browsers and are glitch-free as well. This platform offers a comprehensive set of features that serve to fulfil users’ needs effortlessly. Further, TrimURL is easy to use and shortened links can be shared in an instant across multiple social media platforms, blogs, web pages, etc. Users can trim and rename URLs to make them more appealing to their audience or fit their brand's demands. Moreover, they can also create multiple URLs with just one click.... read more


ShortURL helps the users to shorten web links making it easier for them to remember and share. It also provides features like insightful analytics, traffic routing, API, QR codes and a powerful dashboard. Users can shorten links from Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and many such websites that are... read more

ShortURL also won


BL.INK creates an environment to manage every touch, monitor for accuracy and provides analytical insights to measure value and performance. BL.INK amplifies your social value by delivering greater control, increased flexibility, and safeguarding your data analytics. Customers rely on BL.INK to... read more

BL.INK also won

T2M URL Shortener

T2M cloud-based URL shortening platform comes with infinite shortened URLs, redirects as well as clicks. Users will keep enjoying continuous and hassle-free access to custom URLs. This URL shortening platform comes designed with countless personalized domain, vanity, and branded URLs. The software... read more

T2M URL Shortener also won


Clickmeter is an advanced and high performing system software that facilitates easy and effective link generation and management to increase your sales. With Clickmeter you can supervise, evaluate and optimize all your marketing links with any and every company and increase the conversion rate. It... read more

Clickmeter also won


Rocketlink gives users the ability to retarget any link that they share with their audiences by adding customised retargeting pixels and personalised call-to-action buttons. This improves the CTR and decreases the CPC of campaigns since customers who are interested to consume targeted content are... read more

RocketLink also won


Sniply browser-based URL shortening software helps you to add a call-to-action to all links that you share and on any web page. This facilitates in ensuring more customer engagement and helps them find your business online better. Sniply allows one to keep a good track of the links that got clicked... read more

Sniply also won


MergeURL is a comprehensive URL shortening and merging software for business and website owners alike. The platform can be used to generate a single URL for up to five unique URLs at the same time. Further, URLs generated, when sits idle for more than 12months get deleted, due to inactivity. An /o/ extension appended to the software’s domain name helps users open all of the URLs associated with MergeURL within a particular browser, simultaneously. Also, /v/ extension helps users with URL monitoring associated with their link. The best part about MergeURL is that users do not need to fill up any kind of login forms or registration... read more


Clkim web-based URL shortening platform is highly flexible and makes it possible for the users to directly advertise their offerings to the targeted customers. Better results and more value can be pulled from the links that are shared online, through messages and mail with the use of Clkim. This... read more

Clkim also won


LyncMe brings you essential content, easy-manageable tools and widgets that allow you to set up your (micro) website quickly, no matter who you & your audiences are. Make your official profile on LyncMe and share it with your audiences. Let them follow all your other works on Pinterest, Instagram, or anywhere else. Give them this opportunity to follow you on your all social profiles as well. Make a list of all your daily links into a private profile. Add notes to remember the tasks and share your password-protected or private profiles with your clients.


Lnnkln is a handy tool for digital users that enables them to create unlimited short URLs and track the associated clicks for free. It comes as a Google Chrome Extension that can quickly generate short links by directly opening them in browser tabs. This is a free tool that comes with lifetime... read more

LnnkIn also won


ShortSwitch is a URL shortening platform that is based on the cloud, which means you access it from anywhere you wish and at anytime you deem fit. Users can use their domain as well as sub-domain to help them shorten and brand their URLs. This software allows your authorized users only to generate links on your shortened URL service. With the help of this software, it will be possible for you to see your URLs popping up in the tweets instead of other people’s short URL services. This helps in better conversion as it leads to confidence build-up in your targeted customers who know they are clicking on reliable links. It comes with smart... read more


CampaignTracker is one of the easiest ways to manage all of your UTM tagged links. It enables you to keep a full-featured history to share across your team and improve your analytics with consistent tags. CampaignTracker takes the complexity out of shortening URLs with complex UTM parameters. It allows you to get organized as all your tagged links are in one place. You also become more consistent as all your tagged URLs use consistent tags. You can get rid of complicated and inefficient spreadsheets and put all of your UTM tagged links in one place – without any cost. CampaignTracker allows you to evaluate and analyze clicks and conversion... read more