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Updated on: November 26, 2022
Oxylabs Proxy Services for Large-scale Web Data Extraction

Oxylabs Alternatives and Competitors

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A comprehensive list of competitors and best alternatives to Oxylabs.

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Top 5 Oxylabs Alternatives

Bright Data - Data Extraction Software

Bright Data

From data collection infrastructure to ready-made datasets
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Bright Data pricing: Starts at $450.0.

What is Bright Data and how does it work?

Bright Data allows to retrieve the public web data care about. From finance, retail, and travel, to social media, cybersecurity, adtech, and more, market leaders are leveraging web data to maintain their advantage. Discover how it can work for user.

Oxylabs vs Bright Data | Bright Data Alternatives
AWS Direct Connect - Virtual Private Servers (VPS) Providers

AWS Direct Connect

Create connections with ease
(44 Ratings)

What is AWS Direct Connect and how does it work?

AWS Direct Connect is a cloud-based service providing software that enables users to easily establish secured connections with AWS from their individual premises. It also helps them to create private connectivity between their companies, offices or work bases with the AWS direct connect locations. This reduces the network costs and increases the bandwidth throughput, along with providing a more consistent networking experience to the users. The software provides standard 802.1q VLANs, which one can easily partition into several virtual interfaces. The users can utilize the same connection to get access to public resources also. The software is compatible with all types of AWS services that can be accessed over the internet such as Elastic Compute Cloud, Simple Storage Service. The software’s AWS Direct Connect service quickly and easily using the software’s AWS Management Console. Users can download customized router templates for their own networking equipment after configuring multiple virtual interfaces. show more

AWS Direct Connect Alternatives
FreshGeo - Virtual Private Servers (VPS) Providers


Fast, scalable, and well-managed.
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FreshGeo pricing: FreshGeo Offers Custom plan.

What is FreshGeo and how does it work?

FreshGeo LTD is in the Software Publishers industry and is based in LONDON, United Kingdom. FRESHGEO LTD employs 1 person and earns $80,116 in revenue at this location (USD). (The number of employees is estimated, and the number of sales is calculated using a model.) FreshGeo is a cutting-edge Geo IP Network Platform for Enterprises. FreshGeo's geodata solutions are used by leading publishers, ad platforms, exchanges, and networks. FreshGeo assists its clients in uncovering the hidden gems of business intelligence data by not only delivering cutting-edge products but also sharing our substantial expertise with valued partners. Our objective at FreshGeo is to provide every firm with universal access to high-quality big data in order to address mission-critical business problems and provide a world-class user experience. Market research, ad verification, trademark protection, travel fare aggregation, SEO monitoring, price intelligence, and other industries benefit from our products. FreshGEO assists you in fulfilling your responsibility as a brand/business/organization to handle personal data scrupulously while also offering feedback on how you use and preserve data gathered. show more

FreshGeo Alternatives
UpCloud - Virtual Private Servers (VPS) Providers


A Global Cloud Hosting Company Offering The Fastest Cloud Servers
(99 Ratings)

UpCloud pricing: UpCloud Offers Custom plan.

What is UpCloud and how does it work?

UpCloud is a cloud hosting company that’s faster than SSD cloud servers with simple and powerful control panels and API that allows users to spend more time on coding than managing cloud infrastructure. All the cloud servers are deployed on enterprise-grade hardware. Along with in-house developed software and proprietary MaxIOPS storage technology, users can get the best performance at all times. Cloud servers are deployed in less than 45 seconds with fast boot times, allowing systems to run within minutes. With easy and flexible scaling, users can deploy using simple plans or even configure each resource independently as well. Users can also take advantage of their 100% private network that is interconnected between all UpCloud’s data centers. It allows users to automate their infrastructure with the fully-featured API that helps users to create, configure, and delete cloud servers including all services like storage, firewalls, and floating IPS. Users can instantly create or schedule backups using true snapshots that can be restored quickly depending on storage size. show more

UpCloud Alternatives
WooCart - Virtual Private Servers (VPS) Providers


Built Exclusively for WooCommerce
(0 Ratings)

WooCart pricing: Starts at $29.0.

