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Updated on: December 2, 2021
Alibaba Object Storage Service
Alibaba Object Storage Service OSS (Object Storage Service): Secure Cloud Storage

Alibaba Object Storage Service Alternatives and Competitors

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Top 5 Alibaba Object Storage Service Alternatives

Amazon Simple Storage Service...

Cloud Object Storage | Store & Retrieve Data Anywhere | Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3)
(654 Ratings)

Amazon S3 is storage for the Internet. Designed to make web-scale computing easier for developers. Can store and retrieve any amount of data, at any time, from anywhere on the web.

Azure Blob Storage

Azure Blob Storage | Microsoft Azure
(20 Ratings)

Azure Blob storage provides scalable, cost-efficient object storage in the cloud. Store and access unstructured data for your most demanding workloads.

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure...

Oracle Cloud storage services deliver high performance
(1 Ratings)

Cloud storage that delivers simple pricing, and the fastest file servers in the public cloud. Customers can forecast cloud storage spend easily, without requiring pricing formulas to predict their cloud spend.

IBM Cloud Object Storage

IBM Cloud Object Storage - Overview
(22 Ratings)

Implement data storage that is scalable, flexible and simple using the same platform across your enterprise. Gain unmatched flexibility by choosing deployment options that meet your needs. Achieve massive scalability for any volume of data with IBM Cloud data centers worldwide.


StorageGRID - Object Storage | NetApp
(1 Ratings)

NetApp StorageGRID solutions deliver high-density and cost-efficient object storage providing solutions for unstructured data, rich media, and distributed content in both hardware and software deployment models.

Products Similar to Alibaba Object Storage Service


Converged Storage With Backup | OneXafe | StorageCraft
(1 Ratings)

StorageCraft OneXafe is a converged data platform that unifies enterprise-class data protection with scale-out storage in an easy-to-use, configurable solution, eliminating management complexity while significantly reducing primary and secondary storage costs.

Cloud Object Storage

Prices and Configuration - Object Storage | ArubaCloud.com
(1 Ratings)

Object Storage service with payment option of either usage-based, to pay only for the resources you use, or package for a monthly fee.


File and Object Storage Solutions | Cloudian
(10 Ratings)

Cloudian file and object storage solutions include: file services, data protection, collaboration, data lifecycle management, cloud storage, and analytics.


(1 Ratings)

- WOS: OBJECT STORAGE - DDN.com DDN WOS is the most comprehensive object storage solution that is purpose-built to address the relentless growth of data in the most adaptable and efficient manner—all with the absolute minimum storage management required.

SwiftStack Object Storage...

Product | SwiftStack Overview
(2 Ratings)

The platform for intelligent data and enables deep learning at ultra-scale