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Updated on: July 22, 2019
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Robust application to recover file loss caused by OS
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R-Studio is used to recover lost data and files using advanced recovery functionalities. This software is capable of recovering files from a different platform such as Linux, Windows and ReFS (Resilient File System) that is used in Windows server. It has advanced RAID reconstruction module for faster data recovery. Along with this, it has multi-language GUI that allows the user to choose their preferred language. This software is equipped with a bundle of features such as extensive and versatile file search, file sorting and file recovery. It is a web-based application that will be deployed on-premise for experienced users. However, beginners may find it difficult to operate this software.

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R-Studio Technical details

Support Business Hours Online Customer Type Large Enterprises Medium Business Small Business
API NA Contact Richmond Hill, Canada / 1-888-978-8266
Deployment Installed - Windows Installed - Mac Category Backup Software

R-Studio Pricing

Pricing ModelOne-time license
How much does R-Studio cost ?
The pricing for R-Studio starts at $49.99. R-Studio has a single plan - R-studio at $49.99.
$49.99 Others
  • Price starts from $49.99
  • Unique data recovery technology
  • Comprehensive solution for file recovery, file repair, file undelete
  • Absolute control over data recovery
  • Advanced RAID reconstruction module
  • A feature-rich text/hexadecimal editor
  • Disk cloning and backup
  • Complete data security
  • Supports Windows/ Mac / Linux
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Disclaimer: The pricing details were last updated on 04/04/2018 from the vendor website and may be different from actual. Please confirm with the vendor website before purchasing.

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R-Studio Reviews

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Verified ReviewerSource : capterra.com
(Reviewed on 01 July 2019)
R-Studio for Data Analysis

Pros: R-Studio offers advanced data visualization tools and adapts to new models very well. It also easily connects to most types of data sources.

Cons: One needs to learn programming to use this software, no user interface.

Overall: R-Studio proved to be really helpful to me in building linear regression models to predict the churn rate of a retail store. So, I could build a predictive model in a short time by making use of the libraries available in that platform.

Fan Xuan C.Source : capterra.com
(Reviewed on 13 June 2019)
Do anything you want (with Statistical analysis)

Pros: R is known for super high flexibility - allowing you to customize calculation, write codes that fit your analysis goals, etc. No restrictions whatsoever - what you can think you can make it happen in R.

Cons: One may need to learn about R language to start with, which might be painful at the beginning, but it is worth the time!

Shreeya J.Source : capterra.com
(Reviewed on 09 June 2019)
R Studio Review

Pros: The best thing about R Studio is the variety of functionalities offered, especially for time series data and forecasting.

Cons: I found it a little difficult to understand, compared to other softwares I was using such as Stata.

Overall: The software is very useful and is extensively used for my college assignments.

Verified ReviewerSource : capterra.com
(Reviewed on 06 June 2019)
Useful for economic regressions, but difficult to use

Pros: It helped me complete homework for my class by allowing me to run economic regressions and evaluate statistical data.

Cons: It was pretty difficult to use as I have never coded before and had errors that held me back for hours. For non-coders, it can be very difficult to use.

Verified ReviewerSource : capterra.com
(Reviewed on 04 June 2019)
Excellent Data Analysis Tool

Pros: R-Studio is free to use and allows users to analyze large datasets easily and quickly.

Code for R is available from a variety of sources which enables complicated analysis to be undertaken more easily than writing the code oneself.

Cons: I really feel there are no cons to using R and R-Studio.

Overall: Working as a freelance epidemiologist and research consultant it is essential that I have access to a program within which I can analyze large amounts of data and share the results easily. R-Studio lets me do this.

One the interface of R-Studio is understood it is easy to navigate and allows for numerous analytical procedures to be performed.

Rex S.Source : capterra.com
(Reviewed on 31 May 2019)
R-Studio is the only IDE that should be used for R

Pros: I spent a lot of time trying not to use R-Studio because I like to fight against the norm. I found that there are not other competitive IDE's for R. If time is spent to learn the hot keys and enhancements in R-Studio (such as the markdown and GitHub enhancements), one will not want to use other IDEs for R.

Cons: At first the product seems clunky until the shortcuts are learned. I should have watched a video for it when I was first using it.

Aayush B.Source : capterra.com
(Reviewed on 31 May 2019)
Great for data analytics and forecasting

Pros: Used this for a school project and it does deliver great forecasting functionality for us to do our work.Its functionalities extend beyond that which I am currently learning.

Cons: The interface can be improved. It can be confusing sometimes especially between executing your commands.

Overall: A traditional looking tool but with great utility

Verified ReviewerSource : capterra.com
(Reviewed on 29 May 2019)
A must have for R programers

Pros: Makes the R programming much easier, with great interface and visual information.

Cons: The problems that I've found using R Studio were mostly problems in the R programming language, and not the software RStudio itself. So, I think I like almost everything about it.

Dustin M.Source : capterra.com
(Reviewed on 21 May 2019)
Best tool to use when working in R

Pros: I like pretty much everything about this software. It makes my code writing tasks so much easier and more enjoyable. I really like the integration with Bash and Python. It's nice being able to write code in various languages in the same document. I like being able to see my code, console, global environment, and other windows all at the same time which is done with finesse in this software. Having a easy-access, searchable "help" window is a huge time saver.

Cons: There are some bugs I come across every now and again. For example, I had code that would not work like expected. The function I was using was giving a weird output. After troubleshooting for an hour, I closed out of R-Studio, went back in and the function was working as it should. I've encountered other similar issues as well where a simple, "close" and "reopen" fixes problems.

Overall: Overall, this software is great and makes my day to day life much easier. There aren't many issues to complain about.

Daniel L.Source : capterra.com
(Reviewed on 16 May 2019)
Great Program to Pick-up Fast

Pros: R-studio is a very easy to navigate program that allows you to do every action in R but with the extra help and instruction. With this software, you can also adjust the settings to your liking so you can work comfortably. Very helpful tools allows questions to be answered quickly and informatively.

Cons: R-Studio sometimes has a few too many things going on at once so it sometimes gets hard to navigate and will lose where you are working.

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