What is WooCart and how does it work?

WooCart is the first service built exclusively for hosting and managing WooCommerce stores. A staging environment (or the testing sandbox) is a clone of your store where you can test and try things without impacting your live store. When building a new store, WooCart compresses days of work into a few clicks. You also get effortless maintenance of your WooCommerce store, saving you hours every month. show more

Oxylabs vs WooCart | WooCart Alternatives

Products Similar to Oxylabs

WebhostUK LTD - Virtual Private Servers (VPS) Providers

WebhostUK LTD

A robust web hosting platform
(11 Ratings)

WebhostUK LTD pricing: Starts at $1.27.

What is WebhostUK LTD and how does it work?

WebHostUK is a UK based web hosting and solutions company, and one of the leading domain registration providers with over 15 years of hosting services for unlimited accounts, unlimited bandwidth, more faster and more affordable. In addition to the providing the best web hosting options for Windows and Linux servers, WebHostUK offers 24/7 support to help users with quality support and experience in case of problems or questions requiring answers. The platform also provides fast SSD storage and more than 400 web application installers in one click for quick and easy installation. WebHostUK offers free SSL certificates and free website design for users who want to create a custom site from scratch. The website hosting application offers a 99.99 percent uptime guarantee with its data centre in the UK. For security reasons, WebHostUK uses FREE DDOS and security walls. An unfailing security management protocol is available with a free backup solution for events such as power failure, network problems and some unforeseen circumstances. show more

WebhostUK LTD Alternatives
HostLaunch - Virtual Private Servers (VPS) Providers


An Innovative Web Hosting Automation Platform
(0 Ratings)

HostLaunch pricing: Starts at $1.0.

What is HostLaunch and how does it work?

HostLaunch is a hosting automation platform that enables users to create and run a successful cloud hosting company. This platform allows users to have their hosting company up and running within minutes. Users can start selling VPSes and make a profit. They can take advantage of the software’s portal where their customers can create accounts and log in to purchase servers and manage WordPress and PHP applications on those servers. This automation platform offers an interface where users can view information and manage both their business and customers. The platform is built using the most cutting-edge tools of today including Stripe, ServerPilot, and DigitalOcean. The VPS is owned by DigitalOcean and ServerPilot is used to configure as well as manage web hosting on those servers. Backed by MySQL, Apache, Ubuntu, and IPv6, HostLaunch lets you run websites with the most advanced configuration. The platform accepts payments, via PayPal and Stripe. show more

Oxylabs vs HostLaunch | HostLaunch Alternatives
Kaminario - Virtual Private Servers (VPS) Providers


Data Plane Virtualization
(1 Ratings)

Kaminario pricing: Kaminario Offers Custom plan.

What is Kaminario and how does it work?

Kaminario's data plane virtualization platform reduces the costs of managing data, maximizes agility & minimizes risk, and accelerates cloud migration. Kaminario delivers a truly shared service experience running on private cloud infrastructure. Kaminario offers the capability to implement Kaminario software instances on infrastructures that support FC, iSCSI, and NVMEoF connectivity. Kaminario offers the capability to implement Kaminario software instances on major public cloud platforms, including AWS (Amazon Web Services), GCP (Google Cloud Platform), and Microsoft Azure. show more

Kaminario Alternatives
SimplerCloud - Virtual Private Servers (VPS) Providers


Rapid, Simple, and Secured Software
(0 Ratings)

SimplerCloud pricing: Starts at $8.0.

What is SimplerCloud and how does it work?

SimplerCloud is a cloud service provider from Singapore that provides 100% true cloud servers with “webhosting model” billing plans. It provides performance SSD cloud servers are 100% self-manageable, have dedicated kernels and can be self-started and rebuilt in real-time.

SimplerCloud Alternatives
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