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Updated on: July 2, 2022
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ReSharper Alternatives for macOS

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A comprehensive list of alternatives to ReSharper for macos.

Top 6 ReSharper Alternatives for macOS


Enhance your Salesforce platform with expert coding services
(60 Ratings)

CodeScan is a compact code analysis solution for the salesforce platform helping developers with code quality and security. It provides end-to-end code analysis services for prominent companies like Cognizant, TripAdvisor, Illumina, Hitachi, IBM, and several others. codes also offer a robust set of... read more

CodeScan Alternatives


Automated code reviews and code analytics
(25 Ratings)

Codacy is an automated code review tool that helps identify issues through static code analysis. Users receive notifications on security issues, code coverage, code duplication, and code complexity in every commit and pull request along with advanced code metrics on the health of a project and team... read more

Codacy Alternatives


Continuous Reliability Solution
(7 Ratings)

OverOps is a continuous reliability solution that enables companies who create software to ensure rapid code changes do not impact customer experience. Proactively identify runtime errors and slowdowns in every release Including issues that otherwise would be missed. Static analysis and testing can... read more

OverOps Alternatives


Universal technology for software
(1 Ratings)

CodeMeter is the universal technology for software publishers and intelligent device manufacturers, upon which all solutions from Wibu-Systems are built. CodeMeter requires your attention only once: its integration in your software and your business workflow is necessary at one point in time only.... read more

CodeMeter Alternatives


Get unmatchable JavaScript code quality with DeepScan
(2 Ratings)

DeepScan is a JavaScript code enhancement platform that helps you improve the quality of your JavaScript code by providing static analysis with no noise. It assists you in discovering runtime mistakes and quality concerns, rather than coding standards to provide the best code quality to your... read more

DeepScan Alternatives


Open Source Optimizer for Java and Kotlin
(3 Ratings)

ProGuard is the most popular optimizer and obfuscator for Java bytecode and Android apps. ProGuard obfuscates Java applications and pre-verifies the processed code for Java Micro Edition and for Java 6 and higher. ProGuard fully supports Java and Kotlin applications, enabling developers to take... read more

ProGuard Alternatives
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