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Updated on: July 4, 2022
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Import.io Free Alternatives

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A comprehensive list of free alternatives to Import.io.

Top 10 Import.io Free Alternatives


Email parsing got easier
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Parseur is a powerful email and document parsing software founded in 2016 by Sylvestre Dupont and Sylvain Josserand. With Parseur, point & click where you can create an automated workflow and extract data from emails, PDFs, or MS Excel in a few clicks. Compared to other email parsers, The parsed... read more

Parseur Alternatives


Extrасt all kinds of data from dосuments
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Bаse64.аi is an advanced document processing automation platform that аutоmаtes document processing and fасiаl recognition. The platform's аrtifiсiаl intelligence is able to сlаssify dосument types and extrасt texts, tables, рhоtоs and signatures from documents flawlessly.... read more

Base64.ai Alternatives


Web page scraping and crawling made easy
(92 Ratings)

Octoparse is a modern web scraping and crawling tool helping users scrape data without coding. This way they get to turn web pages into structured spreadsheets in a hassle-free manner. It delivers powerful services that are trusted by numerous top companies like Samsung, iResearch, Peking... read more

Octoparse Free Alternatives


Extract information in one click
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YabTab is an AI-powered web scraping application that turns web pages into tables automatically. YabTab automatically extracts tabular data from the web. Any website, such as product or job listings, regardless of the domain, underlying structure, or technology gets scanned. YabTab employs... read more

YabTab Alternatives


Perform code-free data extraction and grow your business
(65 Ratings)

Phantombuster is a codeless automation and data extraction software that helps organizations generate marketing audiences and business leads besides facilitating overall growth. It enables users to automate almost all of their actions on the web. The software executes the functions on behalf of its... read more

Phantombuster Free Alternatives


One click web scraping tool
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EasyScrape is a no-code job automation platform that allows organizations to use the internet as their own data source and scale time-consuming operations using ready-made automations. With just a few clicks, users may scrape the internet, locate fresh leads, and do extensive data enrichment.... read more

EasyScrape Alternatives

Scraper AI

Scrape the web with ease
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Scraper. AI is a data scraping and extraction program that can scrape and extract data from any website. Using capabilities like data exporting, scheduled monitoring, API endpoints, webhooks, and change detection, you can now automate your data collection process. Finding people, obtaining emails... read more

Scraper AI Alternatives


Automate data capturing and extraction
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FormX is a data extraction tool that transforms info from physical papers into organized digital data using artificial intelligence (AI). It provides predefined data extraction models on ordinary shopping receipts, identification cards, and the majority of official permits. With a single click, you... read more

FormX.ai Alternatives


Web Scraping Made Simple
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ScrapingBot software is a platform used to scrape and extract data from any webpage. It integrates with an API to locate the information to collect in the HTML of the webpage. Manage workflows by scraping data from headless browsers from websites in Angular JS, Ajax, JS, React JS and more. Small,... read more

ScrapingBot Alternatives


Avoid headless browsers while extracting data from web
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ScrapingBee is an intuitive web scraping API that handles headless browsers besides rotating proxies, for its users. By utilizing the updated version of Google Chrome, the platform enables users to extract necessary data from the internet without dealing with any headless browser. It is also... read more

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