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Updated on: October 7, 2022
AirCheck Wi-Fi Tester for Android
AirCheck Wi-Fi Tester for Android Fluke Networks' Products

AirCheck Wi-Fi Tester for Android Alternatives and Competitors

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Top 5 AirCheck Wi-Fi Tester for Android Alternatives

Symantec Trusted Mobile...

Mobile Device Security Service
(3 Ratings)

The Blue Coat Mobile Device Security service brings enterprise-grade threat protection and policy controls to mobile devices. It provides network-based application controls, real-time threat analytics, encrypted communication and Negative Day Defense.

Proofpoint Mobile Defense

Mobile Security Solutions - Security Threat Protection | Proofpoint US
(1 Ratings)

Find out how to protect mobile devices from security threats with a mobile security solution. Learn how it will protect devices from malicious apps, networks, and more.

BlackBerry Blend

BlackBerry Official Home Page – Security Software & Services
(17 Ratings)

BlackBerry provides enterprises and governments with the software and services they need to secure the Internet of Things. BlackBerry has transformed itself from a smartphone company into a security software and services company.

Symantec Endpoint Protection...

Symantec Endpoint Protection Mobile
(43 Ratings)

Protect your business from malicious mobile attacks on modern operating systems such as Android and iOS.

Products Similar to AirCheck Wi-Fi Tester for Android

Check Point Capsule

Capsule Workspace: Mobile Security Container | Check Point Software Technologies
(13 Ratings)

Check Point's Capsule Workspace mobile security container makes it simple to secure corporate data and assets both inside and outside the corporate network.

Check Point SandBlast Mobile

SandBlast Mobile: The Leader in Mobile Security | Check Point Software
(12 Ratings)

Enterprise mobile security and mobile threat defense protects tablets, smartphones and the network from vulnerabilities. Protect your enterprise with SandBlast Mobile.

Check Point Mobile Access

Mobile Remote Access VPN Software Blade | Check Point Software
(19 Ratings)

Check Point Mobile Remote Access VPN Software Blade is the safe and easy solution to connect to corporate applications over the internet with all of your devices

MobileIron MTD

MobileIron Threat Defense
(19 Ratings)

Our Mobile Threat Defense & Detection (MTD) solution protects your company from data loss in the event of any mobile threat. Learn more about our MTD solution!

NowSecure Lab Automated

The Mobile App Security Company | NowSecure
(1 Ratings)

NowSecure automated software & professional services make mobile app security testing easier to scale than ever before. Organizations now have a proven approach to minimize risk and efficiently deliver safe mobile experiences that customers and employees trust. Ready to scale growth in a mobile-first world?

App Shielding

Mobile Application Shielding | OneSpan
(1 Ratings)

With OneSpan Mobile App Shielding, improve your user’s mobile app experiences while controlling fraud and defending against security threats.


KoolSpan | Secure Encrypted Calls and Messages for Mobile Phones
(1 Ratings)

KoolSpan, the leader in communication security provides encrypted calls and text messages for Businesses and Consumers on Android and iPhone Smartphones.

Pradeo Security

Mobile Threat Defense Solution (MTD) | Endpoint Security
(1 Ratings)

Pradeo's next generation technology provides a reliable detection of threats, protecting against data leakage and enforcing compliance with data privacy regulations.


WinMagic Data Security Solutions, Protection Services and Software
(3 Ratings)

Concerned about data security & encryption to protect your business? WinMagic's SecureDoc software will ensure that you feel secure & protected. Learn...


MYMobileSecurity - Best in Mobile Security
(3 Ratings)

MYMobile Security is the no1 provider of mobile security. We offer a wide portfolio of products to ensure your mobile peace of mind.


Eliminate Personal Data Risks ‍from business.
(0 Ratings)

Strac helps businesses avoid data breaches by securing their most sensitive customer data like SSN, DL, Passport, Bank Statements, etc. across all communication channels like Office 365, Gmail, Slack, Onedrive, Google Drive, Zendesk, and Web Applications. Strac allows businesses to exchange sensitive PII/PHI data safely without any party touching it by default. Strac is backed by YCombinator, the same VC that funded Airbnb, Doordash, Instacart, Stripe, etc. & Unshackled Ventures.

What is Strac ? Strac Pricing