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Updated on: July 16, 2019
What is Giva eHelpDesk ?
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Giva eHelpDesk

Highly featured and customizable cloud-based HMS
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eHelpDesk HMS includes multiple useful features, like help desk, IT service, customer service, dashboard,ITSM, issue tracking features etc. All these features are instrumental in adding value to your medical set up, regardless of the size. The software has sections for different professionals in the hospital or clinic and ensures everything goes smooth. No need to go through multiple paper-based files as the tool digitally stores all the necessary data in an organized manner. It helps augmenting medical and administrative data security.


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Giva eHelpDesk Technical details

Support Business Hours Online Customer Type Large Enterprises Medium Business Small Business
API NA Contact Sunnyvale, CA / +1.408.260.9000
Deployment SaaS/Web/Cloud Category Hospital Management Software

Giva eHelpDesk Pricing

Pricing ModelFree Trial , Subscription
How much does Giva eHelpDesk cost ?
The pricing for Giva eHelpDesk starts at $29.0 per user per month. Giva eHelpDesk has 3 different plans such as - Team at $29.0 per user per month, Business at $39.0 per user per month and Professional at $69.0 per user per month.
$29 /User/Month

Billed Annually.

Team Plan features are

  • Up to 10 agents
  • Up to 500 end users or customers
  • 2 GB of storage
  • 1 service desk
  • 1 email inbox for converting emails into tickets

All the Plan Includes these features

  • Modules: Ticketing, Knowledgebase, Reporting, Self-Service Portal, Customer Satisfaction Surveys / Success Center, Asset Management and Change Management
  • iOS and Android mobile HTML applications
  • HIPPA compliance and Giva will sign your BAA
  • Custom Reports: The ability to create, save, and share reports
  • Homepage dashboards
  • Integration and workflow rules
  • Custom Ticket forms
  • Active Directory integration
  • REST API for integration with any external database
  • Redirect Service End point API for building integrations with 3rd-party apps such as telephony to trigger a ticket in Giva
  • External Support Form API for embedding a form on a website to create tickets
  • Self-Service Knowledgebase Form with no login required: Embed a form on a website to search the knowledgebase
  • Custom domain with your company name
  • Time Tracking
  • Include your company logo for branding
  • Daily incremental backup with full end-of-week backup and virus protection
  • Download your data backup anytime
  • 24/7 USA-based technical support
  • New product releases every 3 weeks using Agile software development

$39 /User/Month

Billed Annually.

Business Plan features are

  • Up to 18 agents
  • Up to 1500 end users or customers
  • 5 GB of storage
  • 3 service desks
  • 3 email inboxes for converting emails into tickets
  • Includes All Plan features
$69 /User/Month

Billed Annually.

Professional Plan features are

  • No maximum number of agents
  • Unlimited end users or customers
  • 10 GB of storage
  • Unlimited service desks
  • Unlimited email inboxes for converting emails into tickets
  • Includes All Plan Features


  • Concurrent and Floating License Tokens available to reduce cost for less active agents, Level 2 and senior personnel
  • LDAP Synchronization Tool - no coding required (additional setup charge)
  • Customer Success Manager

Contact the vendor to get the latest pricing details.

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Disclaimer: The pricing details were last updated on 05/06/2018 from the vendor website and may be different from actual. Please confirm with the vendor website before purchasing.

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Giva eHelpDesk Reviews

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JC M.Source : capterra.com
(Reviewed on 05 June 2019)
Giva helps IT deliver excellent customer satisfaction to our users

Pros: We are a large health care system and been using Giva since 2012 and it's helped us tremendously and it's had a big positive impact on our customer service delivered by the IT organization. Giva is constantly innovating and delivering new functions to their products. They come up with a lot of refreshing and new ideas that they bounce off of us and indeed listen to what we have to say. They've implement many our suggestions over the years and we very much value this in a cloud vendor. Since Giva is HIPAA compliant we are assured that our data is secure in the cloud.

