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Updated on: September 27, 2022

Shopping Cart Software

Shopping cart software will simplify the purchase of product or service on your website. This software will allow you to design the storefront where visitors will access it to purchase the products. Along with this, it has an admin portal where the entire online store processes such as order, customer and catalog can be managed. All these software have a specialized content management system to store all the product data. It can display the product data, product categories, and website information to the visitors. If the customer purchases a product, it will process the payment using its payment gateways.

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Fastest Growing Shopping Cart Software

The Fastest growing Software award is given to the SaaS products registering the maximum growth across social media, web search and number of user reviews


It allows you to easily create, scale and run your business.It has administrator dashboard where you can view all important information.It will allow you to set an advanced user privileges and can successfully organize your online store by using user management feature. Using this software, you... read more

OpenCart also won


Snipcart is ecommerce software that allows you to add a shopping cart directly to your website without having to build an integration. By adding two lines of code to the back-end of your website, you can immediately start selling products, enable paid-for downloads, and sell subscriptions from your... read more

Snipcart also won


SamCart is a comprehensive checkout service that helps businesses develop e-commerce storefronts and sell their services online, facilitating seamless organisational growth. The platform enables users to boost conversions, maximise customer value and optimise their business from a technological... read more

SamCart also won

Big Cartel

Big Cartel is an easy online store builder for artists and makers, helping them generate unique online store designs on the go. Businesses can also utilise the particular to sell their work and run creative campaigns as per need. A variety of free themes are made available within Big Cartel, which... read more

Big Cartel also won


ThriveCart is a cart page making tool that allows businesses to design cart pages and receive payments for products and services. It facilitates a high degree of flexibility for users to create attractive checkout pages using built-in templates and thus, convert more sales. The software can be integrated easily with the most popular marketing platforms like Facebook and even in email marketing campaigns. ThriveCart hosts several useful features that can prove to increase revenue per sale by a sufficient margin. One such feature is Bump that helps one to create checkboxes that pop right on the checkout page of any product. Enterprises can use... read more


X-Cart is an open source PHP eCommerce platform available as hosted or on-premise solution. Key features: several-clicks setup, auto-upgrade system, admin- and user-friendly interface. It allows you to import and export all your shopping data as .csv files. X-Cart is fast, SEO and mobile ready by... read more

X-Cart also won


E-junkie is an online platform that allows individuals to sell digital downloads accordingly. On this platform, one can copy-paste a link to sell downloads over any website or create an online shop in just 5 minutes. Here individuals can sell merchandise, arts, comics, ebooks and more. While... read more

E-junkie also won


You can sell your products quickly in your website using AbanteCart. It allows you to create responsive templates which will support both mobile and desktop devices. This software supports audio/video and all other media files and allows you to give multiple images for every product. It will allow... read more

AbanteCart also won

Content Shelf

Content Shelf is an appropriate shopping cart management software for tangible products, digital content, subscriptions, services and gift cards. This software is used for websites and social media platforms. Content Shelf offers a dedicated team of experts who work together to offer a fantastic buying experience. From purchase to consumption it works well with all devices including mobile phones. Both buyers and sellers experience an intuitive interface and easy to navigate pages. Furthermore, with a modern look and streamlined checkout facility, the Content Shelf is very responsive. It offers three types of store modes including Store... read more


Use plug&paid to convert your website visitors into online shoppers. Build your online store by using its customizable widgets and templates. This is an easy to setup software with WordPress integration. Monitor the performance your online store and view all important metrics with its intuitive... read more

plug&paid also won