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Updated on: October 5, 2022
Adform DMP
Adform DMP Data Management Platform

Adform DMP Alternatives and Competitors

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Top 5 Adform DMP Alternatives

Google Audience Center

End to End Campaign Management - Google Display & Video 360
(14 Ratings)

From media planning and creative development to measurement and optimization, work smarter with end-to-end advertising campaign management.

Adobe Audience Manager

Adobe Audience Manager helps target higher conversions
(25 Ratings)

Adobe Audience Manager is the DMP offering within the Adobe Marketing Cloud. Forrester says it is the leading DMP in the market. Key features include integration of online and offline data from every imaginable source.

Oracle BlueKai Data...

Data Management Platform | Oracle BlueKai | Oracle Marketing Cloud
(18 Ratings)

Oracle Data Management Platform (Oracle DMP) — powered by the expertise and technology of Oracle BlueKai — turns insights into action.

Linux on Power

Enterprise Linux operating systems on IBM Power Systems
(1 Ratings)

Enterprise Linux operating system delivers twice the performance and 12 times the workload density running on IBM Power Systems.

Nielsen DMP

Marketing Cloud | Nielsen
(16 Ratings)

The Nielsen Marketing Clouds includes marketing applications across media planning, data management, marketing activation and analytics that help you more effectively engage through all channels and at every stage of the consumer journey

Products Similar to Adform DMP

SAP Data Intelligence

SAP Data Intelligence | Machine Learning and Data Integration Services
(9 Ratings)

SAP Data Intelligence is a comprehensive data management solution that connects, discovers, enriches, and orchestrates disjointed data assets. It enables the creation of data warehouses from heterogeneous enterprise data, management of IoT data streams, and facilitates scalable machine learning.

The Trade Desk DMP

Data Management Platform (DMP) | Data Management Marketing Tools | The Trade Desk
(56 Ratings)

DMP advertising and digital marketing reaches audiences like never before. Maximize cross-device insights with DMP advertising. More DMP benefits here!

Neustar PlatformOne

Marketing Solutions - Intelligence, Experience, and Analytics | Neustar
(3 Ratings)

Neustar's Marketing Solutions will help you gain and retain high-value customers. Leverage cutting edge marketing technology and data - elevate your marketing today.


Publishers - Make Money from your Website and Traffic
(2 Ratings)

Monetization solutions for publishers that allows you to make money from your website, using various integration models - simple and static or programmatic

V12 Data

Marketing Platform | V12
(43 Ratings)

V12 Data combines rich data assets with robust technology to provide brands with a seamless and connected customer view. Our solutions bridge the right data across channels to power right time omnichannel engagement.

Exaudi DMP

exaudi - The Neodata DMP | Listen. Discern. Accomplish.
(7 Ratings)

Exaudi is the Neodata's Data Management Platform. It is capable of dealing with and standardizing various data sources, both internal to the Customer and external. Exaudi already integrates several platforms and the updated platforms' list is available on request.

OnAudience.com - Data...

Best Data Management Platform (DMP) Software | OnAudience
(31 Ratings)

OnAudience.com Data Management Platform is a technology platform that helps you take full control of all users' data. The platform is used for collecting, organizing and activating big data sets from various sources.


IntercomExport.com - Export Intercom Conversations to CSV
(4 Ratings)

Export Intercom Conversations to CSV format without any coding skills. Analyse in your favourite spreadsheet tool to better understand your users.


Tubular Labs | Social Video Analytics & Intelligence
(17 Ratings)

Tubular Labs is the world-leader in social video analytics and sponsored video intelligence to help you grow and monetize your business.


Premiere Digital Advertising Company for Agencies & Brands | Digilant
(2 Ratings)

Digilant is an omnichannel digital advertising partner built to take advertisers from now to next. With data as the bedrock of all that we do, we offer programmatic, search, and social capabilities that fit advertiser needs every step of the way.

Permutive DMP

Products - Permutive - The Data Platform Built for Publishers
(63 Ratings)

Permutive uses first-party data to give publishers visibility of their entire audience. Built on Edge computing, Permutive Publisher DMP processes data in real-time so passer-by traffic can be targeted in-session. This gives publishers the tools to increase audience match rates, inventory scale and data-driven advertising revenue.


Oracle and Datalogix
(3 Ratings)

Oracle announced that it has signed an agreement to acquire Datalogix to extend Oracle Data Cloud with industry-leading solutions for data-driven marketing to inform and measure cross-channel digital marketing.


Custora - Powering Customer-Obsessed Commerce
(2 Ratings)

Custora is cloud-based customer analytics software that puts machine learning to work across the retail organization and customer touchpoints. Customer-obsessed retailers use Custora create better customer experiences, move faster, and outpace the competition.


CommCare by Dimagi | Data Collection App
(2 Ratings)

Build a smarter data collection app that works offline and tracks data over time with CommCare, the world's most poweful mobile data collection platform.


Data Ready means you’re ready for anything
(0 Ratings)

In today’s fast-paced world, CPG retailers and suppliers need to be closely coordinated to ensure that business runs at speed and scale. Data has to be ready at any time, and this means the need to communicate dynamically and efficiently about sales activities, inventory levels, promotions, pricing, discounting, category performance, and more. With Crisp, retailers and distributors share a live, real-time feed of sales and inventory data all in one place - keeping shelves stocked and customers happy. When we say Data Ready, this is what we mean. show more

What is Crisp ? Crisp Pricing