Cons: There are no negatives that my team can think of.

Overall: Since I'm the VP Information Technology, I am mostly interested in the dashboard and reports. With the dashboard, I have a bird's eye view in real-time of what's going on in our organization. It's easy to determine if there are issues that may need my attention or action. The reports allow for very granular deep dives and root cause analysis of our data. It's easy for me to run any report and I don't need any specialized knowledge. My team is very happy using Giva as well.

William L.Source : capterra.com
(Reviewed on 15 May 2019)
Invaluable tool to deliver very high customer satisfaction to our attorney customers

Pros: I supervise a large group of Level 1 help desk people at a large and very busy law firm. I've been using Giva at this firm and a few years at the previous law firm I worked for. The Giva Dashboards are just what we need to keep on top of all the hot issues that need attention and our productivity has increased about 45%. No issues go unaddressed and that has helped lift and sustain our very high customer satisfaction. My entire team loves using Giva and it helps them meet the high expectations of our busy attorney customers. Giva is very easy to learn; our new agents become fluent quickly by just using it.

Cons: None right now, my team is very happy with Giva.

Overall: We are able to meet and consistently exceed our SLAs with all the functions/tools Giva offers. Our SLA compliance has increased about 35% using Giva. The red, orange and green on our dashboard charts/metrics keeps us all focused on the key issues impacting our attorneys. The highly integrated Knowledgebase is a very valuable tool that has enabled us to increase first contact resolution and customer satisfaction, and has helped significantly decrease call times. Giva is an excellent and invaluable tool that keeps us highly productive and our customers happy!

Pete M.Source : capterra.com
(Reviewed on 06 May 2019)
35% increase in productivity & eliminated 15 hours/month on Report preparation

Pros: I have 20 years of experience using various service tools such as ConnectWise, HP Service Manager, BMC Track-It and Remedy. On balance, Giva is better than them all and it's a great value. Giva is the new generation of cutting edge cloud technology; it looks sharp and it's very easy to configure and customize. The technical support is excellent, very responsive and they always provide thoughtful answers. The customizable dashboard provides the necessary visibility to ensure all areas of support are providing top-notch support.

Cons: No cons. It's amazing that they launch a new release every 3 weeks so many new features.

Overall: We've achieve excellent business results with Giva having increased IT productivity about 35% and we eliminated about 15 hours/month that use to be spent on Report preparation. All the information that I need is at my fingertips with Giva's Reporting engine. The charts and graphs are clear and allow us to visualize data to identify trends and patterns. The administration is easy to use and logically well organized. We don't need a dedicated Admin and/or Report person like I did with other vendors mentioned.

Robin H.Source : capterra.com
(Reviewed on 13 July 2018)
Top 100 law firm using Giva for 17 years with excellent results

Pros: We're a busy Help Desk, and Giva gives us a fantastic tool for tracking issues, as well as escalating/communicating among the various groups in the IT Department. The Customer Satisfaction Surveys allow us to get almost instant feedback. We get excellent ratings from our attorneys and staff, partly because we follow up immediately when there is a problem. I am the Reports guy, and I can drill down and get the information I need very quickly. The Knowledge Base is a repository where we can store information that can be retrieved easily. I've been using Giva for over 17 years at this law firm; so I've seen Giva evolve. They continuously upgrade it with releases chock full of useful features without over-engineering it. When we ask for product enhancements, we actually see them. They really listen to their customers, and I feel like we get a lot of personal attention. When we have an issue, their technical support jumps right on it and gets it resolved quickly.

Cons: I don't like change, and when new releases come out (about once per month), I weep a bit while I adjust. However, the releases are all backward-compatible have never caused us a problem. Our customizations remain intact; so all the tools I need are still there. When there was a change in the ticket screen that was not optimal, they fixed it in just a few weeks.

