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Updated on: June 26, 2022
Prefinery Grow your customers through unique referral programs

Prefinery Free Alternatives

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A comprehensive list of free alternatives to Prefinery.

Top 2 Prefinery Free Alternatives


Turn customer acquisitions into a rewarding brand community with ease
(39 Ratings)

Smile.io is the world’s largest loyalty points provider for scaling e-commerce businesses. It helps organisations build exciting reward programs for their customers and currently caters to over 50,000 merchants across the globe. The platform also turns out to be helpful for businesses to boost... read more

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Create intelligent referrals for increased customer retention
(27 Ratings)

GrowSurf is undoubtedly the best referral software for technology companies and sectors alike. The software makes it increasingly convenient to automate customer acquisition while involving the lowest possible costs a B2B or a B2C can afford for the same. GrowSurf has been specially designed... read more

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