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Updated on: October 7, 2022
Alt Legal
Alt Legal Automated IP docketing software

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Top 5 Alt Legal Alternatives

LexisNexis Intellectual...

Intellectual Property Resources | LexisNexis®
(1 Ratings)

An unrivalled collection of intellectual property resources from prior art databases to authoritative analytical resources available from a single source from comprehensive prior art databases to authoritative analytical resources and beyond.


Legal Workflow Solutions | Intellectual Property Management Software
(19 Ratings)

Anaqua helps corporations and law firms turn intellectual property into competitive advantage. Anaqua is one of the few global vendors in the Intellectual Property Management space. ANAQUA integrates workflows, collaboration, docketing, data visualization, and worldwide patent analytics.


Connected Innovation Intelligence for IP and R&D Teams | PatSnap
(1 Ratings)

PatSnap is a leading connected innovation intelligence platform. We connect and analyze data points from patents, journals, venture capitalists, startups, M&A, technology news and more.


Unycom | Intellectual Property Managed
(1 Ratings)

Unycom provides IP management software for businesses and law firms of all sizes. Rely on our expertise, and raise your IP management to the next level!


Protect Data and Intellectual Property
(0 Ratings)

Built from the ground up with multiple layers of protection, NetSfere’s industry-leading end-to-end encryption protects sensitive business data and intellectual property ensuring a secure communication environment for the enterprise.

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Products Similar to Alt Legal

Wellspring for IP Management

Intellectual Property Software | IP Management | Wellspring
(1 Ratings)

Wellspring connects the key aspects of intellectual property management in a single, user-friendly system. Online Disclosures: Customizable and integrated online disclosure forms. Patents & Trademarks: Receive automatic updates when critical patent events occur. Licensing & Contract Management: Manage and store all of your agreements, from the first draft to the executed contract.

Computer Packages

Solutions - Computer Packages Inc
(2,510 Ratings)

Computer Packages Systems for corporations and law firms are the best tool on the market for the management of ip, patent, and trademark portfolios.


Juristat | Patent Analytics and Workflow Automation
(1 Ratings)

Big data improves the patent prosecution process. Juristat organizes and structures raw USPTO data to build behavioral models of patent examiners' past behaviors. Armed with data analytics, patent attorneys can more effectively prosecute patents.


Manage your intellectual property with Inteum
(0 Ratings)

Inteum is an innovative technology management solution, setting a new benchmark for managing intellectual property. Inteum is fast and responsive. It offers responsive form layouts that contain all the data fields one needs to limit unnecessary navigation and save time. The platform further helps with uploading documents, data entry, and associating records that are efficient and enjoyable. Its core product, Minute is fully customisable. One can choose from 10 different languages with a one-click localisation option. Users can also add or customise a language option with its full content management system. This system is tightly integrated with analytics for Inteum, the advanced reporting tool. Also, to monitor the IP assets, revenue, office activities, and other expenses, users can customise dashboards. Whether someone is working with financials, intellectual properties, contracts, or relationships, Inteum has the right tools at its disposal. A dedicated inventor portal allows inventors to submit invention disclosures and communicate with TTO staff. Furthermore, this platform helps people track their critical activities and action items, reducing compliance risks. show more

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Patricia IP Management

Fireware XTM User Authentication
(14 Ratings)

Patrix specializes in software solutions with Patricia® an all-inclusive, platform agnostic, IP case management system. Patricia delivers all the bells and whistles you come to expect from an industry standard.


Safeguard your online property
(0 Ratings)

iPNOTE is an intellectual property management platform that assists you in protecting and managing your intellectual property. It enables customers, lawyers, patent offices, and associated contractors to collaborate on international IP online in order to take care of all IP administration tasks. With iPNOTE, you can get full information on IP rights and statistics for the whole IP portfolio in just a few clicks. You can monitor the activity of patent attorneys and lawyers, and find contractors in the marketplace, so you can work with them online. The platform offers a digital assistant that generates tasks and provides reminders and makes access control simple and accessible. You can handle goods, and innovations in addition to patents. You can keep track of your progress and relationships with various IP rights and corporations. You can set goals and get bids from contractors with predetermined costs. You can keep track of job progress and sign off on completed work. It allows you to select contractors based on their rating, cost, reviews, or avatars. Additionally, the platform allows you to discuss prices immediately in the chat box. show more

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Cloud-Based Intellectual Property Management Software
(32 Ratings)

AppColl is an easy-to-use, cloud-based patent & trademark management system. We help patent firms and multi-national corporations create and file better patents more cost-effectively. Manage patents/trademarks and copyrights with ease.

TM Cloud

TM Cloud - Global Intellectual Property Management & Docketing Software
(10 Ratings)

Trademark docketing and Intellectual Property management solution that includes automatic USPTO status updates. Free trademark data intake and audits for over 50 online jurisdictions.


Compare ClaimMaster Subscription Plans and Features
(24 Ratings)

Compare features between different ClaimMaster subscription plans


PATTSY WAVE Intellectual Property Management Software
(33 Ratings)

O P Solutions has been a leading provider of high quality software to the Intellectual Property legal community since 1990. PATTSY® (Patent and Trademark Tracking System) is used by hundreds of organizations around the globe.