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Updated on: July 22, 2019
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OpenWater Awards

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An all-in-one software that looks after everything from managing your entrants to handling the judging part and form submissions. It lets you design your own uncomplicated submission form with its form builder. A judging platform that is integrated with the entire award software makes selecting the winners easier. The Awards Website Builder from OpenWater Awards helps your website realise its true potential at every stage of the awards process and also ensures that your website gains optimum publicity from it. Its Revenue Engine tool helps you gain revenue throughout the award cycle, so that even if you don’t make up for the cost of the process through entry fees, you’re never at loss.

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Support Business Hours Online Customer Type Individuals Medium Business Small Business
API Contact Arlington, VA / 202-765-0247
Deployment SaaS/Web/Cloud Category Contest Software

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Pricing ModelFree Trial
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OpenWater Awards is a free software.

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OpenWater Awards Reviews

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Kelsey L.Source : capterra.com
(Reviewed on 17 July 2019)
OW Review

Pros: The customer service that OpenWater offer its customers is next level. We have never received this type of support when dealing with any of our other software providers and it makes a huge difference.

Cons: We have nothing to add here, our experience with the OpenWater software & team have been nothing but positive.

Melissa H.Source : capterra.com
(Reviewed on 17 July 2019)
Daily User

Pros: I like how simple report setup is. In my role, I'm largely concentrated on the analytics behind who is entering, the time it takes them to enter, etc. and the dynamic reporting has helped my effort. We've also recently migrated our public-facing awards pages over to the OpenWater platform and the process has been a dream.

Cons: The chat between different platforms could be improved. We use specific email software that, if enabled, would be able to talk to OpenWater to allow us to streamline correspondence with entrants

Sarah M.Source : capterra.com
(Reviewed on 10 July 2019)
Running Multiple Competitions

Pros: OpenWater had pretty much all we needed to run our competitions, but through the years they have continued to update. It is an even better product than before. Customer service is very good.

Cons: There is a learning curve. You can do so much and as a result it takes some time to understand. So don't expect that you'll be up and running in an afternoon. Sometimes the UI/UX is a little weird (Settings vs Manage? I still don't understand the difference). Eventually, with enough use, you can intuit how the system works.

Greg O.Source : capterra.com
(Reviewed on 08 July 2019)
Continues to be a great return on investment

Pros: We purchased the software primarily for abstracts collection, which the OpenWater platform excels at, but what we have found most appealing about the software is that its flexibility and ease of configuration have allowed us to apply it to many other areas to replace aging legacy, custom built software solutions (awards, elections, nominations).

Cons: There's very little negative I have to say, but if I had to quibble with anything it would be sometimes the form and report building tools are a little clunky for nontechnical staff, but that's a pretty nitpicky complaint for such a powerful tool.

Overall: The entire OpenWater team from implementation to ongoing support have been terrific to work for. They put a great deal of effort into understanding our business needs to help us build programs that best take advantage of all the robust tools available through the platform. They also go to pains to solicit client feedback for new functionality and features, which only builds on the value of what has already been a terrific investment for our association.

Al B.Source : capterra.com
(Reviewed on 27 June 2019)
OpenWater contests

Pros: We are probably not using it to its fullest extent, but it's very powerful and is constantly being improved. Our contest typically has around 3,000 entrants and we could not manage it manually.

Database aspects make management a breeze with easy access to judging results and entrant information. We pride ourselves on customer service and being able to answer user queries quickly adds to that initiative ... participants often express surprise at how quickly I am able to resolve their issues.

My supervisor once observed as I used the system to answer one of her questions and was also very impressed by the ease with which I could do so. The new search function works very well.

Cons: It's not intuitive to a new user. That said, learning how to use it and training others has not been difficult and superb customer service is always available when questions arise.

I recommend paying extra to have OpenWater set up the system. I had neither the time or the knowledge to create the first iteration although it appears that plenty of help would have been available. Now that we are up and running, it's a simple matter to clone the contest from year to year.

Overall: We use the software to operate two photo contests. Most (not all) of our members understand the entry interface. We are able to do back-end management that would be immeasurably more difficult if we had to do it by hand.

Being able to offer these contests is a nice benefit for our members and gives us another way to interact with them.