Overall: Giva is easy to learn and use, very visual, and the dashboard is amazing. It allows us to ensure that issues are tracked from first contact through resolution and gives us access to the information we need to resolve them. New agents are productive using Giva is just a few days. We use the Knowledgebase a great deal. It is easy to use and allows us keep a very high first call resolution.

Rachael R.Source : capterra.com
(Reviewed on 25 June 2018)
HIPAA compliance for 40 sites at a great value. Better & less expensive than ZenDesk.

Pros: We are very happy with Giva. I have people on my team that never used a customer service system and they learned Giva very quickly. So much customization is possible. The dashboard is great for a numbers/metrics person like me. It's easy to drag/drop widgets and arrange my own home page. Overall , a much better product than ZenDesk and others we looked at. The tech support from Giva is excellent.

Cons: I never saw some very useful things under the Advanced area of the Administration section until tech support told me.

Overall: All of our support is initially done via routing emails into Giva to create requests. We are now much more responsive and have higher customer satisfaction by about 40%. We might implement the Giva self-service web form so customers can go to our web site and open requests. Giva has very frequent cloud releases so we keep getting new functions; wonderful value for our money.

Cory C.Source : capterra.com
(Reviewed on 19 June 2018)
Fully featured and intuitive

Pros: We have reduced the amount of time that it takes to open a case by about 50% using Giva. We looked at a lot of different customer service apps. Giva is the best HIPAA option out there. Support team is very responsive.

Cons: Has all we need right now. They do very frequent releases so we will always get new features in the future.

Overall: Up and running quickly, easy to use, HIPAA compliance, excellent reporting capability and cool dashboard.

Verified ReviewerSource : capterra.com
(Reviewed on 06 June 2018)
Affordable and easy to use HIPAA compliant help desk

Pros: We needed to change to a HIPAA compliant helpdesk because our users needed to send PHI, at times. We selected, Giva which provides robust functionality and most importantly is HIPAA compliant.

We love Giva. It was easy to get up and running at and the technical support was excellent. We found Giva to be easy to work with and administer. The Reports and Dashboards are excellent. We got HIPAA compliance for a great price with great functionality. Giva is a 5 top rating.

Cons: Giva lacks the functionality to reply to a ticket directly through Outlook.Users are required to communicate via the portal

Italo P.Source : capterra.com
(Reviewed on 05 June 2018)
Good application to track the cases of users and reports

Pros: I like the interface of the application, it is friendly and easy to use. It is quite intuitive and the tracking of the tickets is quite simple. It is also easy to configure and works well for medium businesses.

Cons: In general terms I like the application, but if it were necessary to improve something, it would be the possibility to customize it according to the needs of the business and the users.

Overall: In general I recommend GIVA for its ease of use and good price

David G.Source : capterra.com
(Reviewed on 21 February 2018)
Excellent value at an excellent price!

Pros: I like the fact that cust support is always available to assist if you have any questions (during setup). I love the ease of use and there is really very little training needed. The customer support is top notch in that within setting up a Critical ticket they respond quickly. I feel this product surpasses many others that don't even come close. I plan on using GIVA for a LONG time

Cons: None really to mention at this point and time. Well maybe one item but not a major concern of mine. It's the fact they don't have a customer support line. A support request has to initially be done by submitting a support ticket in the Giva system. However, for complex issues, after I submitted a ticket, I did get phone calls back and we engaged in a screen share to resolve my questions. That was very helpful.

Overall: tons, Reporting, SLA's, KPI reports and great metrics, helped users see where their tickets stand. Just love it!

Tabitha A.Source : capterra.com
(Reviewed on 29 November 2017)
Love GIVA - More than Just HelpDesk

++Flexibility in customization
++Customer Service and support
++Openness to product development

Cons: -Knowledge base could be more user friendly/aesthetically pleasing (coming from Zendesk platform)
-Customer level controls for ticket status, and email notifications when a customer has a task to complete in order to proceed are a MUST addition

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