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Updated on: November 27, 2021
GFI EventsManager
GFI EventsManager Log and Event viewer for windows 10, 8, 7 Server – GFI Events Manager

GFI EventsManager Alternatives and Competitors

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Top 5 GFI EventsManager Alternatives

Azure Log Analytics

Azure Monitor | Microsoft Azure
(8 Ratings)

Monitor and analyze applications, infrastructure, and network performance with Azure Monitor to identify problems in real time.

Google Cloud Logging

Cloud Logging | Google Cloud
(19 Ratings)

Cloud Logging empowers customers to manage, analyze, monitor, and gain insights from log data in real time.

vRealize Log Insight

vRealize Log Insight | Log Analysis Tool | VMware
(4 Ratings)

vRealize Log lnsight is a log analysis tool that delivers highly scalable log management with intuitive, actionable dashboards, sophisticated analytics & broad third-party extensibility.

IBM Cloud Log Analysis

IBM Log Analysis with LogDNA - IBM Cloud
(1 Ratings)

Install LogDNA and start seeing your logs in under two minutes. Whether you wish to send logs via Kubernetes, Code libraries, OS agents, or syslog we have hundreds of custom integrations and are adding more each month. Our integrations are meant to be hassle free, and our backend services will automatically detect, parse, and index all log types.

Elastic Cloud

Elastic Cloud: Hosted Elasticsearch, Hosted Search | Elastic
(13 Ratings)

Elastic Cloud is a family of Elasticsearch SaaS offerings — including hosted Elasticsearch, hosted app search, and hosted site search — that make it easy to deploy, operate, and scale Elastic products and solutions in the cloud.

Products Similar to GFI EventsManager

Splunk Light

Download Splunk Light for free
(17 Ratings)

Splunk Light is a real-time log search and analysis solution for small IT environments. Built on proven Splunk technology, Splunk Light provides an integrated solution for server and network monitoring. It gathers all of your log data from different and distributed systems in real time, puts it in one place and provides dynamic alerts.

ManageEngine EventLog Analyzer

ManageEngine - IT Management & Monitoring Products
(8 Ratings)

Network Auditing and Reporting Capabilities in a touch!! here are the 5 reasons why you should opt for ManageEngine EventLog Analyzer. In-depth auditing capabilities Audits network perimeter devices' logs, user activities, server account changes, user accesses. Augmented threat intelligence Bundled with a global IP threat database and STIX/TAXII feed processor.

SolarWinds Loggly

Product Overview | Log Analysis and Log Monitoring
(11 Ratings)

Log Analysis and Log Monitoring: Proactive monitoring, Logs in customer support, Security and compliance, Data analysis and optimization & clolaboration


Log Management | Blazing-Fast Log Management Platform | Scalyr
(42 Ratings)

Unlike traditional log management, Scalyr is built for engineers by engineers. We make it easier for engineers to troubleshoot and debug issues by providing real-time visibility throughout their technology stack.


Why Chaos? The scalable ELK-compatible log analysis platform
(1 Ratings)

CHAOSSEARCH is a fully managed log analytics platform that leverages your AWS S3 as a data store. Our revolutionary technology radically lowers costs for analyzing log data at scale.