Elle C.Source : capterra.com
(Reviewed on 16 May 2019)
Working Well with Multiple Departments

Pros: In our organization the greatest asset for this software is the ability to host multiple sites. We're able to put application opportunities on separate secure platforms, each for different audiences.

Cons: The round options and judging settings are not automatically user-friendly. Another staff member had to spend some time explaining the features in detail before anyone from my team could use the product. For instance it isn't clear that the open round automatically has judging set up based on which program type is selected. And there is no testing feature- in order to test the application portal you must open the submission round. We also had to switch which staff would have super-user status since only two are allowed.

Overall: My company is using OpenWater to accept grant application submissions from individual faculty. Other departments also use the platform to accept student fellowship and volunteer applications. Overall we are able to do what we need, however there is no easy way to reveal blinded submissions for judging rounds. We're still in the building stages- and we like that we can build one round at a time instead of needing to have the judging settings set up before accepting applications.

Jim T.Source : capterra.com
(Reviewed on 15 May 2019)
21st Century Solutions

Pros: I love how it is customized to our needs and wants. Its fairly user friendly.

Cons: There isn't much I don't like. Its is very robust system and perhaps that could be the only downfall. There is so much to it.

Overall: The experience has been outstanding. We have been able to take several outdated processes and make them all online and in one unique system. We have designed something completely for us and by us. The best part of the experience (not to take anything away from the software) has been your people. They have been amazing to work with and wouldn't have it any other way.

Clayton S.Source : capterra.com
(Reviewed on 06 May 2019)
Very pleased with the product

Pros: We manage two educational awards using OpenWater. It does everything we need it to do (and more that we don't use). Customer support is second to none. Navigation is pretty solid and the software provides lots of opportunity to craft the application to exactly what we need to adjudicate submissions. Also easy to archieve past years programs and clone for current year.

Cons: Not so much the software as it might be my memory. Using it two years now, on two award programs that run almost concurrently, I had to reach out for assistance as I couldn't find answers to questions. Online support material is very good, but like many, I find the chat feature, or a phone call is faster to resolve my needs. Not an OpenWater issue, but the foreign exchange stings a bit when paying in Canadian dollars.

Overall: Overall - very pleased. The product offers all the flexibilty we need, and is backed by a caring, talented, responsive customer support team.

Macy B.Source : capterra.com
(Reviewed on 23 April 2019)
OpenWater Worked Great for Us!

Pros: The OpenWater software is extremely user friendly and easy to use. I built our program from the ground up and my account manager was there to help me every step of the way. Because I was able to build the program myself I got exactly what I wanted and was able to help my users troubleshoot any issues that came up.

Cons: We have a very complex grant application that we are running through OpenWater. There are a few limitations on functionality given the complexity of what we need, but the team was still able to make every area work with little stress on our end.

Overall: We have been very happy with OpenWater and plan to continue using the software. The customer support is so fantastic and timely, anytime issues or questions arise they are right there to help you within minutes.

Skye B.Source : capterra.com
(Reviewed on 23 April 2019)
3 Years of Loyalty and Counting

Pros: So easy to use, the software has self explanatory navigation, intuitive organization and all the functionalities we need for our awards programs.

If issues do arise (though not that often!), the immediate customer support and service streamlines our work-flow and save us time and headaches. The OpenWater team truly does respond within 10 minutes of opening the chat box, which hovers conveniently but covertly on every page of the site when you are logged in as primary admin. (Shout out to the rep who always provides instant solutions!)

The platform is ever improving. We are always finding new updates within the interface and its capabilities that are obviously informed by customer feedback. They truly are the most receptive and adaptive team we've worked with.

Cons: If the software team weren't so amazingly immediately responsive, we could have small grievances to list in this cons corner, but all gripes are attended to and abolished within the same day they are discovered. So the only issue this leaves us with is one that really does have a solution, but one that requires more funds: We have multiple awards programs running at once, and although the upgrade is available to have additional programs open simultaneously, it would be an economical advantage to be able to have at least one more program live within the payment plan we are currently using. This wish aside, OpenWater and their team have been nothing less than one of our best investments to date.

Overall: 10/10 would recommend.

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